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Gin and Topics: Talking Animals and Sexy Farm Boys

By: Gini Dietrich | June 29, 2012 | 

So, is it hot where you are? I’ve been getting a kick out of everyone posting the temperatures in their city.

It turns out, it’s hot EVERYWHERE. Yesterday, Chicago had its first 100 degree in seven years.

Think global warming is a farce? Explain this!

I hate to see what August is going to bring. But the good news, I can ride when it’s hot so I don’t mind!

To help you cool off (or at least laugh), following is this week’s Gin and Topics.

5. I’m Farming and I Grow It. Ken Mueller is going to be mad at me for posting this here, because he’s using it on his blog tomorrow, but it’s really good. It’s a take on “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” by three farm boys in Kansas. It’s worth a chuckle or two.

4. German Shepherd Confused by Talking Husky. Ifdy Perez is going to be mad at me for posting this one (she’s in a competition with Mark Wohlschlegel to see who can get more videos here and he’s winning), but it’s really freaking funny! A dog sees another on Skype and I LOVE the way he tilts his head as the other dog “speaks.” He’s listening very intently.

3. Sorkinisms. If you’re a fan of Aaron Sorkin, you’ll think this is hilarious. Michael Schechter, knowing how much of a fan I am, sent it to me. It’s a funny clip of how many times he uses the same phrases throughout all of his writing.

2. Maru Greatest Hits. Alright, Ifdy. Now you and Mark are tied. Watch this one with the captions on. You’ll laugh out loud at them … and at this darn cat trying to get in a box as it slides across the floor.

1. Dachshund vs. Crab. Mr. D always says I laugh at animals…always. I guess that’s pretty apparent with this week’s Gin and Topics, huh? Jen Devitt sent this one to me…a puppy making “friends” with a crab. You’ll see the crab is like, “Dude. I just want to get back in the water. I don’t care if your tail is wagging!” And then the poor puppy loses his friend in the tide. So sad.

Happy weekend, all!

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63 responses to “Gin and Topics: Talking Animals and Sexy Farm Boys”

  1. faybiz says:

    When did you turn it into the best videos of the week here??
    and thanks as a fan of the talking dog… I looked just like the german shep the first time i saw it too

  2. The Sorkin video is gold. Makes me want to break out West Wing for a 2d viewing.

  3. KenMueller says:

    You’re right. I’m mad! Well, no I’m not. I gave you permission and shared it with you. But I love the farm boy video. We need more creativity like this. Maybe you need to do your version of this, “Spin Sucky and I know it”

  4. patrickreyes says:

    Sorkin video is great especially after watching The Newsroom this week.

  5. MSchechter says:

    Yay! I win my weekly attempt at swaying you 🙂

  6. Lisa Gerber says:

    Two things: It’s sunny and 70 here. I think this corner of the country is the only one that is bearable right now. Second: I have tried like crazy to Facetime with my dogs when I’m in Chicago and they are completely oblivious. They cannot hear or see! How does this German Shepherd do it???? 

  7. mark2law says:

    Lol, apparently our competition has become public @ifdyperez. thanks for the shout-out @ginidietrich

  8. ifdyperez says:

    I’m #2 and @mark2law is #4. I’m happy! 😀

  9. zodot says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the Sorkinisms Supercut.  I watched the first few minutes and had a good chuckle.  I’m saving the rest of it for later. Have a great weekend, Gini!

  10. NancyD68 says:

    It is in the high 90’s here on Long Island. Now that we have a heatwave, all the work we have had is outdoor and backbreaking!
    What is going to happen in August? MY BIRTHDAY! I WANT CAKE!
    The cat video is beyond adorable. I want a cat like Maru but I will name him Seth instead

  11. TheJackB says:

    It is close to 100 now, but that is not unusual. That Sorkinism bit was great. Now it makes me wonder how often I repeat myself in my writing, but I suppose that is it common for writers to wonder how often we repeat ourselves in our writing.

  12. Robb_Wexler says:

    @ginidietrich Hey…I once had a Sorkinism….but the ointment clear it right up.

  13. K_A_Productions says:

    @kamichat Farm Boy video is quite funny. Thnx for sharing, have a great weekend 🙂

  14. […] Ken on June 30, 2012 · 0 comments TweetGini stole this one from me yesterday, but that’s OK. I’m always glad to help her […]

  15. HowieSPM says:

    So 1.5 viral videos. I am impressed the farm boys are truly viral over 2mil views in less than a week. Cute pets and babies always win the view count.
    So it seems Sorkin has all these phrases he writes and has an algorithm that just spins them all out randomly into a screen play. And somehow people pay him to press ‘Create Screen play’ and then people pay to see the screen play he wrote in 2.73 seconds. Brilliant!

  16. KDillabough says:

    I love the “I’m Farming and I know it” video. We live “out in the country”, surrounded by farms and horse farms, but I don’t think I’ve encountered any farm boys like those:)It’s Canada Day tomorrow, and a long weekend, woohoo! And what am I doing? Continuing to shovel stone dust and building a shed in the backyard. Does it get any more glamourous?26 and counting…Cheers! Kaarina

    • ginidietrich says:

       @KDillabough Is the shed built yet? And where is my photo of you in your hat?

      • KDillabough says:

         @ginidietrich Changed plans. We hand-bombed 2000 paver stones that were partially buried in our back woods for 15 years (that’s a whole other story), and loaded them on skids. Photos of that, and me in my hat, will be posted on FB today:) [unfortunately, the light-up lights on the hat didn’t show:(

  17. KDillabough says:

    @CristerDelacruz @SpinSucks Me too Crister, AND the farm boys:)

  18. TedRubin says:

    Hey Gini… thanks for the smiles :-))

  19. Hajra says:

    The farm boys videos is just too awesome…
    As for temperatures, we are at 107 F and 80 % humidity and we still are waiting for summers to hit us in full force…. 

  20. I am farming and I grow it is a really good video. 🙂

  21. The farming video is AWESOME! As a Missouri farm girl, I can say that all looks very familiar! I love that they’re using their creativity and ingenuity to promote agriculture. But, I’d love it even more if they weren’t wearing K-State gear. 🙂

  22. lauraclick says:

    The farming video is AWESOME! As a Missouri farm girl, I can say that all looks very familiar! I love that they’re using their creativity and ingenuity to promote agriculture. But, I’d love it even more if they weren’t wearing K-State gear. 🙂

  23. yvettepistorio says:

    Love Maru!! I’m not a cat person, but I would take that cat! Hilarious!!

  24. #1 is absolutely my favorite! That might be because I have a dachshund at home…yes, that’s probably it. The poor crab is like “get this thing OUT OF MY WAY!”

  25. ginidietrich says:

    @karlsprague My mom emailed to say she loved Maru!

  26. RebeccaTodd says:

    Ooo he was so sad when the crab went back in the water! Poor little hound. Great list as always- thanks for sharing! 

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