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Join Michael Brito for a Special Livefyre Q&A Today

By: Lindsay Bell | August 21, 2013 | 

Michael Brito Livefyre Q&ABy Lindsay Bell

When the cat’s away, the mice will play!

Our fearless leader is speaking today so I’ll be filling in at today’s Livefyre Q&A with social business expert and author Michael Brito. And I am STOKED!!

I met Michael Brito when I was a Twitter newbie. I can’t even recall how we connected, but to say I was more than a little excited when a ‘bigwig’ like him followed me is an understatement.

I don’t use the term ‘bigwig’ lightly either. I certainly don’t use it dismissively. Michael Brito is the real deal.

He’s the senior vice president of social business strategy at Edelman Digital, an acclaimed industry speaker, teaches at a couple of universities (does he even sleep??), NewsCred just named him one of 50 Most Influential Content Marketers, and he wrote the first book on social business.

His latest, Your Brand: The Next Media Company, is what he’ll be talking about at today’s Q&A.

As a former TV producer, I’m really excited to chat with him today about building a media company around your brand. Remember the whole ‘Oreo owning the SuperBowl blackout‘ thing? That’s what he’s talking about.

Think only big brands with huge budgets can function at that level? Ask him about that! Concerned it will be too much work for too little return? Lob that one his way. Think the whole ‘content/media’ thing is an overrated fad…? Bring your contrary views to the table my friend, and see if he can change your opinions.

The Real Deal

Michael is the real deal in the world of social business, but that’s not all he is.

He’s also a dad, a Lakers fan, and if his Twitter account is anything to go by, slightly addicted to Vine.

But the thing that geeked me out the most about Michael was when I found out he was a former U.S. Marine. I have the utmost respect for anyone who serves their country. My uncle went to West Point, and was a career U.S. military man, retiring in 1977 as a Lt. Colonel. I have friends who serve here in Canada. I know I’ll definitely be asking about that period in Michael’s life.

Be sure and connect with Michael. You can find him on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and on his social business blog.

Today’s Livefyre Q&A

At noon ET (that’s 11:00 CT, 10:00 MT, and 9:00 PT for those of you who can’t do time zones), Michael is going to be hanging out in the comments.

In order to participate, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have a Livefyre account or be ready to sign in with one of your social networks.
  • Set a reminder for noon ET today.
  • Order the book so you can help Michael out, but also get your learn on.
  • Create a list of questions.
  • Come back here, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment in the form of a question. As soon as you hit “post comment,” Michael will see it and reply to you. You can even join the conversation around questions others are asking, if you like.

We’ll be here for an hour so you can join us the entire time or step in and out during the hour. It’s entirely up to you; just make sure you’re here before 12:59.

Win a Copy

Those of you who participate in today’s Livefyre Q&A (even if you’re late to the party, but not if you’re an Arment Dietrich employee) will be entered in a random drawing for a free copy of the book.

We bought two copies and will give them away, but you have to actually leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in the chat to be entered in the drawing. Otherwise we won’t know you were here.

Get ready with your questions and join the conversation. And don’t fear! If you missed the live portion of this, we’ll keep the drawing open until midnight PT so you still have time to get in your questions.

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And following is the lineup through the end of the year so mark your calendars!

Same bat time, same bat channel.

See you today at noon!

P.S. And speaking of Jay Baer…he is doing a webinar about his new book,  YOUTILITY, on August 29th! Register for free here.

About Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell is the content director at V3 Marketing, and works in Toronto. A former TV producer, she’s a strong advocate of three minutes or less of video content. She has a cool kid, a patient husband, two annoying cats, and Hank Dawge, a Vizsla/Foxhound/moose hybrid. Ok, maybe not moose.

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    • susie_parker It’s going to be great. I love the concept of turning your company into a media house! 🙂

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  • Hi everyone, and welcome Britopian!! I’ll start: As a former TV producer I’m fascinated by the convergence of online and offline when it comes to media. Editorial is so important. What are your thoughts on hiring former journalists for content marketing?

    • Britopian

      belllindsay thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure. I think it’s a business imperative to not only hire journalists but train current employees to help tell the brand story. Their content is much more trusted and credible.

