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Gin and Topics: Ryan Lochte is So Cute and Ellen has Competition

By: Gini Dietrich | April 26, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsFirst things first, a huge thank you to Rebecca Todd for filling in for me while I was on vacation!

You’re all kinds of awesome, Beck, and I can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

Secondly, everyone wish Mr. D a happy birthday! It’s tomorrow and we have a weekend of fun planned. Book of Mormon tickets, dinner with friends, and lots of gifts. I may even make a cake! Well, maybe. That sounds pretty aggressive right now.

Anyway, happy birthday Mr. D!

Now, without further ado, I bring you this week’s Gin and Topics. Videos are courtesy of Jason Konopinski, Susan Cellura, Angie Finley, and yours truly.

5. Cat in a Shark Costume. I’m not sure why I find this as hilarious as I do. It’s pretty simple. A cat is wearing a shark costume. It’s riding a Roomba. And chasing a duckling. Then the dog shows up. These poor animals!

4. How Animals Eat their Food. I don’t know what’s more funny about this: The skit on how animals eat their food, the sippy cups, how the friend never cracks a smile, or the cardboard box table.

3. Worry about Yourself. For anyone who has ever experienced an independent child, this will hit pretty close to home. When she tells her dad, “You drive! Worry about yourself! Go drive!” I died. Precocious little stinker!

2. Ellen Meets Ellen. This is H-I-larious (as Mattie Dietrich would say). Kate McKinnon dresses up like Ellen and goes on the show. She dances, she stretches on in the chair, she puts on her reading glasses. She has her moves down exactly. Very, very funny!

1. News Anchors Lose it Over Ryan Lochte Interview. You may have already seen this one because it was making the rounds late last week, but I swear it’s worth watching again. “If you’re a man at night, you have to be a man in the morning.” Poor Ryan Lochte. He’s so cute.

Have a great weekend!

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64 responses to “Gin and Topics: Ryan Lochte is So Cute and Ellen has Competition”

  1. biggreenpen says:

    Wait why am I the first to comment? Maybe because I sprinted from catshark to Lochte. A) the cat thing is hilarious – my cat would leave me a deposit of something smelly & gross if I tried to put a shark costume on her. Don’t know how the owner did that. Now, for Lochte — I don’t know what about that video made me think “Lord those anchors love their jobs …” they really weren’t being mean to him. I wathced it like three times (that’s a lot for me) and it was laugh out loud funny each time. I needed something like that last week. Oh, and happy bday to Mr. D.

    • ginidietrich says:

      biggreenpen I’m kind of amazed both animals left their costumes on. And the cat kind of looks evil as a shark.
      I’ve watched that Lochte video at least three times, too. It’s so funny. I love how at the end she says, “We have to stop. I’m going to lose an eyelash!”

  2. A few things:
     Lola will be a shark for Halloween this year.
    The Rhinoceros and TRex were my favorite animals.
    I hope my little kid is that bossy! Ha!!

  3. lizreusswig says:

    Love these!  Of course, I shouldn’t have watched with the girls…now I’m going to hear “Worry About Yourself!” all day! 😉

  4. belllindsay says:

    Man. I adore Ellen. Like, would marry her. You know, since it’s legal up here. 😉 Having worked in TV -I died when I saw the Lochte interview – oh, have I been there before. Best part was when she kept saying “But he’s good looking!!” – because he kind of is. But dumb as a plank!!

    • ginidietrich says:

      belllindsay I loved it when she said they had to stop because she was going to lose an eyelash. Remember how hard we laughed when we found your send button? If that’d been on video, it would have gone viral.

      • belllindsay says:

        ginidietrich I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • ginidietrich belllindsay Lindsay has a send button?? And Lindsay.. I professional plankers everywhere are cursing your name for that comparison.

        • ginidietrich says:

          KristenDaukas OMG! Best story ever! belllindsay Skype’d me one day all frustrated because the send button in her email disappeared. I tried helping her troubleshoot and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. This was like October. In December, she’s here and we’re working and she says, “Look! I’ve lost it entirely.” I click a button and voila! It reappears. The look on her face was priceless. I nearly peed my pants.

        • belllindsay says:

          ginidietrich KristenDaukas IN MY DEFENSE!!! Gini took at *least* ten minutes to figure it out! hahahaha It was  pretty sweet though – we were on the FLOOR!!!

  5. My 14YO loves the Ryan Lochte show and it’s AWFUL. Well, awful except for the fact that he’s wicked hot.  And that kid? None of my 3 girls were EVER like that. Said Kristen never.

  6. “My lash is going to come off”…..SO funny…there is nothing more contagious than someone who is laughing uncontrollably.  Great pick.  Also….that independent toddler….a RIOT.  SO glad I’m done with that phase.  Fun fun fun G&T!  Thank you!

  7. ifdyperez says:

    Oh lawdy, I had to stop watching after the second video because my face is leaking tears of laughter! Totally watching the rest of it tonight.

  8. TheJackB says:

    Where is Michael Shannon’s Funny or Die video? That one is classic.

  9. TheJackB says:

    That little girl is great, reminds me a bit of my daughter.

  10. RebeccaTodd says:

    No worries G! Thank you for letting me guest host. It was a lot of fun! Hah the cat clearly loves being king of the roomba, whereas the dog looks mortified to be dressed up. 
    Oh man, How animals eat their food…laughed so hard I cried! I’ve been kicked by a Roo. It’s a lot like that. 
    Thanks G great to have you back and see you soon! xxoo

  11. RebeccaTodd says:

    Oh, did you see the 30 Rock where Ryan Lochte plays the Sex Idiot? So perfect! “The plural of Pokemon IS Pokemon!”

  12. I rarely laugh at videos, but oh my gosh, those first two are hysterical! I needed a good belly laugh! Makes me wanna get my mom’s kitty a Roomba (I already have a shark costume–yep!).

  13. Book of Mormon was awesome — great choice and happy birthday to Mr. D!
    The Cat Roomba video sets such a high bar I fear I’ll never again be able to post videos of my cat doing ordinary things like playing with a catnip mouse or climbing into a box. And when I first saw that Ryan Lochte video I had to look him up to figure out who he was. On the bright side, that indicates my Reality TV Diet has been a big success!

  14. rustyspeidel says:

    Rock scientist by day, man at night.

  15. #3… that’s my Betsy a year from now. 🙂
    –Tony Gnau

  16. debdobson62 says:

    I love the Ellen clip.  That is very funny.  Dang, she has Ellen’s moves down pat.

  17. So I’m currently taking bets as to how long it takes until I get that ‘man at night….’ line? We all know it’s going to happen!

  18. KensViews says:

    Ryan Lochte is a walking-talking concrete block. He deserves all the derision we can heap on him. That “Worry About Yourself” toddler already has a more highly-developed intellect!

  19. spinchick says:

    ginidietrich is back! Yipee. Yes, Rebecca did a great job holding down the fort while you were gone. Lazy cat + playful duck + confused dog + Roomba. How can you go wrong? Happy birthday Mr. D!

  20. dwaynealicie says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. D.!!!
    Roomba Cat mesmerizes me.

  21. Dayngr says:

    I totally look forward to these posts, and even though I don’t always comment, I am always digging into them. 🙂

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