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Join C.C. Chapman for a Special Livefyre Q&A Today

By: Gini Dietrich | April 24, 2013 | 

Amazing-Things-Will-HappenIt’s already time for our next Livefyre Q&A…today with C.C. Chapman.

C.C. is the best-selling co-author of Content Rules (a book he wrote with the fabulous Ann Handley), but also is a blogger, speaker, podcaster, freelance writer, photographer, creator of the digital “man cave,” and most importantly – dad.

He’s one of the early adopters of, well, everything digital and his name is thrown around on the “best of” lists consistently.

His latest book, Amazing Things Will Happen, is about how to get what you want out of your life.

A short departure from his typical marketing teachings, not only helps you set goals to achieve your dreams, it helps you dream.

C.C. is a gentleman, he’s a scholar, and he’s joining us today!

Today’s Livefyre Q&A

At noon ET (that’s 11:00 CT, 10:00 MT, and 9:00 PT for those of you who can’t do time zones), C.C. is going to be hanging out in the comments so you can ask him anything and everything about his newest book, about Content Rules, what it’s like to be a dad blogger among all the mommy bloggers, some of his favorite brand stories, what it was like to be on lockdown in Boston last week, or who has better shoes – him or Ann.

In order to participate, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have a Livefyre account or be ready to sign in with one of your social networks.
  • Set a reminder for noon ET today.
  • Order the book so you can help C.C. out, but also get your learn on.
  • Create a list of questions.
  • Come back here, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment in the form of a question. As soon as you hit “post comment,” C.C. will see it and reply to you. You can even join the conversation around questions others are asking, if you like.

We’ll be here for an hour so you can join us the entire time or step in and out during the hour. It’s entirely up to you; just make sure you’re here before 12:59.

Win a Copy

Those of you who participate in today’s Livefyre Q&A (even if you’re late to the party, but not if you’re an Arment Dietrich employee) will be entered in a random drawing for a free copy of the book.

We bought two copies and will give them both away, but you have to actually leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in the chat to be entered in the drawing. Otherwise we won’t know you were here.

Get ready with your questions and join the conversation. And don’t fear! If you missed the live portion of this, we’ll keep the drawing open until midnight PT so you still have time to get in your questions.

Former Guests and Who’s Next

For former guests, check out Margie ClaymanSarah RobinsonMark StoryBeth HaydenSarah EvansStanford Smith, and Chris Brogan.

And following is the lineup through September so mark your calendars! Same bat time, same bat channel.

If you have a recommendation on who to fill the very last slot, let me know! Our only requirement is they have published a book and it centers around PR, marketing, social media, or entrepreneurship.

See you today at noon!

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • This will be a great one. CC_Chapman is a very special dude.

    • jasonkonopinski You’re pretty special too. 🙂 CC_Chapman

    • jasonkonopinski You are going to make me blush. 🙂

  • Nice!!

    • belllindsay

      @Dayngr Hey girl! You going to stop by this afty??

      • belllindsay @Dayngr Yes!

        • belllindsay

          @Dayngr Awesome! See you there – and spread the word for us! xox

        • @Dayngr belllindsay See you both later! 🙂

        • jasonkonopinskii belllindsay Looking forward to it!

        • Dayngr jasonkonopinski belllindsay great!

  • belllindsay

    You know, the timing couldn’t be better for today’s Q&A and having CC on to talk about Amazing Things Will Happen. Between Boston, Waco, the Canadian terror plot, recent earthquakes, the spring that never was, and the daily troubles and tribulations that ALL of us deal with in our personal lives – we need something uplifting and hopeful. I know I do, anyhow. I can’t wait for this one!! 🙂

    • belllindsay Agreed!

    • belllindsay The Canadian terror plot known as Lindsay Bell? That’s been going on for months.

      • belllindsay

        ginidietrich Hardy har har. Eh?

  • How’d I miss this before now? See you at noon ET.

