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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Shonali Burke

By: Gini Dietrich | February 6, 2015 | 

Shonali Burke and Gini DietrichBy Gini Dietrich

If you don’t already know Shonali Burke, this Inquisition will push you over the edge.

If you practice communications for a living, you MUST know Shonali Burke!

Not only is she super smart and forward-thinking, she has a gorgeous lilt that you want to listen to forever and ever.

I have the supreme advantage of calling her a friend and have many, many stories I could share about her here.

Like the time we were in New Orleans and we … wait. I can’t tell you that. Or the time we were in Washington, D.C. and we … nope. Not that one either.

In all seriousness, she has some great stories, such as how she was a movie star in India. Or how she met her husband online and he traveled to India to meet her and they got married immediately. Or how she decided to give working for a global agency a go, even though she was accustomed to being her own boss and calling her own schedule. She made a real go of it, too. Way longer than I could have.

She leads SBC, a communications consulting firm, is accredited in the practice of public relations, blogs at Waxing Unlyrical, is the founder of #measurePR (which just celebrated its five year anniversary), and gives back to the industry in major ways. She also is an adjunct professor so I’m clearly not the only one who thinks she rocks.

I have asked her to sit on the Spin Sucks Inquisition hot seat so you can learn more about her…and perhaps convince her to talk to you so you can hear that gorgeous voice.

What is the Biggest Mistake You’ve Made in Your Career?

You want just one?!

Not listening to my gut. This has gotten my into trouble EVERY time I’ve done it (or, rather, *not* done it).

We all have a “butterfly effect” in our tummies. That’s what I call our instinctive reaction to anything we hear, good or bad.

If our reaction is happy butterflies—surprise, delight, the feeling that you’ve just been lifted up—whatever caused it was a good thing and you should go with it.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy to work through, but it does mean that ultimately it is in sync with your journey in life.

If, on the other hand, the reaction is sad, or frightened, or topsy-turvy butterflies, you should think a bit more about what you’re being asked (for, to do, etc.).

That doesn’t mean topsy-turvy butterflies are always bad, but it does mean that you have to look more closely at the situation and do some more research and thinking before making a decision.

What is One Thing about Yourself that Would Surprise Most People?

I wasn’t always a confident optimist, which is how I think most people see me. I was a very shy child, timid and hesitant.

You know how you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up?

Well … I didn’t want to be anything when I grew up, I just wanted to be good enough for someone to marry. Isn’t that sad?

I’ve worked really hard to address issues like self-doubt and impostor syndrome, and continue to do so every day. I didn’t even really understand the difference between being assertive (ok) and aggressive (not ok) until fairly recently.

I still have my moments when I just feel flat, or blue—who doesn’t?—but the difference now is that I don’t get sucked into it. I know I’m worth something (a lot!), and I’m not going to apologize for being different or say that my success is a (complete) fluke.

If You Could Achieve Everything You Ever Wanted in Life, but Had to Die 10 Years Sooner, Would You Make that Trade?

Hmm… no.

Because I don’t think we know everything we want.

In addition, it changes with time.

So what I wanted—or thought I wanted—10 years ago is not what I want (or think I want) today.

The universe has its plan for me, and I trust that it will leave me on earth as long (or short) as is necessary to achieve it.

What Industry Advice or Practice Would You Most Like to Cry Foul On?

Rubbish metrics. There is a LOT of talk about new metrics, such as the Barcelona Principles, all of which is good, and I give props to organizations such as PRSA, AMEC, and IPR for the work they are doing in this area. But the bulk of practitioners are still getting away with rubbish metrics, and there’s no one to call them on it.

This is also perpetuated because nine times out of 10 people equate “PR” with “media relations,” and then they fall back on advertising equivalencies and other rubbish metrics to “measure” PR.

We won’t get beyond rubbish metrics until we stop equating PR to publicity, because to only focus on publicity is not strategic.

What is the Best Book You’ve Read in the Past Six Months?

The Time of My Life: A Novel, by Cecilia Ahern. It’s about a woman who gets invited to an appointment with (her) Life.

She does everything she can to avoid it, but ultimately has to face him.

