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Gin and Topics: Singing, Dancing, and Kissing

By: Gini Dietrich | May 17, 2013 | 

Gin and TopicsHave I mentioned how happy I am cycling season has begun? Pete the Tapeworm is out in full force now. I missed him!

This weekend Mattie Dietrich (the one who brought you H-I-larious) is visiting us and she’s going to be mad I mentioned her here, but didn’t hyperlink her name.

Please someone (other than me) explain to her you need to have an online presence to have something to link to. When you search her name, she only comes up in other Gin and Topics. Not quite the same.

But we have a weekend planned full of fun stuff I haven’t quite figured out yet. Perhaps a boat tour, a museum or two, and lots of eating (I blame Pete).

While we’re off galavanting, I leave you with Gin and Topics. This week’s videos are courtesy of Lindsay Bell-Wheeler, Kat Krieger, Susan Cellura, Joe Thornley, and Mr. D. Yes, it’s true. I did no work on this issue this week.

5. Pumpcast News. I received this about an hour after last week’s Gin and Topics ran so it was too late to include it – and many of you have likely already seen it. But, if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth the five minute break. A couple is “surprised” by a man talking to them from the monitor at the gas station and they break out in song. I know it’s been proven a fake, but it’s still very, very good.

4. Lindsay and Hank Do the Chicken Dance. On Tuesday, it was National Dance Like a Chicken Day. We were all joking about doing an Arment Dietrich chicken dance, but distance makes that impossible. A few hours later, Lindsay surprised us by doing the chicken dance with Hank. It’s laugh out loud funny. In fact, I had an asthma attack from laughing so hard. But you may have to know her to think it’s as funny as I did. Regardless, it’s worth the watch.

3. Women and Compliments. This is funny because it’s true. It’s a bunch of women who compliment one another and their ensuing conversation. Very, very funny. But there’s some serious language in it so not safe for work of for mom (sorry, mom!).

2. Kiss Cam Breakup. You have to watch this all the way through because they keep coming back to the couple where he’s on the phone. Trust me on this one. You want to wait until the end.

1. Burnout Challenge. Not only is this a workout challenge, but it’s a challenge to you to see what it’s wrong. Just watch the first 35 seconds and see if you can tell me what’s wrong. Don’t read the comments or it’ll ruin it for you. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Did you see it? No? OK. Freeze it at 21 seconds and look at the left side of the screen.

Have a great weekend!

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  • I almost missed the last one…hahahaha!

    • katskrieger I missed it the first time and had to go back, frame-by-frame.

  • susancellura

    LOL at the burnout challenge. OMG!!

  • Nice choices G! Love the break up. That’s gold! I’m pretty sure Pete did the ordering at Sable… (Sorry if I double commented…I’m on mobile)

  • Nice film work on the burnout.

  • The gas pump people are fake…?? Awwwww. That sucks. The kiss cam people looked faker to me than the gas pump people. 🙂

    • belllindsay Yeah…they came out earlier this week and said it was staged. So sad.

      • ginidietrich belllindsay Wait. Is Mattie fake…???

  • True story: to the dismay of my future in-laws (including a number of Wisconsites), I banned the Chicken Dance from my wedding. Still the right call — though if Hank was there I might have made an exception.

    • RobBiesenbach I banned it at our wedding, too, but if Lindsay had been there, I would have been forced to do it.

      • ginidietrich So it’s not just me? Thank god. It’s like I was the enemy of fun or something!

        • RobBiesenbach ginidietrich CHICKEN DANCE (with Hank) – when’s my invite coming Rob!?

        • belllindsay Are you saying you’re a package deal? Hank doesn’t do solo? I mean, nothing personal, but …

        • RobBiesenbach That could be arranged for a small fee.

        • RobBiesenbach ginidietrich I banned it from my wedding too! How funny. I always thought it was just me….

    • RobBiesenbach My wife and I ordered the DJ not to play the Chicken Dance at our wedding, but he played it anyway. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that we have a picture of my sister-in-law flapping her wing.

      • teamccloud That’s why I withheld the DJ’s tip to the end! No chicken dance. Though the gang came together and requested some similar tune, but it was late and after the photographer left so I didn’t go all groomzilla on them!

  • Bwahahahahaha!!! OMG, that last one is hilarious! All of them are great this week. I’m a little disappointed the gas pump is fake, but it’s still funny.

    • yvettepistorio I really love it…even though it’s fake.

  • OH MY GOD ginidietrich  I finally watched the Compliments video – I’m DYING over here!! HAHAHAHA “I sleep standing up in a field” – *can’t* *breathe* HAHAHAHA!!! That is brilliant, and sadly, SO TRUE! What the heck is wrong with us that we do that..???

  • Had to pause the video to see the last one, but it was worth it. OMG!! The 10-yr-old boy doing homework next to me right now thought it was hysterical!! I did too. (I’ll heed your warning and watch the compliments one later….)

    • TaraGeissinger I just cannot believe they didn’t edit that out.

  • rdopping

    The burnout is classic. Good eye.

    • rdopping Right? How is it possible that even got on there?