  • ChristinaHuerta

    For the last slot, I’d suggest Amanda (Simnacher) Walter author of Social Media in Action

  • A fave of mine (as far as nominees for the December space) is Claire Diaz Ortiz, author of “Twitter For Good.”

  • Sadly I’ll just miss this today – and I’m a big CC fan (so great to meet you at NMX, CC!) But I’m happy to see the schedule of upcoming guests so I can plan for the future.

    • Tinu Sorry we’ll miss each other. Hope our paths cross again soon.

  • Looking forward to the conversation!

  • Let’s get ready to rumble!

    • ginidietrich Rumble? Uh oh….. 🙂

      • CC_Chapman Oh you have no idea what you’re in for!

  • belllindsay


  • I’m ready

    • NCicero <aside> Hey, Nick!  Fog’s back, huh.

      • dwaynealicie NCicero Is it cold?

        • ginidietrich dwaynealicie NCicero Relatively speaking, of course!

        • ginidietrich dwaynealicie It is a bit chilly

  • Alright, C.C. I’ll start. Give us the one thing you want people to take away from Amazing Things Will Happen? Not the boilerplate from the publisher or the Amazon description, but the one thing that made you passionate about writing this.

    • ginidietrich That is easy. I want people to realize that they need to stop dreaming about, complaining about and actually start making the changes in their lives to do what they want with their lives.
      It is NOT easy or ever a simple action, but I want people no matter what they are currently doing or hope to do, to take the steps in order to make it happen.
      I hope they finish reading the book inspired to take the first step.

  • belllindsay

    You say this book was the one you’ve wanted to write your entire life. Why?

    • belllindsay Because it has been in my head for a long time. I’ve been very lucky to have been given great advice over the years and I wanted to share all of it with the world.

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman Dare I ask – do you think you were avoiding it? WAs it harder to write compared to the others?

        • belllindsay Not at all. I was starting work on it when the opportunity to write Content Rules came along.
          I did hesitate though because who am I at 38 (when I began writing it) to write a book like this. It should have been written by a white haired person in their 80’s.
          But, I got over that and pushed forward. I hope to write an update or follow up to it when I’m white haired and 80 🙂

        • belllindsay

          CC_Chapman HA! That’s a fantastic idea!

  • What have you experienced in achieving some of your own dreams that is applicable to readers here?

    • ginidietrich I’ve been blessed to have achieved quite a bit.
      I never thought I’d travel to see other parts of the world on someone else’s dime. 
      I never thought I’d write a book that would go on and sell tens of thousands of copies around the globe (Content Rules).
      I never thought I’d start and sell my own marketing agency.
      There has been so many milestones along the way that I never would have thought possible growing up in small town New Hampshire.

      • CC_Chapman The traveling on someone else’s dime is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich CC_Chapman You’re GARP! 😉

        • ginidietrich It is very nice, but at the same time I could live on the road if I wanted to, but have to make money as well.

  • How hard is it to take a book from words in a document or a notebook and into a real bound book like this? I really want to publish a book.

    • You must have so many ideas but only have so much space.

      • NCicero INFINITE amount of space out there.
        But, it is important to narrow down. I’ve got a pile of ideas that didn’t make it into the book for various reasons. Might be added to a future version or turn into other books.

    • belllindsay

      NCicero I want to direct. 😉

      • belllindsay NCicero She tries to direct me.

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich NCicero Tries being the operative term.

    • NCicero It is NOT an easy thing at all. It takes a ton of work.
      This book was a big messy pile of virtual index cards (I wrote in a program called Scrivener) and it took many, many long days and a great editor to transform it all into the book that hit shelves.
      Writing a book is not an easy undertaking. It takes a level of dedication that is hard to explain  until you’ve been through it.
      It is crucial to have a solid idea though. Writing a blog post is easy compared to the 60,000+ words it might take for a typical book.
      Get started though. It is the only way to even begin to make it a reality.