Life then becomes firmly entrenched in her life [sic], and it’s fascinating to follow her on her voyage of self-exploration and discovery.

Why Does Spin Suck?

Because it makes you dizzy and who likes to be dizzy?

Where You Can Find Shonali Burke

You can find Shonali on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Slideshare, and on her blog.

You can also find her blogging on the infamous Spin Sucks.

And, if you ever need someone to do training for your organization, she is spending a lot of time on that side of her business this year so you should call her!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • One of my faves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first time I was involved with Shonali (which pretty much directly led me down the Spin Sucks Crazy path) was working on the Blue Key campaign. As a foot soldier in that effort, I was amazed at how well everything I needed to do was laid out, at how constantly the motivation flowed, and how I was made to feel like the most important foot soldier of them all ….. Shonali definitely has the gift of motivating/organizing. Enjoy your inquisition day, Shonali!

  • Hey Shanoli, great to meet you and happy 5th for !  I was following the lunchtime chat a few days ago, great questions and answers. 
    Accents rock, and I totally agree with your “Universal” philosophy.

    @Martinwaxman will be happy to see you here.

  • It appears that Shonali and I are soul sisters. I swear, when I was reading this, I was just “yup, yup, yup, yup,” through the entire thing! Well, maybe not the “grow up to be a good wife” part, but…fantastic getting to know a little more about the *real* Shonali. 🙂

  • belllindsay I’m SO glad you didn’t want to grow up to be a good wife, though I have no doubt you are! This is a lovely way to start my Friday, thank you ginidietrich and the entire Spin Sucks team!

  • Digital_DRK How kind of you re: #measurePR – thank you! It’s so nice of you to stop by, and I <3 martinwaxman big time. Have a super Friday!

  • biggreenpen Wow, Paula! I think I’m going to cry after reading that. Thank you so much. You know, the entire #bluekey campaign was such a gift to so many of us, I think. You were an amazing Champion, as was Gini and so many others. The things we did…! I’m going to pull part of your comment and include it in my Blue Key case study, if that’s ok with you, because it’s so important for organizations to understand that a great community is central to social PR.

  • AAAAHHHH it’s an explosion of awesomeness in my in-box! What a worthy inquisition subject. My favorite thing about Shonali  is that when she is with you in person, she is one of those rare people who actually listens to what you’re saying rather than thinking about what she’s going to say next. What a lovely, intelligent role model!

  • Shonali  who doesn’t <3 martinwaxman ?   Have a great Friday!

  • I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Shonali and at first I thought it was at InternetSummit but now realizing it was at SoSlam and she was on the panel with you rosemaryoneill, right?! Or is my premenopausal brain on half today?! Doesn’t matter where what matters is we got into a wicked discussion about disaster recovery/business continuity and the PR nightmares that come with it. Great pick!!

  • shonali

    optimismlight TYVM!

  • Shonali belllindsay No, she’s most definitely NOT a good wife.

  • Oh sure, she’ll do an interview with you. No, I’m fine. It’s no big deal. What?!? There’s just something in my eye.

    Love me some Shonali!!!!

  • jonmikelbailey Let’s face it, JMB, people like me.

  • ginidietrich jonmikelbailey It’s because you drug them. Oh, Dallas and I talk alright!

  • jonmikelbailey Whatever it takes!

  • Love this post.  It’s human.  It’s nice to need YOU, Shonali, in a more closeup setting, as I often check out your blog and see you elsewhere. 
    I love the vulnerability, too. I’m becoming a bit cynical with bullet-proof personas online. There can be no Hero’s Journey without struggle, right?
    So now, about New Orleans…

  • JackVincent I can’t believe you’re the first one to bring that up…

  • Hi Shonali! Good to see you on the Inquisition seat! really interesting. 
    Enjoy your day on the hot seat and have a good weekend!

  • I love it…I love it…I love it.
    Shonali is a cup of awesome soup and now everybody knows it!

    It is because of the encouragement of Gini and Shanoli that I became a novelist. I finished my ninth on Monday night this past week.
    Thanks for making me want to write.

  • I could listen to Shonali talk for days and days and days. (She knows it, too!)

