I Hate Social Media

By: Guest | December 3, 2012 | 

Today’s guest post is by Andy Crestodina.

We all know someone who scoffs at Twitter, fears Facebook, and has no interest in Pinterest.

Some of these people are lawyers, some are boomers.

They call it trivial, narcissistic, and the end of quality human interaction.

They hate social media. But, they don’t need to be completely left out.

Here are three set-it-and-forget-it tips for people who will never use social media.

Here’s the right way to not use social media.

Note: We realize the Spin Sucks community is very active in social media. Great! We hope you’ll share these tips with the haters by emailing them this link.

1. Update your LinkedIn profile

I’m sorry, but there’s one profile out there that every professional needs to keep updated: LinkedIn. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile is the absolute minimum. So do it. Enter the following:

  • Current position and title
  • Contact information
  • Your picture

You don’t have to think of it as social media. Think of it as a second resume or a business card.

Time: Ten minutes, once per year

2. Set up a Google alert: Your brand, your name

You can get the benefits of social listening without being active on social media. Just set up a Google alert, so anytime your brand or your name are mentioned on a website, you’ll get an email. Ignore the email if you’d like, but at least you’re listening.

Time: Three minutes

3. Call forwarding: One tweet, one post

You don’t have to use a network to have a presence there. That presence can declare to the world that no one is home. Think of it as call forwarding.

  • Twitter: Create an account, enter a simple bio, upload your picture, and link to your website. Then tweet once. The tone and message should be something like this:
    “Hi there. I’m not an active user of Twitter, but you can connect with me through my website at
  • Facebook, Google+, and any other network: As above, create an account and post once, letting people know where to find you.

Creating accounts will help with your personal SEO, making you easier to find in Google. Be sure to upload a professional headshot to each site, especially if you have a common name. This will help people know they found the right person and direct traffic to the right place.

Time: Fifteen minutes

Don’t judge the haters.

After all, social media marketing is completely optional. Many brands still get huge results through traditional channels. Readers may remember, I once made the case that the best web marketing tool is the phone.

Hate social media? Don’t use it! But don’t completely ignore it. And if you’re already a social media pro, please email this to all the backwards, ignorant luddites (I’m kidding!) who still dislike social media.

Andy Crestodina is co-founder and strategic director at Orbit Media, a web development company in Chicago. You can find Andy on Google+ and on Twitter.

  • Emailing to a favorite client as we speak:)

  • ginidietrich

    @KC_slater HAHAHA! Use snail mail!


    I am on Twitter, have updated my LinkedIn profile & have a Google alert set up. Facebook is not for me but I don’t HATE it…just don’t like it for me.
    Social media is a great thing once you get the hang of it. Thanks for the heads up, ‘favorite marketing guru.’

    • @JBTWEETNOTHINGS Don’t you ever call me a guru!!!!! Or expert. I am a student 🙂

  • Great stuff as usual, Andy!

    • crestodina

      @barrettrossie Thanks, Barrett! It was strange writing something for SS knowing that it wasn’t specifically for the community here, but in a day or two, this post will likely rank for “I hate social media” Quite a few people actually search for that. 🙂  Once it does rank, we’ll pull the non-believers into the SS community and convert them…

      • @crestodina  @barrettrossie A dastardly scheme! 😀

        • belllindsay

          @jasonkonopinski  @crestodina  @barrettrossie I love that Crestodina fellow.

      • @crestodina  @barrettrossie 
        Uh oh! “Everybody grab a broom, It’s shenanigans!” LOL!

  • I love the idea of sharing even a single tweet or update directing people somewhere else. Great post!

  • This post could be spun just a little to be “Start Using Social Media” – the very basics to create a social presence. It’s true it cannot be ignored, but it doesn’t have be embraced either. It’s just another tool that requires practice and patience.

  • Particularly like the advice on positive effect of even minimal use of Twitter; can’t tell you how many people tell me they have an account but never use it… and never even engage with the here and now via your only-takes-a-minute approach.  Good practical advice.. You should take it offline to hand out on business size cards to all the haters who dismiss social media just because they think they can’t / shouldn’t deal with it (or to constructively end those conversations that devolve into whining about how stupid social media is… all because they can’t figure out how to get started)

    • crestodina

      @creativeoncall Great idea, Chuck. You are absolutely right that this would work better in print and little cards would be perfect. You just gave me another idea. The next edition of my book will have this on a page in the back, with instructions to rip it out and give it to someone who needs it. 🙂

  • ginidietrich

    @mscator Ha!

  • Thank heavens! Someone FINALLY write a post for me and the way I use social media!

  • amysept

    @SkylerKAPPKVEW You’re welcome, glad you found it helpful! How did the last week go for you?

  • AMEN! A breath of fresh air.
    People who resist social media really aren’t on a path toward eternal damnation.
    Social media is just a tool like a Dremel is a tool, and not everyone is doing glass etchings in their spare time.
    Thanks Andy!

  • ginidietrich

    @AmyVernon wifey.

  • motownmutt

    Me, I hate websites with floating social media share buttons that block the content. @crestodina @shashib @Rieva

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  • Jessica Nelson Troup

    Great insight. Many times, social media is just information overload for people that are already bombarded with too much information at home and work.  Using social media as a listening station is a great way to dip your foot into without diving right in.

  • Julie Ticsay

    As always, excellent counsel Andy!

    • crestodina

      @Julie Ticsay Thank you, Julie!