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman NCicero Get Started – tee-shirt! 🙂

      • CC_Chapman That’s great, I have always wanted to explore writing children’s books personally and have drafted a few as well.

        • NCicero Go for it then! Lots of self publishing options in that arena right now. I know because I’ve just started researching it a bit for another new project. Shh….

  • Saw your post on Field Notes recently, which I now want to run out and buy, btw. 
    Do you find yourself recording post ideas, etc. electronically or via pen-and-paper?

    • dwaynealicie Both, but mainly on paper. I’ll use Evernote to quickly jot down a thought via audio or text, but most times it is in my notebook or on the big white board I have next to my desk.

      • CC_Chapman dwaynealicie One entire wall of my office is whiteboard. It rules.

        • jasonkonopinski CC_Chapman dwaynealicie LOVE IT

        • CC_Chapman jasonkonopinski dwaynealicie I’ve also been known to keep waterproof crayons in the shower. 🙂

        • jasonkonopinski They make those? No way!!!
          The shower is one of the best places for random ideas.

        • CC_Chapman jasonkonopinski My kid calls it the Inspiration Room.

        • CC_Chapman WAY!

  • susancellura

    How do you stay motivated?

    • susancellura Some days it is harder than others. That is for sure!!
      I try to keep my priorities straight and that keeps me motivated. If I’m working on something I’m not jazzed about it is certainly harder.
      Setting clear boxes of time to get a task done has been helping a lot lately.

  • What inspires you CC_Chapman?

    • EdenSpodek CC_Chapman CC – who are your mentors? How often to you talk to them? Are they in a similar field or completely different?

      • williamtpeckii I try to talk to them in one form or another as often as possible.
        People like Mitch Joel and Julien Smith are both dear friends of mine who also serve as mentors.

        • belllindsay

          CC_Chapman williamtpeckii Mitch rocks.

        • CC_Chapman williamtpeckii Thank you!

        • belllindsay CC_Chapman williamtpeckii six pixels of separation and managing the grey – great examples of great podcasting

        • williamtpeckii belllindsay CC_Chapman Thank you

    • EdenSpodek Honestly everything does. Might be something I see when I’m out for a walk, a photograph, something I read, a new song.
      I consume CONSTANTLY and find inspiration from all of it. Magazines, books, television shows, etc. All of it inspires me.

      • CC_Chapman EdenSpodek Your passion is infectious. Do you find the “positive” in everything you experience offline as well?

  • Enjoying everyone’s questions… I know fear keeps people from moving forward. But what do you find most people are afraid of specifically? How do they overcome it? I know three people who’ve lost great jobs and are pursuing dreams because of that safety net being stripped away. Why does it take that to spur us on? (rhetorical, you don’t have to answer that!).

    • Word Ninja Fear sucks and we ALL face it. I know I do on a daily basis sometimes.
      Losing a safety net or having no other options is a great way to push forward.
      The Lizard Brain in our heads (pick up a Seth Godin book if you haven’t) prevents us from doing most of what we want to do. We doubt ourselves. We tell ourselves we can’t.

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman Word Ninja Doubt’s a KILLER.

        • susancellura

          belllindsay CC_Chapman Word Ninja And, it is easy to let doubt into your head when others “look at you funny”. Have to believe in yourself regardless.

        • belllindsay CC_Chapman I’d add “clinging to what’s familiar” just because it is…like an unhealthy relationship!

        • belllindsay

          CC_Chapman Word Ninja YES! Comfort zones are terrible places to be at times.

        • Word Ninja belllindsay Happens far too often.

  • Did you always want to be a writer?

    • yvettepistorio Growing up I told everyone I was going to be an “artist” and I think I’m doing exactly that.
      I wrote fiction all the time when I was little and I like communicating through my words and photos so a part of me did dream of being a writer.
      Having a book published was a life list goal for me as long as I could remember.