  • Shonali biggreenpen The Blue Key Chicago meetup was the first time I met Sean McGinnis, Gini, Mana, Lisa Diomede and (maybe) Jeannie Walters in person!

  • jasonkonopinski I think your point is Gini didn’t ask enough questions and we would all like another couple thousand words. I agree.

  • ExtremelyAvg Wow, that’s amazing! I can’t think of anything better than inspiring someone to find their calling. I hope to do that to find I’ve done that one day!

  • ginidietrich JackVincent Gini, I thought you knew me better than that, with all my crappin’ on about love affairs and the like…

  • Typo… nice to meet you 🙂

  • Well now I need to find a way to hear Shonali present. I feel left out of the club! 

    Also I love, love, love your answer to living 10 years longer…definitely my perspective on life! And I’m adding that book to my list. Sounds amazing! 

    So wonderful to learn more about you Shonali!

  • ExtremelyAvg I love watching your progress on FB. Actually, I’m in awe. I don’t know how you have that many ideas in your brain. I have only one idea and can’t get it finished.

  • JackVincent That’s a very good point!

  • LauraPetrolino Perhaps we should have her do a Spin Sucks webinar!

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome. Such great perspective. 
    Also, I reallllly want to hear more about New Orleans and DC …

  • ginidietrich LauraPetrolino YES

  • jasonkonopinski That’s right! We were in the little bar in the basement of a hotel.

  • Eleanor Pierce LOL!! I will never tell!

  • ExtremelyAvg jasonkonopinski I should have had her answer the questions on video.

  • ginidietrich ExtremelyAvg Hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

  • ginidietrich Yep — at the Drake.

  • ginidietrich ExtremelyAvg I have a lot of imaginary friends. They’re the one’s with the ideas.

  • Yay, Shonali! Pretty sure I found about her here, then got to spend time with her in Key West in DC. (And yet I never heard how she met her husband! I guess I need to ask more personal questions.)
    Love the advice about trusting your gut. I think that is the #1 key to achieving “wisdom.” We grow up all “smartypants,” believing we can think through everything and that our intellect rules. Learning to let go of that and really trust your instincts is transformational. And HARD. I’m still working on it …

  • Corina Manea Thank you, Corina! It’s a great book, I thought it might be more of a chicklit type thing (and don’t get me wrong, I love chicklit) but it’s quite different. Check it out if you have a chance. Happy weekend to you too!

  • RobBiesenbach I think you’re right, Rob – and then we had a BLAST at PRSA in DC, how much fun was that?!
    And as to trusting one’s instincts – it’s an ongoing journey, I think. Because it’s so easy to get complacent, isn’t it?

  • ginidietrich Eleanor Pierce Me neither! 🙂

  • ginidietrich Shonali HAHAHA! No, I’m not a good wife. But thankfully I have a *great* husband! 😀

  • ExtremelyAvg Can I borrow some of your friends?

  • belllindsay Shonali Yes, you do!

  • LauraPetrolino It’s a great book, Laura – and thank you!

  • Eleanor Pierce ginidietrich LauraPetrolino I’d love to do one!

  • KristenDaukas rosemaryoneill Hehe, I was trying to remember too. I think it was Social Slam, but it wasn’t the year I was on the panel…I’m sure we were up to some kind of trouble. (who, us?)

  • jasonkonopinski Do I? I didn’t hear that… what did you say? 😉

  • jasonkonopinski LOL! ginidietrich ExtremelyAvg Ask away and I’ll answer.

  • Shonali Eleanor Pierce ginidietrich LauraPetrolino Woohoo!!! Fantastic!

  • ExtremelyAvg You are one of the people it has been an absolute joy to find (through Amplify… remember?!) and get to know. YOU are a cup of awesome!

  • JackVincent LOL. I’d have to think about how to answer if you were serious about “needing” me. 😉 Very nice to meet you too!

  • jonmikelbailey Hey, I’m waiting on YOU to send me the questions!

  • rosemaryoneill KristenDaukas That’s the only Social Slam I attended, so it had to be that… because I wasn’t at the Internet Summit. I remember that conversation, Kristen – I hope you’re doing well!

