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Gin and Topics: Kids Hate Social Media and Robert Downey Jr.

By: Gini Dietrich | July 20, 2012 | 

How is it Friday again already?

Lisa Gerber and I were chatting earlier this week about how quickly time is going by.

Does it not feel like we were just setting New Year’s resolutions? And yet, here we are, nearly at August. Man.

So, in honor of one of the last few weeks of summer, I give you some very fun Gin and Topics, including my boyfriend, Robert Downey Jr.

Did someone say Robert Downey Jr? Be still my beating heart!

I mean, here are your Gin and Topics.

5. Robert Downey Jr. Dances Into Comic Con Hall. OK. I have to run him first because I really, really love him! Geoff Livingston and I were doing a webinar for SNCR yesterday in which he mentioned the Avengers. And made it widely known there that I love Ironman. Any little bit helps…he’s on my top five list, which means if anyone helps me meet him (and he wants to sleep with me), I get a pass! I guess I should have been hanging out at Comic Con. I would have seen him there for sure.

4. Dad Lulls Baby to Sleep with Metallica. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. A dad plays acoustic Metallica to his baby, while she sings along and eventually falls asleep. If it doesn’t warm your heart, you’re clearly an alien. Thanks to Jack Steiner for the share!

3. What a Wonderful World. This is a BBC commercial for its show “One.” Sung to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” it’s a pretty powerful video about Mother Nature. Thanks to Blair Minton for the share!

2. Husband Left Us. Not a video, but this is just fantastic. A guy cheated on his wife with a much younger woman, which resulted in divorce and having to sell the family home. This is the for sale sign. I know some of you have wanted to do this! Thanks to Joe Hackman for encouraging its place in Gin and Topics today.

1.  Kids Think Social Media is Stupid. Oh did I save the best for last. Ken Mueller sent this to me and let’s just say I don’t want to ruin it for you (other than saying one kid thinks a hashtag is food and tastes like mashed potatoes). This. Is. Freaking. Hilarious.

Have a great weekend, everyone! It’s going to go by quickly so savor it.

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  • Every year I say I am going to drive down to Comic Con and every year I seem to miss it. But next year will be the year I do go. When I hook up with Rob (that is what all his really good friends call him) I’ll make sure that we give Aunt Gini a call.
    Better yet, I’ll tell him he needs to visit the barista at Starbucks to pick up your coffee. Maybe we can get him to wear a unicorn horn while doing it. 😉

    •  @TheJackB I can just see how that convo would go. “Hey Rob, I know this woman, Gini. She posted on her blog that she wants to sleep with you. You game?”

      •  @KenMueller  @TheJackB Make sure he sees me…how could he say no?

    •  @TheJackB Aren’t you cute bringing in my Facebook updates?! WE ARE GOING NEXT YEAR!!!

      •  @ginidietrich Next year for certain.

        •  @TheJackB @ginidietrich I say I am going every year, too. I am so in next year! I also have a thing for Steampunk Boba Fett…maybe I like men in metal costumes? huh. 

    •  @TheJackB And his friends call him RDJ. 

  • Clearly what we learn from these videos is RDJ is a damn cool dude; we all need to learn to play guitar; the Brits destroyed a great American song; don’t piss off women, period; and if we can win over kids, we can take over the world.

  • autumnmthompson

    If they baby fell asleep to Enter Sandman, that would be the icing on the #hashtags, cause they taste just like mashed potatoes.

    •  @autumnmthompson Look at you mixing everything together! Did you love the kid showing his guns? I laughed out loud.

      • autumnmthompson

         @ginidietrich Oh Yes!!!! I especially like he got them by working hard in his grandparent’s gym.  And I love they are all in their bathing suits!

  • magriebler

    Ummm, @ginidietrich, I hate to break this to you but @rebeccaamytodd  has dibs on Robert Downey Jr. When I told her earlier this week that my heart belongs to RDJ, she told me they are (and I quote) “soul mates.” And who are we to get in the middle of true love?

    •  @magriebler Um, no way. He’s been on my list for years! Do I need to send you a picture of the list we keep on the fridge??

      •  @ginidietrich rebeccaamytodd  I know I’m older than both of you, so my list definitely wins!!  You two can fight it out after I die of happiness!! 😉

        •  @lizreusswig @ginidietrich @magriebler Some quick facts- he loves to jump out of planes, I love to jump out of planes. He loves yoga, I love yoga.  He is super hot, I love that. Boom. Destiny. 

  • Dancing into ComicCon is cool and all… particularly the flamboyant “Im so cool” dancing he does… and the light-up hand thing… the only way to impress those attendees more would have been flying onto the stage in a real Iron Man costume. 🙂

    •  @JohnAkerson I read somewhere that he wasn’t allowed to use the costume. He attended the Ironman costume contest and had to go as Tony Stark. Weird.

  • geoffliving

    Oh my.