      • CC_Chapman I think the written word is definitely an art. I always wrote fiction as a kid too 🙂

  • I really enjoy podcasts. I have been able to present a couple of things I have written on a friend’s podcast. I am always a little struck at how I need to modify my writing to be “presentable” as a verbal piece. On the other hand, I enjoy audiobooks that I know are presented verbatim as they are written. Just curious about your experiences specific to podcasting. Thanks!

    • biggreenpen I really enjoy podcasts too

    • biggreenpen I love podcasting as you know. I’ve always taken the approach of hitting record and seeing where it goes so it is honest and from the heart. Sometimes I’ll have a few bulleted notes but nothing more.
      It was VERY hard reading both of my audiobooks because they wanted me to read them as they were written and I know I speak differently than I write.
      Some authors I know have taken to dictating their books and I tried to do this but can’t because what comes out of my mouth is VERY different than what my fingers type out.

      • susancellura

        CC_Chapman biggreenpen Is there a right way, per say? I agree, writing something and then telling the story verbally can be two different experiences for the audience and author in my humble opinion. Who should you please? (I know my answer.) 🙂

        • susancellura As the creator I think we have to please ourselves first.

        • CC_Chapman susancellura Podcasting has been one of the most rewarding formats for me.

      • CC_Chapman  That’s a really good point. I tend to really like structure in what I write/say – and it’s possible that if I just hit “record,” I may like what I ended up with. I guess I’m experimenting with that (in a very small way) with the Vine app.

        • biggreenpen Experimentation is KEY in everything creative. Don’t be afraid to do something different. You never know when a bit of magic will happen.

        • belllindsay

          CC_Chapman biggreenpen Amen.

        • CC_Chapman **makes mental note to self** 🙂

        • CC_Chapman  And thank you for joining us today; it’s great to have “met” you this way!

        • biggreenpen You are welcome.

  • belllindsay

    None of us have ‘time’ in our lives any more. How do we make that time to change things – how did you, being a busy professional and father?

    • belllindsay Agree! I want to DO more good.

      • belllindsay

        Dayngr belllindsay Me too. I suck at that.

        • belllindsay Work is great but I don’t feel like I am making a difference in the world – you know, for the better of it.

        • Dayngr belllindsay Volunteering brings me that satisfaction.

    • belllindsay That is the most pathetic excuse ever. No one has EVER had enough time.
      We use it as an excuse now adays because we waste too much time watching tv, surfing the web and being a slave to our devices.
      Every single human has had 24 hours a day and look what some of us have accomplished?
      It is ALL about priorities. My first priority will always be towards my family. It trumps all. 
      I sacrifice a lot of things I’d LIKE to do in order to make sure what I NEED to do gets done.

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman I love that you just yelled at me! LOL You are absolutely right. Truth be told…? I’m lazy at times. I know that about myself. Must work on that one.

        • belllindsay *laugh*

        • belllindsay CC_Chapman I was gonna say — that is a motivating piece of text right there. LOVE! Truth.

        • susancellura

          dwaynealicie belllindsay CC_Chapman Best statement/advice! I actually include some type of question to this when interviewing.

      • CC_Chapman belllindsay That’s how I feel about exercise. When people tell me they don’t have time, I just shake my head. It’s all about priorities.

        • ginidietrich CC_Chapman belllindsay Sadly that is one of the things that does get sacrificed in my life. Need to make it a priority. Working on it.

        • CC_Chapman belllindsay 🙂

      • ChristinaHuerta

        CC_Chapman belllindsay I love this response. When you put down the devices, turn off the TV, and get off the web…Time is suddenly available.

  • Where have you noticed the biggest changes in your creative output? You’ve experimented in lots of different media formats over the years — have they influenced each other stylistically in some measurable way?

    • jasonkonopinski Measuring is why I don’t like to bake.
      Sorry, but I don’t have an answer to this one. 🙂

      • CC_Chapman Harumph. 🙂

        • jasonkonopinski CC_Chapman Sorry…

      • CC_Chapman jasonkonopinski LOL!! I’m stealing that quote. I’ll credit you.