      • Britopian Hard to train people to be great writers though. Story is so important.

        • Britopian

          belllindsay agreed, but short form storytelling is much easier. And its easier in B2B, i think, because the subject matter expertise is so deep…

        • Britopian I think we should drink scotch and have an argument about this! 😉

        • belllindsay Yes. Like. +1. Share. #alloftheabove But when the content is right and the company/brand is a fit the writing should be natural Britopian

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        • belllindsay Yes ma’am. And think of the stories that we could create over Scotch! Britopian

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          StephanieFlo belllindsay Britopian i am more a pale ale kind of guy 😉

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          yvettepistorio Britopian StephanieFlo belllindsay ha, i can do that too! Cab s my fave

        • Britopian yvettepistorio StephanieFlo belllindsay ME TOO!!

        • yvettepistorio Britopian StephanieFlo belllindsay I’m sold on this group’s choices!

        • StephanieFlo yvettepistorio Britopian belllindsay Wimps. #singlemalt

  • Thanks for the follow back Britopian ! Nice to meet you 🙂 Question: What qualities do think are most important (or even non-negotiable) when it comes to content marketers?

    • Britopian

      KateFinley of course good writing as well as possess a quality I call “reciprocal altruism” which is a concept whereby we as marketers “give” without any expectation of receiving anything in return. Also a solid understanding of general business acumen, marketing knowledge etc.

      • Britopian KateFinley Interesting. Jay Baer’s webinar will be all about that.

      • Britopian Giving without expecting is HUGE. I think we can overlook the time and long-term investment it can take to build a community. It’s not always immediately gratifying.

        • Britopian

          KateFinley Britopian yes, I try and take that principal everywhere I go especially in my personal life

        • Britopian KateFinley Words to live by. Nice.

  • Another one if you don’t mind: What blogs / news sites do you read daily? Very curious to know what’s in your “Feedly” 😉

    • KateFinley Me too!

    • Britopian

      KateFinley Digiday is a must for me. I also subscribe to Smart Brief. Love it.

      • Britopian KateFinley I *love* SmartBrief!!

        • belllindsay Britopian Me too! I subscribe to several of them. Maybe too many? 🙂

        • KateFinley belllindsay Britopian I have a separate folder just for my Smart Brief’s because I subscribe to so many!

        • yvettepistorio KateFinley belllindsay Britopian I think I’d forget to look at the folder!

        • KateFinley yvettepistorio belllindsay Britopian Ha! True – they tend to be my weekend reads 🙂

  • I want to start with your working definition of social business. From where I sit, I think “social business” is less about developing competencies using social tools and online communication platforms and more about helping businesses deal with the implications of social media. 
    So — how do YOU define social business?

    • jasonkonopinski Pot stirrer.

    • Britopian

      jasonkonopinski why you gots to come at all cray cray like that? haha..
      well, it’s essentially change management with social being the focal point. It’s quite simple. If a brand wants to become a media company, they must implement change management principles to make that happen – people, process and technology.

      • Britopian jasonkonopinski So many people are afraid of change. How do you deal with that?

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian jasonkonopinski you force it! … kidding.  That’s the hardest part for sure. It’s cyclical for sure but you need a strong leadership team who will put their money (and behaviors) where there mouth is.

        • OrmusOwl

          Britopian belllindsay jasonkonopinski Hello! Any surefire ways in your experience for converting the doubters in those leaderships teams, esp C-suite?

        • OrmusOwl Britopian jasonkonopinski It helps to be an ex-Marine. 😉

        • Britopian

          belllindsay OrmusOwl Britopian jasonkonopinski once a marine .. always a marine! : )

  • Britopian Tell me about the Oreo/Superbowl/blackout ad. How did they respond so quickly?

    • belllindsay Britopian And to add on to that – Oreo’s Super Bowl tweets were great, but not everyone is as
      brave to approve content in mere minutes. What would you recommend to a brand
      who said they wanted to be like Oreo?

      • yvettepistorio belllindsay Britopian Following up on Yvette’s question, what are some best practices for creating a system where content development is streamlined?