    •  @geoffliving I LOVE HIM!

      •  @ginidietrich  @geoffliving OMG I love him too! Love this video.

        •  @katskrieger  He makes my heart pitter patter.

        •  @ginidietrich  @katskrieger @geoffliving you also LOVE PINTEREST!!!!! Maybe Geoff and I can stick a pin in his head for you.

        •  @katskrieger  et tu, Kat?

        •  @KenMueller Very much!

        •  @katskrieger the things we learn on here…

        • geoffliving

          @KenMueller @ginidietrich @katskrieger I identify with Downey’s personal struggled too much to do that! Plus a happy Gini is a happy Geoff!

        • geoffliving

          @KenMueller @ginidietrich @katskrieger I actually respect Downey for his strength in surpassing the personal problems that plagued his early career. Plus I like a happy Gini.

        •  @ginidietrich I’m pretty sure @robertdowneyjr has made it clear that he gets a pass for having an “OMG I’VE GOT TO HAVE HER” crush on you too 😉

        •  @geoffliving  @KenMueller  @katskrieger I LOVE HIM TOO! @ginidietrich I did not know we shared this. I think our newlywed game skills might be getting rusty. 
          And @geoffliving , I agree – I love that he overcame his problems too. Such a great story. and I can’t watch any of the videos yet, because I’m at a coffee shop w/o my headphones getting food for the first time in 8 hours. 🙂 

        •  @Lisa Gerber  @geoffliving  @katskrieger  @ginidietrich I respect him too, and enjoy his films. Too many others keep spiraling down. And boy, if he’s ever in need of a date, there are plenty of women here ready for him.  Oh the scandal.

        •  @KenMueller @Lisa Gerber @ginidietrich @katskrieger @geoffliving We are going to throw down at Social Mix- winner gets RDJ. 

  • Iron Man likes Shawarmas. I know how to make yummy shawarmas (biggest advantage of living in the Middle East). I know the secret to Iron Man’s “heart”! 😉
    As for those kids, they are so adorable and so freaking hilarious; but like five years from now, their parents will be struggling to peel them off the from their laptops. And yes,those workouts might not really help them then… I love how he shows his muscles, or whatever they are!
    The lady who put up the sign sure knows how to get back 😉

    •  @Hajra  You will teach me how to make yummy shawarmas!
      I loved how they asked how many hours their parents spend on Facebook and one kid said, “Thousands.”

      •  @ginidietrich After he goes out with me… we can exchange shawarma recipes…. 😉
        P.S. My kids are going to say the same… 🙁

  • Projectevekim

    Oh I am loving the Robert Downy Jr. clip…where do I get my own Iron Man glove? …since, as you can see below all the gals are Ironman: 

    •  @Projectevekim HAHAHAH! I’ve never seen that. That’s awesome!

  • rdopping

    Headbutting my brother in the face! Love that!
    You know @ginidietrich Gin and Topics is a Saturday morning thing for me (minus the gin, of course). I have been following along for a while now and it’s always hilarious. I don’t know if I feel particularly mushy this week but these were the cutest most heartfelt segments ever. Even the pissed off mom selling her house – what?
    The BBC thing was totally awesome.
    One thing is for sure. White men can’t jump and they can’t dance either. WHAT was that? Whoot, whoot!

    •  @rdopping Funny, right? I loved the social media one. “How many hours a week do your parents spend on Facebook?” “Thousands.”

  •  @ginidietrich These are way cool…Have to say though – it’s a total throw down if we’re both in the same room with Robert Downey, Jr.!!  (yup, he’s on my “pass” list, too!!)   🙂

    •  @lizreusswig Good to know. I’ll kick you in the shins and run for him!

      •  @ginidietrich @lizreusswig Bring it, ladies! 

  • Florida_Hypno

    Really? @TedRubin @ginidietrich Kids don’t like Robert Downey Jr. Or is it that the newest Sherlocks are rather cerebral?

  • ifdyperez

    ok, don’t hate me for asking this… but… what do you see in robert downey jr exactly??

    •  @ifdyperez First of all, he’s hot. Secondly, he’s Ironman. Thirdly, he’s hot. Fourth, he’s overcome some serious personal issues to become a main player in Hollywood. Fifth, he’s hot. Sixth, did you not see his sweet dance moves in that video?!?

      • ifdyperez

         @ginidietrich lol, ok, i won’t bash on your man. i’m keeping christian bale. 🙂

        •  @ifdyperez He looked REALLY good after he shaved in that movie. Whew.

        • magriebler

           @ifdyperez  @ginidietrich I’ve had my eye on Christian Bale since he played a kind of hot, edgy (even stalker-ish) Laurie in a 1994 remark of Little Women. Oh my oh my.

  • I just saw #1 on Ken’s site — too good. I’m totally with you on Robert Downey Jr, Gini! He was such a charmer in Avengers. My favorite for sure! 

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