  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? And what influence might that have had on the  process of writing and publishing a book? Running an agency?

    • dwaynealicie I think most of us are a mix of the two, but I’m definitely an extrovert. I can be dropped in a room full of strangers and make friends before we are done.
      I think the key in both examples you asked about is you have to have confidence in yourself because if you don’t than you’ll never be able to convince others.

      • CC_Chapman dwaynealicie Fantastic note! I like that you bring it back to confidence and ability to persuade, however you do it best.

        • dwaynealicie And sometimes it is easier than others.
          For instance I SUCK at selling myself and my work. Always have so it is something i’m working on getting better at. 
          We all have to be lifelong students.

        • CC_Chapman dwaynealicie No one would ever know you suck at that. What bugs me is a lot of people who suck at their work are such great sales people. It makes it tougher for the good guys/gals.

        • EdenSpodek CC_Chapman Might you have a tip to share for bootstrapping up when you’re not feeling confident?

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek CC_Chapman dwaynealicie Funny – I’ve been at one of CC’s talks – and in my humble opinion you’re GREAT at selling yourself/work. You are, however, very natural, down to earth, and real – not ‘sell’y’ at all – and those are traits I love in people.

        • belllindsay Thank you

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman dwaynealicie That is SO TRUE! Confidence is everything – I’m a total introvert – but I hide it well lest it cripple me. I need to draw on self-confidence when I’m going to an event or somewhere where I don’t know many people.

        • belllindsay CC_Chapman dwaynealicie You’re no introvert online Lindsay! 😉 Although both of us stood about three feet away from each other at a conference with no one in between and didn’t say hello. D’oh!

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek CC_Chapman dwaynealicie See what I mean!? Online is easy. I knew you were there, I knew who you were, but we hadn’t really “met” online yet – I was intimidated.

        • belllindsay EdenSpodek CC_Chapman dwaynealicie No one has ever said I was intimidating before. 🙁 Then again, could say the same and in all fairness to both of us, we didn’t realize who each other was until afterwards. 😉

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek belllindsay CC_Chapman dwaynealicie I was intimidated – but that speaks to my introvert…ness (???). You’re not the LEAST bit intimidating in reality. 🙂

        • belllindsay EdenSpodek CC_Chapman dwaynealicie Maybe you’ll feel differently when we meet in person. 😉 Hard to believe we live in the same city and know other people in this community in person who live in another country.

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek belllindsay CC_Chapman dwaynealicie OTTAWA!!! (I’m flying though)

        • belllindsay EdenSpodek CC_Chapman dwaynealicie AMAZING!!! So, we have to leave Toronto to meet in person. Crazy, eh?

  • susancellura

    How do you react when someone is negative towards you or your work?

    • belllindsay

      susancellura Great question!

    • susancellura It depends on who they are and if they have earned the right for me to be bothered by it.
      I think it was Seth Godin that put this idea in my head (I might be wrong) about if it is a friend or someone I respect than it hurts, but a complete stranger? I’m not going to lose sleep over it.
      Haters are going to hate and I’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of negative reactions to my creations. Just go look at the reviews of either of my books and you’ll see that they are all over the map.
      Spending as many years online as I have, I’ve developed a thick skin. Sure sometimes things sneak through and get to you, but life is too short. I’ve gotten VERY good at moving past the negative and focusing on the positive.

      • CC_Chapman susancellura Ain’t nobody got time for that. 😉

  • cloverdew

    Where do you get your creative energy? How do you recharge yourself when you feel exhausted by work and life?

    • belllindsay

      cloverdew Hi Sarah!!! 😀

      • cloverdew

        belllindsay Hi! 🙂

    • cloverdew My creative juices are always flowing. It is in my DNA.
      When I need to recharge I have to get out in nature. It is the ONLY way my batteries get full again. It might just be a walk down the street, but ultimately it involves me on the side of a mountain or in a canoe.