      • Britopian

        yvettepistorio belllindsay Britopian ahh good question.  Real-time marketing is the next “big” thing. Truth is, Oreo has been doing that for quite some time. They have the people, process and technology to execute it. However .. Real-time marketing should only be a small percentage of your strategy. Brands can’t sit around and wait for the news cycle to create content. They should already have a story and create compelling content day in and day out.

        • Britopian yvettepistorio belllindsay It’s not all sexy stuff? You mean there’s work and planning and long-term strategy involved? Sheesh.

        • KateFinley Britopian yvettepistorio belllindsay The end result can be sexy though 😀

        • yvettepistorio KateFinley  Britopian Family show here, people!!! 😉

        • EricPudalov

          KateFinley Britopian yvettepistorio belllindsay Hmm…I guess it’s about time I knew that!  Thanks. 😛

      • yvettepistorio belllindsay Britopian The hidden story behind Oreo is that they had a sizable team (360i) in charge, mountains of approved content, and autonomy to act quickly. 
        This wasn’t the first rodeo for the 360i team.

        • jasonkonopinski yvettepistorio Britopian “autonomy to act quickly” – VITAL!!!!

        • jasonkonopinski yvettepistorio belllindsay Britopian Yes, AND they had people on hand to approve these ads in a few minutes which not everyone has – or is brave enough to do.

        • yvettepistorio jasonkonopinski belllindsay Britopian It’s why I cringe a bit whenever Oreo is hoisted up as a shining example of ‘real-time marketing” in action, because most casual observers don’t know what actually led to the nimble, timely response that’s become the darling of so many social media folks. 
          My point is that it wasn’t a shot-from-the-hip kind of thing.

        • jasonkonopinski yvettepistorio belllindsay Britopian Agreed J – and their Twist images on FB – love them, but again, a lot of work went into them and months of planning.

    • belllindsay Britopian (kinda sorta related to the Oreo discussion + my browser won’t let me just comment so I have to sneak in via a reply/hi Lindsay!) I am interested in your thoughts on Vine, especially now that Instagram has video capabilities with the whopping 15 seconds. The Oreo tie-in is that they (Oreo) were number 12 in my “12 Most” post about great vines:

      • biggreenpen belllindsay Britopian You stole my question! LOL

        • Britopian

          belllindsay biggreenpen Britopian Vine is dying, IMO, especially with the launch of Instagram Vid. but I would challenge everyone to start thinking more about long-form content. as social media people, we have forgotten the power of telling stories that exceed 140 characters. And, you will never see a status update, Vine vid, instagram, etc. in Google so we are missing out at acquiring new customers, prospects … etc.

        • Britopian belllindsay biggreenpen great points – thanks!

        • biggreenpen Britopian My head blew off when I realized they limited you to 6 seconds. Seriously!!?? Ugh.

        • belllindsay biggreenpen Britopian Six seconds goes FAST!!!!!!!

        • belllindsay biggreenpen Britopian You know what else is interesting about Vine and these other super hip things, is that they are actually literally designed to be a flash in the pan. 
          Top down, chronological, left aligned, that is the curse of the internet. The first huge media co. to break out of that is going to blow people’s minds.

        • JoeCardillo Joe Cardillo: Smarty-pants!! Great points. 😉  biggreenpen Britopian

        • belllindsay heheh…I’m writing a post for you / SS about this actually, along the lines of how to get rid of the idea of “old” content by adding context over time

        • JoeCardillo Love it!

  • Britopian Brito!! What brand is at the top of your list in terms of stellar content strategy? And who should we be following for inspiration to get our creative juices flowing?

    • StephanieFlo Britopian Love this! Can’t wait for the answer …

    • OrmusOwl

      StephanieFlo Britopian Oooh – and to extend this Q: On a global level as well as N. American market level?

      • OrmusOwl StephanieFlo Britopian Don’t fish for compliments Ormus Owl!! (jokes)

    • Britopian

      StephanieFlo Britopian hey you! how are you? I always hold Red Bull as the poster child for a stellar content strategy. Their “giver of wings” narrative is executed seamlessly across paid, earned and owned media. From a B2B perspective, I would say that Intel is doing amazing things in the content space – from brand journalism, to influencer storytelling etc.

