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Gin and Topics: You’ve Got a Friend in Me

By: Gini Dietrich | February 3, 2017 | 

Gin and TopicsYOU GUYS!

My birthday is in one week!

Between Laura Petrolino and me, you’re probably groaning, rolling your eyes, or cursing our names by now.

(I’ve been reminding my team every day since February 1.)

But one more week! Woo hoo!

Today I begin a three-week celebration that is bookended with seeing The Bodyguard tonight and Hamilton on the 24th.

Broadway in Chicago and I are going to be fast friends by month’s end.

While I figure out what I’m going to wear to the theater tonight, I’ll leave you with Gin and Topics.

This week’s videos are courtesy of Kevin Vandever, Erika Heald, and yours truly.

5. Teacher Has Personalized Handshakes with Every One of His Students. I told this story in our Slack community. When I gave the commencement speech last year at Tribeca Flashpoint College, there was a professor who had a different handshake for his students. And, as he called them up on stage to accept their diplomas, they each did their unique handshake. I was so incredibly moved by that. That’s why I love this video of a fifth grade teach in Charlotte, who does the same thing.

4. Stranger Things Cast Acceptance Speech. This is worth it, simply to see Winona Ryder’s facial expressions. I later read that the expressions were because she was trying to follow along, but couldn’t hear. Though I like someone else’s reason—she’s working on an emoji keyboard.

3. Puppies Predict Super Bowl LI. I mean, puppies. Puppies. AND MORE PUPPIES. This is not quite a scientific way to predict the Super Bowl winner. I’m also not sure I agree with the results. BUT PUPPIES!

2. Bad Lip Reading of the NFL 2017. I will never get tired of these! “Happy sidewalk day. I hope your sidewalk is happy.” Seriously, this is what I would do in a second life. So. Funny.

1. Father-Daughter Duo Performs You’ve Got a Friend in Me. My threenager just said to me, “Mommy, will you please not sing my favorite Moana song?” So I’m DYING for the day when she’ll let me sing a duet with her, like little Claire and her daddy. I’m so jealous!

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget…I’m always looking for fun contributions to Gin and Topics. Don’t be shy!

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  • paulakiger

    “Threenager” LOL.

    • I mean, really. I want to sing the Moana song, too!

      • paulakiger

        One of my bloggy friends went to the big Moana opening event in LA and got to do a Q&A with Lin Manuel Miranda and The Rock (that’s who else is the voice right?). As for you wanting to sing it …. you DO recall Slack has video capabilities right? Feel free to treat us. We just might sing along!

        • And The Rock is SO GOOD in it. As for the video…no. Nope. Sorry.

          • paulakiger

            Oh fine. I’ll survive. But if you ever do, you KNOW I’ll be the first to comment! 😉

      • I keep getting yelled at because whenever I need to say “you’re welcome” I do it in song. (Insert tweenager rolleyes here)

  • Tara Geissinger

    OMG that last one just melts my heart. Loved Moana too — which song is your favorite?

    • I really like The Rock singing You’re Welcome. But she loves the edge of the water one.

  • Alina Kelly

    My husband totally lost it at, “You’ll pay for that in Odin’s name.” And golden puppies? Are you kidding me?? They look just like our baby boy did – love love love. And the dad and daughter? Beyond adorable. Great end to my week Gini. Happy Super Bowl weekend/birthday week/month.

    • I remember when your baby boy was that small. AND SO STINKING CUTE!!

  • Anja Skrba

    Yes I saw this amazing teacher that has personalized handshake with every student – I don’t know a single person who wasn’t moved by this…We need more teachers like him!

    • We do. It’s unfortunate teaching isn’t lauded like sports is. If only it were flipped…