  • susancellura

    Stealing from @ginidietrich’s intro  – what is your favorite brand story?

    • susancellura Sorry, but can you please clarify?

      • susancellura

        CC_Chapman susancelluraIn today’s blog announcing your time being spent here, she stated you may share your favorite brand stories…

        • susancellura
          Let me try to answer what I think she means.

          I love how GORUCK writes and shares things they love even though they might now have anything to do with their product.
          GOOGLE continues to create and share content that is better than almost every other brand out there. Videos like the lost phone of a new dad, Dear Sophie and endless others always blows me away.
          While I hate RED BULL, I do love their marketing. Their magazine, videos and everything else blow me away.

        • susancellura

          CC_Chapman susancellura!

        • susancellura
          Some others are coming to mind
          DUNKIN DONUTS certainly is doing a great job on. Playful, fun and relavent all the time.
          Take a look at the videos FIELD NOTES makes. They sell notebooks, but their videos sell stories.

        • susancellura

          CC_Chapman susancellura Will do. I did not know about them. I’m always looking for new ideas to make drilling (oil rigs, etc.) more interesting. (current job.)

        • susancelluraCC_ChapmanSo awesome to see the these examples — this has to be the area of marketing communications that gets me most excited. Brand narrative!

  • susancellura I’m betting it’s not Ragu!

    • belllindsay

      dwaynealicie susancellura HAHAHAHA!!

    • dwaynealicie *laugh*
      They have gotten better….I’ll give them that.

  • My second book is publishing this November. Like you, I did a co-author gig and now a solo gig. What advice do you have for me that will be different from sharing the responsibilities of marketing a book?

    • ginidietrich It ALL falls on your shoulders and you no longer have another person’s community to leverage so be ready for that. It was weirder than I thought it would be.
      Maybe it is also because I changed genres completely that made it extra hard as well. 
      Get ready to sell harder than ever. You have to do it even if it kills you to do so. It has been the hardest thing for me.

      • CC_Chapman I’m like you – terrible at selling myself – so I anticipate it’s going to be hard, particularly without Geoff there to push me along.

        • susancellura

          ginidietrich CC_Chapman But you will have numerous supporters out there!

        • ginidietrich Yes, Geoff is a great salesman. You were lucky to have him. Of course let me know how I can help.

        • CC_Chapman Thanks! And yes…watching him sell was one of the highlights of doing a book tour with him. I’ve never seen anything like it and the person has no idea they’re being sold. It’s a real talent.

        • ginidietrich I’d say your brown-nosing Canadian employee handles it pretty well. Cough. 🙂

        • belllindsay

          jasonkonopinski ginidietrich I have no idea what you’re talking about.

        • jasonkonopinski We’ll see how she does when the book comes out!

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich jasonkonopinski I am NOT a seller – trust me.

        • belllindsay Actually, you are. You just aren’t a seller in the typical sense of the word. Half the time I learn about something we’ve been in because of you. You’re great at it! jasonkonopinski

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich belllindsay jasonkonopinski SCREEN GRAB – in case I get fired today. 😉

        • It’s nearly noon. You’ve probably been fired at least twice already. belllindsay ginidietrich

        • belllindsay

          jasonkonopinski belllindsay ginidietrich LOLOL

  • I know we’ve discussed this before, CC_Chapman, but how do you think we can reframe creativity to be more inclusive, i.e independent from an arts bias? What do you suppose causes us to stop viewing ourselves as being naturally creative beings. 
    When I heard people say they simply aren’t creative in a defeating tone, it makes me a very sad panda.

    • jasonkonopinski That’s because you look like a sad panda.

    • jasonkonopinski That is a HUGE fault of our education system I believe.
      Creativity is taught out of kids and it angers me to see this happen every single day.
      We have to make everyone realize that creative thinking is crucial for success in whatever job you want. Sure, the factory line worker might never think they need creativity, but what if they figured out a way to improve that factory line? 
      It is going to be a long, slow transition, but i hope people like you, me and others can keep pushing the world in that direction.