      • EricPudalov

        Britopian StephanieFlo Red Bull held a soapbox car race in my neighborhood, and the residents were none too happy about it.  They distributed letters to each of us with a sort of “apology” and gave us free Red Bull.  And the event still got their brand out there, of course.

      • Britopian I’m great, so glad I was able to chime in today. Thanks for the recos!! Will definitely look into both. I’m in the middle of a Red Bull magazine subscription thanks to a Klout perk – not a brand I would normally go after, but the mag is filled with thought-starting content and offers a new perspective when looking at my work

        • EricPudalov

          StephanieFlo Britopian Even if you don’t like the product, necessarily, their content strategy is inspirational, I think.

        • EricPudalov Definitely – they’ve turned me into an interested reader of their magazine Britopian

  • EricPudalov

    I work for a nonprofit, and one of the issues we’ve had is distributing content to the right customers at the right time, etc.  Is it easy to answer the question as to what is “right” in those areas?

    • Britopian

      EricPudalov There are tools that can help you do this. My favorite is Social Flow. Kind of expensive but it will distribute content when your audience is actually paying attention. Many news outlets use it.

      • EricPudalov

        Britopian EricPudalov I haven’t yet tried Social Flow.  How expensive, exactly?? 😉

      • EricPudalov

        Britopian EricPudalov And thank you, by the way!!

        • Britopian

          EricPudalov Britopian i think $1,500 a month. Not sure.

        • EricPudalov

          Britopian EricPudalov A bit out of my price range, but I’ll check it out anyway.

  • Britopian  Are we getting overloaded with content these days? How can organizations stand out from the noise?

    • Britopian

      belllindsay Britopian YES. there is a content and media surplus. And we as consumers have an attention deficit.  Plus, our lives are dynamic and unpredictable.  Very difficult for brands to reach us .. which is why they must start thinking like a media company.

      • Britopian belllindsay Totally – there’s power in not just what we consume, but what we choose not to let into our lives

        • JoeCardillo Britopian belllindsay HI JOE!!

        • belllindsay Heh. Hiya!

        • JoeCardillo Britopian I read a great article recently about how the ease with which we can ‘filter’ these days is actually a detriment. We can “choose” to surround ourselves with only happy-happy-joy-joy, and miss out on the rest of what’s happening in the world.

        • belllindsay JoeCardillo Britopian Read “The Filter Bubble” — it’s eye-opening.

        • jasonkonopinski belllindsay JoeCardillo Britopian That might have been the one I read Jason.

        • JoeCardillo Hiiiiiiiii Joe.

        • jasonkonopinski JoeCardillo Howdy! Read and loved Filter Bubble as well, excellent rec

      • Britopian Kind of a Catch-22 though, the more companies think like media orgs, the more content get’s produced, the more inundated we become, no?

        • OrmusOwl

          belllindsay Britopian Exactly – there’s then a qualitative aspect, and curatorship, no?

        • OrmusOwl Britopian True.

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian true it’s inevitable. With social media we are trying to interrupt consumers. We have to figure out how to let consumers find us.  Look at Forbes, Huffpo, Mashable, etc .. all have mass amounts of traffic and engagement with their content. A brand can do the same with the right story..

        • Britopian belllindsay Good point. Stories are huge. Heck, they are all that matters. 
          So many bad “stories” out there though….If I have to read another “What Lady Gaga Can Teach us about Content Marketing” tips post I think I’ll chuck my breakfast.

        • JoeCardillo Britopian belllindsay There goes my next Spin Sucks post…

        • Britopian

          JoeCardillo Britopian belllindsay ugh, can’t stand the “how content marketing is like dating Lindsay Lohan” or “Content marketing lessons from Breaking Bad” type of posts. No depth whatsoever.

        • Britopian JoeCardillo +a thousand

        • belllindsay Britopian JoeCardillo Amenz, 2. I won’t call them out, but I was just on the main blog for a widely proclaimed “leader in content marketing” and it was full of that stuff. And this is a publicly listed B2B who is supposedly far forward.

      • Britopian belllindsay JoeCardillo  Is there any concern that content overload will lead to more curation  and the return of the “gatekeeper” model?

        • HeatherTweedy Britopian JoeCardillo Noooooo!!!

