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Gin and Topics: Hip Hop, Bench Presses, and Funny Old People

By: Lindsay Bell | September 6, 2013 | 

Gin and Topics

By Lindsay Bell

Yes, yes, it’s me again, serving up some delicious Gin and Topics for your viewing pleasure.

It’s been a short week – but, as per usual – short weeks always seem longer and harder than the regular ones do.

What’s up with that?

Also, what’s up with the weather? It’s like the kids all officially go back to school and BOOM – someone flips a switch and it’s fall?

I blame the rug rats.

We’re now counting down the days until Christmas. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger – facts are facts.

So now that I have you all down and depressed, put your feet up, dry your eyes, and get ready for some funny.

This week’s videos are brought to you by Mattie Dietrich (Hey. Mattie. Take a tip from the seniors and get an online presence!), Jason Konopinski, and yours truly.

5. BEAT IT – DUBSTEP. This is Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott. And this boy can DANCE! I watched this video over and over again, convinced  there’s some kind of digital manipulation going on. I can’t believe any human being can move like this. Now, you decide.  

4. Kids Vibing on The Ellen Show. Speaking of hip hop and breakdancing moves, I can’t help but think this was little Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott at age eight! I adore Ellen, and it’s time to break out the cardboard, ’cause these three young cats will blow your mind when they start getting their vibe on!

3. Best. Advertisement. EVER! No, really. This ad won top spot in 2010, and I can see why. It’s dark, the accompanying music is perfect, and just when you think you’re watching a horrible tragedy unfold before you…well, I won’t spoil the plot twist. But I LOL’ed my head off!! Rock on little mouse!

2. Webcam 101 For Seniors. My mom and stepdad are finally entering the digital age. They’re getting a computer (Ok, they’re getting a Blackberry tablet – *head desk* – but it’s a start). AND the internet! I am thrilled. Because now I won’t have to hear “How come so and so knew such and such before I did?” – Um, because it was on my Facebook wall, Mom! Anyhow, when I saw this video, I immediately thought of Mom and Jerry – they really are two peas in a pod, and adore each other to bits. And I love how much fun this couple are having trying to figure out their webcam together.

1. Eighty-Five Year Old Best Friends. To end, I’m just going to leave you with this. I want to go have dinner with these two geezers. What a hoot! And I’m calling TLC as we speak. #reality show!

NOTE from Lindsay: Please feel free to email your video finds to me, as well as Gini, each week! I’ll be working with Gin and Topics guest writers until the beginning of October, and it’s a huge help. I can be reached at

Have a great weekend everyone!

About Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell is the content director at V3 Marketing, and works in Toronto. A former TV producer, she’s a strong advocate of three minutes or less of video content. She has a cool kid, a patient husband, two annoying cats, and Hank Dawge, a Vizsla/Foxhound/moose hybrid. Ok, maybe not moose.

  • susancellura

    The ad is my favorite!!!

  • You passed on the twerker!
    Love the cheese ad it was great!

    • Howie Goldfarb Hah did you pass along the Flaming Twerker? Me too!

      • rdopping

        RebeccaTodd Howie Goldfarb I LOVED that vid. Utter brilliance.

    • Howie Goldfarb Howie, it was too late! 🙁

      • belllindsay Howie Goldfarb Twerker?! I want to see the twerker…

        • HeidiMassey

          yvettepistorio belllindsay Howie Goldfarb No you don’t. I was so sorry I watched it.

  • Marquese is AMAZING! It’s all real fo sho.

    • I just got a “Control yourself!” message from the boss for how very hard I am laughing at #2. LOVE!

  • About to hit the gym, but first I need my cheddar. 😉

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Maybe it’s the wrong cheddar that’s been holding up my athletic goals! These were great @belllindsay!

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes It really is the music that makes that ad, don’t you think??

  • These are all just what I needed this afternoon!! Thank you!
    My 14 yr old daughter can dubstep, her Advanced Hip Hop teacher could do exactly what that dude in video 1 did…no digital manipulation! Love love love the 3 little hip hoppers as well.
    Now #3 had me laughing out loud! As you say, rock on little mouse – I wont spoil it either.
    The seniors, OMG the seniors.  My inlaws are 80 & make sydcon nuts with the computer. But just how cute are all 4 of them. I say reality shows all around!

    • sydcon_mktg sydcon HA! It could be like The Golden Girls!! LOL And the mouse!! At first, I thought “Oh my, that’s pretty bleak!” And then…DUN! Dun dun dun! HAHAHAHA!

  • HeidiMassey

    Well done, belllindsay ! LOVE the seniors figuring out vid record. And the old guys who are friends. Sadly, perhaps I identify with them…being old and all. Did you see that the couple on the computer vid has over 1 million views? Made me happy to see that.
    Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but I sure earned this one.

    • HeidiMassey Thanks Heidi – it’s been quite a week hasn’t it?? LOL

  • I LOVE Harvey & Eddie! 🙂

    • lizreusswig Aren’t Harvey and Eddie amazing! The listening to music part was so hilarious!!!

  • Cheddar power!
    Cheese is good for the soul and it looks like it’s a testosterone booster too.

    • Craig McBreen LOL! That poor little mouse, taking his (almost) last breath to The Doors! I seriously cracked up when he ‘recovered’!

  • Melanie Tolley Hall

    Loved the couple and the video. That will be me and Arthur Hall one day!

  • Arment Dietrich, Inc.

    Haha! Well make sure you record it and send it to us 🙂 ^yp

  • KateNolan

    I literally (which is rare) laughed out loud at the two seniors. “Just drop your dress a little bit…” Ah, boys are always boys and men are always boys. Absolutely what I needed tonight!

    • KateNolan I’m glad to hear that Kate! And yes, boys never *really* grow up, so they? LOL

    • KateNolan I love how she just ignores him. They’ve been married a long time!

  • rdopping

    Try this one

  • Harsh crowd with those 85 year olds…gave a mediocre review for Adele…yet they seemed to like Lindsay Lohan?!? Loved the dance videos.