      • CC_Chapman I accept this challenge. To arms! 🙂

        • jasonkonopinski Great now I’m picturing your face on a panda wearing armor and painted blue face 🙂

        • CC_Chapman Stranger things have happened.

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman jasonkonopinski People immediately group ‘creativity’ with the hard arts – painting, dance, music, etc.. But I agree with CC, creativity is *everywhere*, and is so important to nurture in our children.

      • CC_Chapman jasonkonopinski I agree with this 100% — creativity is seriously lacking in our school system right now. I know that the main subjects are important, but it’s sad to see how the arts in general are so lacking.

  • What advice would you give to people who “run out of creativity” when writing?

    • yvettepistorio I’d tell them that they need to realize it happens to ALL writers. 
      Some days the words pour out. Others you have to drag them out somehow.
      I usually get away from the writing. Go and do something completely different and it recharges.
      I’ve never been able to get into the “I write every day at _____” but I do commit to writing every day and that helps. Some days crap comes out, but it is still writing. Keep doing that.

      • susancellura

        CC_Chapman yvettepistorio Do you keep the crap as possible inspiration/for revising at another time?

        • susancellura Yes. I rarely throw anything away that I create.

      • CC_Chapman Ha, “some days crap comes out.” Awesome!

        • yvettepistorio I’m being honest. Anyone who tells you all they do is lay golden eggs is LYING!!

        • CC_Chapman yvettepistorio Haha! Good point…love the honesty.

  • belllindsay

    Why do you think our generation (though you’re younger than I am! Sadly.) is so receptive to the idea of self-improvement? Did we miss something these last 20 years? Is it just facing your own mortality as you age…??

    • belllindsay Hmmm….that isn’t anything I’ve ever thought about before.
      Perhaps it is because we as a world are at a time in our lives when everyone feels more connected because we hear about everything around the world. There is more information more than ever so perhaps that motivates us to be better people?
      I don’t know…..You’ve got my brain noodling on this now….I need to think about it some more. 
      Future blog post or podcast perhaps.

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman belllindsay Hmmm, yeah, the whole “instant information” thing these last ten years or so has really changed our lives in so many ways – I immediately Google when I am sick – I usually end up with “I either have a head cold….or EBOLA!!” 😉

        • belllindsay Saw someone today say that WebMD is a choose your own adventure for adults. I cracked up laughing for hours. I think it was Matt Ridings, but i could be wrong.

        • CC_Chapman belllindsay PAAH!!  WebMD is a black hole of latent fears and obsessions. For some people at least. <cough>

        • dwaynealicie CC_Chapman belllindsay TRUTH! I once convinced myself I had something horrible thanks to Google and WebMD. It was a vitamin deficiency + massive anxiety. No biggie. 🙂

        • belllindsay

          TaraGeissinger dwaynealicie CC_Chapman belllindsay I am the world’s BIGGEST hypochondriac. I blame my mother (as you do) who we used to call “Doctor Bell” LOL

        • TaraGeissinger dwaynealicie CC_Chapman belllindsay Nothing turns a pimple turn into flesh-eating bacterial infection faster!

        • CC_Chapman belllindsay Yeah, that was Matt. 🙂

    • belllindsay

      (the Royal You – not you you)

      • belllindsay I didn’t realize self-improvement was a generational thing.

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek belllindsay I just wonder if our parents generation were a bit more “Meh, I’m gonna smoke and drink and enjoy myself, while I work at my crappy job for life” – while we’re all about making life BETTER.

        • EdenSpodek belllindsay I don’t think my parents generation thought about it as much as we do. Who knows….

        • CC_Chapman EdenSpodek belllindsay I wonder if they think about it more today than the did when they were younger. The seniors I know sure seem to be looking for ways to keep learning and enriching their lives in various ways. Maybe not to the same extent as some of us but probably more so than 30 or 40 years ago.

