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Gin and Topics: The Chatroulette Version of Call Me, Maybe?

By: Gini Dietrich | August 17, 2012 | 

A long, long time ago, when I switched my Twitter handle from BearsFan07 to ginidietrich, I met a handful of people who’ve become in real life friends.

One of those people is Justin Brackett. Justin celebrated a birthday yesterday so I thought to honor him I would show you what he did last week and posted to Facebook (which was then shared and reshared and reshared).

I’m all for making fun of myself and, let’s be real, this is really funny. If it weren’t making fun of me, it’d be freaking hilarious.

This may be the most brilliant thing he’s ever created. So go ahead. Laugh it up.  And wish Justin a very happy birthday!

And, with that, I give you Gin and Topics.

5. Call Me, Maybe? Chatroulette Version. Speaking of Justin, after he made that nice little image above, he posted this on my Facebook wall, as if he was really saying, “I’m sorry. Forgive me?” For those of you who don’t know Chatroulette, it’s a video chat room where the people you interact with are totally random. This guy, well, nothing I can say does it justice. So just watch. You’ll never listen to this song the same again.

4. Happiest Olympic Worker. The Olympics are over, but that doesn’t make this any less awesome. A worker is assigned the job of using a bullhorn to direct people, but she creates her own script. Ryan Cox thought you’d like it and I have to agree with him (this time).

3. The Flash Mob Proposal. I love flash mobs. I will never get tired of them. Todd Lyden knows this so he made sure I saw this flash mob proposal. But the best part? The whole thing is choreographed and planned, but then the whole town joins in…totally unplanned. Also, I want to know where you live that a main street can be shut down like this for a good 10 minutes.

2. Camera Swims with Dolphins. Deb Dobson sent this to me and it is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! Some guys were out fishing for tuna when their camera got hijacked by a school of dolphin. What you see, from the camera’s point-of-view almost doesn’t look real. Go swim with the dolphins!

1. Buttermilk “Plays” with Her “Friends.” This is super cute! I think the goat may have ADHD. All her friends are just hanging out and she’s bouncing off the walls! You can thank Marianne Griebler for the find.

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27 responses to “Gin and Topics: The Chatroulette Version of Call Me, Maybe?”

  1. Does this mean that you’re talking to him again?
     stevekardynal won the internet last week with that Chatroulette video. His entire YouTube channel is a riot. Check out his LMFAO/Venice Beach video, too. 

  2. I can’t decide whether I am laughing or in desperate of bleach for my eyes. Chatroulette is dangerous. 😉

  3. GeoffReiner says:


    I saw this video a few days ago and couldn’t believe it! Some great reactions from the chatroulette folks caught in the action 🙂

    So happy you posted this. It’s definitely a must see lol
    Enjoy the weekend 🙂

  4. faybiz says:

    Gert, amazingly, I have seen all but one… and not the one I sent.
    Question: when did you start turning G&T into a “curated” post?

  5. TechWork_dk says:

    Hi Gini
    Thanks for sharing these awesome videos. That was a great way to start the weekend 🙂
    By the way good call to change your Twitter handle. Not as much because it is a bad name for promotion of Spin Sucks, but more because the Bears really sucks 😉

  6. MeredithLEaton says:

    @ginidietrich so clever – ‘Gin and Topics’ – ha! 🙂

  7. Buttermilk is awesome! Had not seen that.
    SOOOO cute! I’m off to buy a goat.

  8. Carmelo says:

    What an awesome collection! I’ve found a home. 🙂 Gini, you and PeeWee make such a great couple. I hope you let him win! Good luck to you both! Hey, maybe you’ll get a FlashMob PeeWee Proposal Dance!

  9. bdorman264 says:

    Justin did good; that was classic…….:).

  10. rdopping says:

    I want to know how Pee Wee got on the track with @ginidietrich …….those dolphins were brilliant.

  11. That goat was the most exciting thing our household witnesses this weekend. And that’s not such a bad thing. 

  12. All I hear from that “reality” is you giggling like Pee Wee while racing through Chi-town.

  13. […] Steve Kardynal’s Sexy and He Knows It. OK. This is the same guy from Chatroulette (see here if you missed it last week) and I think I might be in love. I don’t know which is more funny […]

  14. Tahjmahjal says:

    I can’t believe how much stuff people do on that site.

  15. Tahjmahjal says:

    Someone did another video for call me maybe seen it at <a href=> chatroulette video </a> it was prob a remix lol.

  16. Tahjmahjal says:

    I’m tired of chatroulette because they always ban hot chicks for showing their stuff. So now I just video chat at

  17. […] Steve Kardynal’s Sexy and He Knows It. OK. This is the same guy from Chatroulette (see here if you missed it last week) and I think I might be in love. I don’t know which is more funny […]

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