  • ginidietrich belllindsay He’s still around, so you must be doing something right. 😉

  • jasonkonopinski The Drake’s hardly the 4 x 4 cell you make it sound like, ginidietrich – I’m ROFLing at that! You, Sean and Michael pulled it together – do you remember? Then you got Ragan to kick in a sponsorship, and it was all just wonderful.

  • Shonali jonmikelbailey A technicality. 😉

  • shonali

    dfriez TY for sharing, Deb!

  • Shonali ginidietrich So far so good. Though I *am* on number two!! LMAO!!

  • Shonali 😀

  • Shonali JackVincent Indeed, Shonali, especially since the SpinSucks folks know me as the Love Affair guy 🙂

  • Great choice ginidietrich; has she told you about the time I got her lost in the woods in Orlando? She was in my car and I think she thought it was going to turn into one of those weird Florida stories…:). 

    We have another meet up planned in August with AdamToporek; so she must feel there is some safety in numbers, huh? 

    Like you, @shonali is definitely one of the ‘good’ people and it has been a pleasure getting to know her. She turned me onto Cricket and their World Cup and the rest is history as they say. 

    I may be ultra-invisible these days, but can still lurk when I need to; thanks for sharing Shonali with us today.

  • karimacatherine

    What strikes me the most is that I have known @shonali for years. We even met in Montreal. And I had no idea she was a Bollywood actress. C’mon. You guys know I am a Bollywood addict and love everything about India. Not telling me is unfair.

  • karimacatherine Do I get credit for telling you now?!?

  • karimacatherine

    You will have to work harder. @gini

  • ginidietrich karimacatherine Well, that was a little bit of, er, embellishment on Gini’s part. I was certainly an actress, and heading to Bollywood, but I was no Rani Mukerji! 🙂

  • bdorman264 I consider turning you on to cricket one of the big achievements of my life. I truly do! And I can’t wait to see you and AdamToporek in August… next time we have to get you guys to DC or Chicago, right ginidietrich?

  • JackVincent BWAHAHAHAH!!!

  • belllindsay ginidietrich Nothing wrong with a practice one!

  • jonmikelbailey Technicality Schmecknicality.

  • karimacatherine

    Why can’t I tag you?!
    Anyways – @shonali – My fave is Kajol. Love Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma … Anyways. Guys, this is massive news.

  • jenzings

    What a great Inquisition! I’ve known Shonali for years (and it is still so weird for me that we’ve never met IRL, I actually have to think about it sometimes because I on occasion convince myself that we have…) and she’s such an inspiration.

    Her contributions to PR are immeasurable (<–measurement joke! 😉 ). Seriously though, I’ve learned so much through the #MeasurePR chats, and just interacting with her.

  • Shonali bdorman264 AdamToporek ginidietrich YES!!

  • SpinSucks

    RobBiesenbach it’s sort of like the People Magazine of the PR industry ^lp

  • Kimberly Crossland

    Nice to ‘meet’ you Shonali! Love your answer to why spin sucks. 🙂

  • kamla

    SpinSucks That was really nice interview with shonali

  • Digital_DRK Shonali There’s a list… But thank you!

  • Sometimes there is joy in being dizzy although it usually seems to end somewhere around 25 or so in which case I might have to agree that being dizzy isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

    If I told my kids Shonali was a Bollywood actress they’d go nuts in a good way. We like to watch some of the music scenes and years ago we got into some of 
    Daler Mehndi’s music.

  • martinwaxman Shonali  …and that list is in reverse alphabetical order (for a change).  😉

  • And she is a great singer…and struggles to remember which floor she is on when she gets in an elevator. 😉

    Nice inquisition! I’m a Shonali-fan – even before I knew she was a movie star.

  • Shonali bdorman264 I am definitely looking to getting the band back together in August. Though Bill I don’t think your lost in the woods story, can compare to my lost in Downtown Disney with Shonali story. Talk about a real survival situation. 🙂

    ginidietrich Very good choice! You’re so right; I really can listen to Shonali’s “lilt” for hours! PS. Think I might be making it to Chicago in a few months. Start shining those dinner shoes. jeanniecw is going to buy a new formal dress for the occasion.

  • dbvickery And I still have the video to prove it!

