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Gin and Topics: The Royal Wedding Edition

By: Gini Dietrich | April 29, 2011 | 

I told you I’m obsessed! I promised Lisa Gerber I’d watch the wedding with her, so I’m DYING right now! I cheated a little bit and watched them leave the church and saw the two kisses, but no wedding yet!

And come on. Even for you haters (cough, Danny Brown), you have to admit they look completely and totally in love. And she is drop-dead gorgeous (no, John Falchetto, her sister is not more hot).

Every little girl dreams of being a princess and having a royal wedding. We just experienced a real-life one. It’s historical.

And, with that, today’s Gin and Topics focuses solely on blog posts and articles found around the web about, you guessed it, the Royal Wedding!

5. When Did the Monarchy Become So Social Media Savvy? This BNET article is written by my dear friend Shonali Burke. She breaks down all of the social tools the Royals used for today’s historic event. It puts most Fortune 10 companies to shame.

4. Fun Friday: Royal Pains. Joey Strawn takes his Fun Friday weekly feature and turns it into the royalty you think are the biggest pains in the rear. Complete with pictures, you can vote on the biggest Royal Pain.

3. Your Highness, There’s An App for That. Like Shonali’s article on social media savvy,  Sasha Muradali looks at all of the apps available for learning more about the wedding, the guests, the fashion, the food, and more.

2. Top Three PR Lessons from the Royal Wedding. Though it was written pre-wedding, the NYC PR Girls do a great job of breaking down the three things the Royal Wedding can teach the PR industry.

1. Why CEOs Should Watch the Royal Wedding. You may think it’s all fluff, but even Harvard Business Review got in on the action, with three reasons CEOs should pay attention.

Have a great weekend!

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