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Gin and Topics: #McFail, Chobani, and Social Media

By: Gini Dietrich | January 27, 2012 | 

Well, I guess I have to do a real Gin and Topics this week that is all serious and PR/marketing focused.

Why, you ask?

Because NO ONE sent me funny videos this week. Here I sang your praises last week and then you let me down this week.

Bah humbug.

So you’re going to have to think this week. No fun for you!

If you want out of intellectual prison, you should send me videos or funny stories to feature next week.

5. Radical Copycatting of Pinterest. When Paul Sutton and I debated the merits of Pinterest earlier this week, Karen Rocks alerted me to Pinspire. Go ahead. Click on that link. I’ll wait. Can you believe how EXACT they’ve copied Pinterest? This Forbes article describes the phenomenon. It’s incredible.

4. #McFail: McDonald’s Loses Control of Hashtag. Hello, McDonald’s? Didn’t this very thing happen to Skittles a few years ago? Don’t you do your research? Did you check to see if brand sentiment was mostly positive before embarking on this idea? No? Huh. Well, now you know what happens when you don’t do these things.

3. Chobani Yogurt Tickles the Taste of Pinterest Addicts. Look! Look! A brand is using Pinterest and it’s working! Paul Sutton, look! Howie Goldfarb, you should read this one, too. Just because you love Chobani.

2. Google Plus Now Allows Pseudonyms. I don’t know how I feel about this. The whole idea of social networking is to get to know people, not their alter egos. There is Reddit for that. If you want to use social networking, you should have to use your name. I think I just saw they’ve also now opened up to anyone older than 13. It’ll be interesting to see if the teenagers glom on to the “social network.”

1. Social Media Command Center. Leading up to the Super Bowl! Through a newly installed social media command center, visitors to the big game in Indianapolis will be able to ask questions and receive answers leading up to the big game. The idea is curious because it looks to be answering questions and comments from those who will be in Indianapolis for the game. I don’t really understand the strategy. I’m going to watch and see what they do.

And that is that, my friends. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Only 14 more shopping days until my birthday. Better get to it!

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