  • Something not everyone may know — they teach about  Shonali’s Blue Key campaign in some PR classes (at SF State)!  : )

  • Adam | Customer Experience dbvickery Greeeat – I did a karaoke version of Hotel California after a company event…still waiting for that to hit YouTube.

    In that thread, I did just invest in Ultimate Tabs on the iPad…has 800,000 songs for me to butcher (umm, sing). Maybe we will have more options next time we all get together.

  • DwayneAlicie Did you bribe them to do that?

  • Adam | Customer Experience dbvickery Bwahahahaha! I have to write my hotel room number on my hand. I’ve been known to go to the hotel room from the night before, or the week before.

  • Shonali jonmikelbailey There’s no need to swear.

  • photo chris

    Yes please!

  • photo chris

    Shonali, how wonderful to *meet* you. I laughed out loud when I read you just wanted to be “good enough” for someone to marry – what a journey you’ve had since then! Would love to hear more about it!
    Also, has anyone noticed a reoccurring theme about not trusting your gut? And how often it’s women saying this? Why is this? In retrospect I’ve found that gut reactions are my subconscious kicking me there, reminding me immediately that I have a wealth of information in my past that tells me something is wrong, or right, but maybe I can’t call upon exact details at that moment. I am always sorry when I don’t follow it and yet, I continue to rationalize my way through going against it.
    And, if women like Shonali do it, at least I know I’m in good company, but it also seems like we should be able to stop second guessing ourselves, and trust our own good judgement.

  • Great inquistion! Love the part of not equating your sucess to just a fluke – hardvwork pays off.

  • JodiEchakowitz

    Love this! While Shonali and I have known each other for a few years now (we first connected on Twitter, and finally met in person last year at the SoloPR Summit), I still managed to learn something new about her thanks to the inquisition! And you’re right, she is incredibly smart and forward thinking!

  • AbbieF

    I’m so happy to call Shonali a friend, as well. And can’t you just hear her saying “rubbish metrics” with that beautiful lilt 🙂  Cheers!

  • AbbieF “Rubbish metrics!!!” Miss Abbie!!! xoxoxo

  • MonicaMillerRodgers It does! Sometimes it doesn’t, but I think then we have to stop and ask what we were trying to achieve in the first place. Were we simply shooting for the wrong thing?

  • photo chris It’s so nice to meet you too, and thank you so much for your gift of a comment. 
    I know… isn’t that wild, about the wanting to be “good enough”? And the thing is, that I’ve only been able to acknowledge that recently.
    I think women are pleasers – and I mean that in a good way. We are the ones who keep things moving, who keep things composed, who keep people together. Sometimes saying “no” jeopardizes that, so we say “yes,” and put up with stuff we really shouldn’t.
    I’ve found sitting on my own in the morning (I take a long time to “wake up,” usually it takes a few cups of tea at the very least – I don’t drink coffee) really helps. There are various books/meditations I read from, I turn on one lamp in my home office, and turn the radio (yes, radio) on to the local classical music station, but the volume is turned down waaaay low. I read, think, write, and pray. If I don’t get that time, I feel really out of sorts. So that is helping a lot.

  • ginidietrich DwayneAlicie I remember you posting about that!!!! That was SO cool. That was when I thought – wow, we really did something here.

  • dbvickery That’s because you kept me talking!!!!

  • Adam | Customer Experience dbvickery OMG you do not!!!

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes OK, I was really not! I was “on my way”… then I got married and the rest is history (or at least, a Spin Sucks Inquisition). But I can certainly dance like the best of ’em. 
    Daler Mehndi is SO much fun!

  • shonali

    kamla Thank you, Kamla! It’s been ages, how are you? ginidietrich SpinSucks

  • Kimberly Crossland TYVM and nice to meet you too!

  • shonali

    SpinSucks LOL, it totally is! RobBiesenbach

  • jenzings “Immeasurable”!!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!
    I know – it’s weird we havn’t IRL’d. But we have Skyped… so that’s something. I feel like I know you really well too. I remember the first time you had me on MBE – I was SO excited! And you were so nice, and even Chip said nice things (kinda sorta) about dogs… 😉

  • karimacatherine Now THEY are Bollywood stars. Me, I was just heading there… and then I got married and came here instead!

