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Gin and Topics: Lots of Dancing and Some Bad Lip Reading

By: Gini Dietrich | January 25, 2013 | 

We finally have snow! We finally have snow! We finally have snow!

Jack Bauer and I were the first ones out in it this morning. I made snow angels and he marked every tree he could find.

I don’t mean to be greedy, but it needs to snow just a little bit more so my cross-country skis can come out and play, too!

If anyone can do a snow dance that sends me more snow, I’d be forever in your debt.

I’m going to go see what I can do about that while I leave you to watch this week’s Gin and Topics.

Videos courtesy of Kate Finley, Howie Goldfarb, Blair Minton, Brad Marley, and my very own Mr. D.

5. Trust Fall Fail. I realize it makes me a horrible person to think this is funny, but man! It’s FUNNY! It’s a little girl doing a trust fall for the very first time.

4. Funny Little Kids Dancing. Something about little kids in dance class is hilarious to me. I don’t know where this is shot, but it turns out dancing crosses all cultures. This is no exception with these little girls (and one little boy who you glance a couple of times toward the end) performing a routine that some have memorized and others have not.

3. Alcohol Test. I realize this is staged, but it totally cracks me up! Have these people never done the Electric Slide?!?

2. Baby Crashes Concert. This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen. A baby gets on stage to dance while his daddy is performing and totally steals the show with his no pants and pacifier in his mouth.

1. Bad Lip Reading. I freaking love these! This one is scenes from The Hunger Games. “Hey Tuna Flavor!” They have Twilight, too. That may be here next week. I’ll watch and let you know.

Happy weekend all!

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