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek CC_Chapman belllindsay Oh I agree to that point Eden. But my dad thinks I’m out of my mind for leaving the CBC after 20 years (union, pension, yadda yadda) and couldn’t grasp the concept of changing because you were miserably unhappy.

        • belllindsay EdenSpodek CC_Chapman I hear you. I have older relatives who still ask when I’m going back to work.

        • belllindsay

          EdenSpodek belllindsay CC_Chapman HAHA!!

  • Alright…tell us the truth. Who has better shoes? You or marketingprofs ?

    • ginidietrich @marketingprofs Are you kidding me? Have you seen her boots? She wins instantly.
      Plus, I could care less about my shoes 🙂

      • CC_Chapman LOL! She does have great boots. GREAT boots.

        • ginidietrich Yes she does and she wears them for me ever since she found out how fond I am of them. 
          Ann rocks!

        • belllindsay

          CC_Chapman ginidietrich Ann is a superb individual.

      • PattiRoseKnight

        CC_Chapman ginidietrich as it should be 😉

  • I read some of your blog posts last week around the Boston Marathon events. Are things beginning to go back to normal?

    • ginidietrich As I type this I have the memorial service for fallen MIT Officer Sean Collier on my television so this has been a nice distraction even though I’ve been tearing up as I type.
      Boston (and all of New England) are a hearty lot. We don’t get kicked down very easily so yes we are picking ourselves back up.
      The street where the attack happened opened back up today and business is starting back up.
      Catching the people behind the acts made moving forward possible for me personally. Until that happened I couldn’t focus on almost anything. 
      #BostonStrong isn’t just a hashtag, but it is the way we live our lives. We’ll be ok and push forward.

      • CC_Chapman We’d just gotten back from Europe when the manhunt began and we were glued to the police scanner. So I image what you felt was about 200,000 times greater than what we did. It’s been amazing to watch how the city came together.

        • belllindsay

          ginidietrich CC_Chapman …the country….the world!

        • ginidietrich Yes, it was a tough week, but I love how everyone pulled together.

        • ginidietrich CC_Chapman I can’t imagine listening to the police scanner! I was glued to CNN and Reddit for the entire day. It was crazy.

        • belllindsay

          TaraGeissinger ginidietrich CC_Chapman I had a live web feed of the CBS affiliate in Boston on the entire day and night Friday – they did a fantastic job – not easy filling airtime and they were great.

  • belllindsay

    I can’t believe this is almost over already! 🙁

    • belllindsay Super fast hour!

      • belllindsay

        ginidietrich Super fun as well!

    • belllindsay Flew by

      • susancellura

        CC_Chapman belllindsay Great conversations!

      • belllindsay

        CC_Chapman belllindsay Hurry up and write another book so you can come back! LOL

        • belllindsay CC_Chapman I’m working on it!!! 😉

        • CC_Chapman belllindsay susancellura Great to hang out everyone for a bit.

  • Five more minutes! Get your last second questions in!

    • ginidietrich No last questions?

    • ginidietrich belllindsay thanks for setting this up! it’s been fun reading these updates and they come flying in! the New Comment tool in the bottom right has been very helpful!

  • I would like to say THANK YOU to C.C. Chapman and Gini for the great “event.”

    • susancellura

      Word Ninja I second that!

    • Word Ninja You are welcome. It was fun to do this.

    • Word Ninja CC_Chapman Ditto!

  • Thank you, thank you C.C.! We’ll leave this open through tomorrow morning so people who couldn’t attend live have an opportunity to ask questions. We’ll do a drawing for the books tomorrow!

    • ginidietrich Thank YOU for having me. I’ll do my best to swing back and answer any new questions I find.
      I appreciate you having me on to talk about the book and everything else.

  • belllindsay

    Thanks again CC_Chapman – this was a blast, and very illuminating. Congrats again!!

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