  • Adam | Customer Experience OMG. Do you remember how much we had to WALK?!!! bdorman264 ginidietrich jeanniecw

  • jonmikelbailey You call that swearing? Here, this is swearing: “Rubbish Metrics.” Ask Miss AbbieF.

  • Shonali Do you understand Daler’s lyrics? I sometimes wonder if the activity in the videos matches the songs but I haven’t a clue.

  • Shonali Tell me about it. I was about to break out my best Daniel Day Lewis on the cell phone “Stay alive. I will find you!” 🙂 bdorman264 ginidietrich jeanniecw

  • Shonali biggreenpen of course it’s okay!

  • jasonkonopinski Shonali biggreenpen OOH AAH Blue Key Chicago meetup – that must have been something!

  • Shonali MonicaMillerRodgers I had a letter to the LA published after the Indianapolis Colts won the Superbowl and how the owner and many players thanked God for deciding the game in their favor. Not one said  ‘hard work, we wanted it more, more team play etc’ and I was pretty upset because that also says that the other team is less devout which could actually be the opposite. In fact the other term could have players more devout, more kind, more generous, better family members and still….God chose us over them. And kids seeing that can say ‘Sorry I didn’t murder or rape, God made me do it’, ‘I didn’t fail the test, God made me fail’And I wonder if the owner of that team who was busted for drunk driving and being high on pills will actually get better if he still feels he had no control over things.
    Luck is often a result of hard work 8)

  • It is always a pleasure to tune in to the inquisition and see a bit more of the personality behind the persona of people I follow. Often I add my own identifiers to people based on their outstanding attributes as Katie Paine does with The Measurement Queen. My nick name for Shonali is Shonalight as she always sheds light on the murky world of PR measurement. For that credible knowledge and ability there should be no connection with the words self-doubt and imposter syndrome as they are devoid of warrant.

  • Good heavens! I don’t think an Inquisition has ever gotten this many comments!

  • ginidietrich

    ValerieSimon xoxo

  • Adam | Customer Experience Shonali bdorman264 ginidietrich jeanniecw Adam likes to think I dress up for him, but our Skype calls have already proven differently. But I will dress up for ginidietrich and Shonali!

  • shonali

    ValerieSimon TY Val! I miss you. How are you doing?

  • shonali

    howiegoldfarb phyllisweisspr TYSM for sharing my SpinSucks inquisition! patmrhoads Ditto!

  • shonali

    Alicia_Lw Thank you! Did you have a good weekend?

  • shonali

    ginidietrich When all the comments are done I’m going to take a screengrab. 🙂

  • shonali

    adamtoporek Belated thanks for sharing, Adam!

  • ginidietrich

    shonali I’ve seriously never seen that many comments on an Inquisition. Bravo!

  • adamtoporek

    shonali My pleasure!

  • ValerieSimon

    shonali Likewise! Enjoyed reading the interview and hope we have a chance to catch up soon!

  • shonali

    ValerieSimon Definitely!

  • annelizhannan Your comment almost made me cry when I read it! (I tried to comment earlier, there was a Livefyre snafu…) Thank you so much. May I please use part of that as a testimonial for my site? You rock – thank you again!

  • Howie Goldfarb That’s so true, Howie – luck IS a result of hard work. However, I don’t discount my “higher power” (whatever you want to call) at all… but one of the greatest gifts HP gives me (and everyone) is the *ability* and *choice* to use the tools at my (our) disposal. MonicaMillerRodgers

  • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes Mostly, yes, about understanding them. He sings mostly in Punjabi, and we often acted/sang in it at drama school. So while I can’t write it, nor can I speak it with any authority, I do mostly understand it. As to the actions matching the songs – usually not. 🙂

  • jeanniecw Adam | Customer Experience Awesome!!!

  • @ginidietrich shonali Whatever. I’m not jealous. *flips hair* *walks away*

  • Shonali With pleasure and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. The Livefyre snafu is catching as I do not receive notifications anymore on replies and have to remember to come back to check the stream. .

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  • annelizhannan LOL! Thank you so much! Please could you email your mugshot to me? Decent-size res, doesn’t have to be super high res. Thank you again!

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