        • belllindsay HeatherTweedy Britopian JoeCardillo Good one Heather……*nudge Michael to answer* =P

        • Britopian

          JoeCardillo belllindsay HeatherTweedy Britopian trying to catch up here! : ) 
          Not a concern but a reality. Content curation should always be a part of a broader content strategy. Tools like Curata, PublishThis and Percolate can help too.

    • belllindsay Britopian To add to this question – How do you choose which social sites to use and which are just a fad. I tend to ‘go with my gut’ and so far I’ve been pretty successful but I was curious as to how you choose.

      • Britopian

        aimeelwest belllindsay Britopian i advise clients to only engage in the channels where they have enough resources — (1) the right content narrative (2) a community manager/content person who can respond and create content (3) moderation policy and (4) measurement framework. If they have enough resources for all channels then so be it. If not, then I recommend to not have a presence. Each channel deserves it’s own attention.

      • aimeelwest belllindsay Britopian Two words: “Platform agnostic”

  • I’m a believer content marketing is here to stay, it’s not a fad. But what examples of smaller businesses (B2B and B2C) do you show clients to get them on board? Obviously we all don’t have the budget Oreo or Red Bull does.

    • Britopian

      yvettepistorio start with employees and customers. Build a content and media hub. A small company in SF does this extremely well

  • Britopian They say ‘everyone’s got a book in him’, but sheesh, how to find the time?? How the heck DO you find the time to write?

    • Britopian

      belllindsay Britopian i write on the road. I basically craft my blog posts in my head .. and then use google docs to fill in the blanks… it’s become quite easy but then again, I am not the greatest writer either.

      • Britopian Ha! I write in my head too. I usually have a post fully written before I even sit down to type. But a book!? That’s a whole other story!

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian yeah it took me 8 months though. First book was 3 months… and i cut a lot of corners.

        • Britopian Not sure I would ever have the discipline.

        • Britopian belllindsay Only a few months?! Plus a job and a family? Did you choose writing > sleep? Or you’re a robot and can write while you sleep, of course ; )

  • As an add-on to yvettepistorio ‘s excellent question, do you think SMBs are perhaps more culturally attuned to social participation and collaboration than larger ones? 
    I think Guy Kawasaki had a quote about this. 😉

    • Britopian

      jasonkonopinski yvettepistorio totally, less red tape, less budget so it makes sense for SMBs to engage. Will be difficult to scale though if/when they grow unless they have the right infrastructure l.

      • Britopian jasonkonopinski yvettepistorio Interesting point Michael. As businesses grow from small to large, they could lose their way as they’re so used to doing content marketing ‘on the fly’ so to speak.

        • OrmusOwl

          belllindsay Britopian jasonkonopinski yvettepistorio Hit large corporate status and there’s a risk of losing agility (seen this a few times!)

  • Ok here’s my one big Q: 
    It’s easy to be reactive in the social space, and given the last 10 years who knows what 2025 will look like. What are your thoughts on how social networks will expand? Is social headed towards virtual world environment like 2nd Life?

    • OrmusOwl

      JoeCardillo Great Q

    • JoeCardillo Yikes!

    • Britopian

      JoeCardillo whoa, wish I was a visionary. : ( 
      I would say just to focus on your customers. Where are they? Where are they going? You won’t know these answers unless you are deep rooted in the community.  Besides, in 2025, I’ll be really old so who cares? : )

      • Britopian JoeCardillo That sounds so much easier than being a visionary… = )

      • Britopian JoeCardillo Join the club! #old

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian JoeCardillo my knees crack everytime I get up. Should that be happening?

        • Britopian JoeCardillo Yes. Sadly. 😉

        • Britopian belllindsay JoeCardillo #geezers

        • jasonkonopinski PUNK! Britopian JoeCardillo

        • Britopian

          jasonkonopinski Britopian belllindsay JoeCardillo i can probably still outrun you Jason…

        • Britopian jasonkonopinski belllindsay JoeCardillo Um, yeah.

        • Britopian jasonkonopinski JoeCardillo THAT made me laugh OUT LOUD!!!

        • belllindsay Britopian jasonkonopinski JoeCardillo I’m a punchline.

        • jasonkonopinski belllindsay Britopian JoeCardillo “Look mom, I grew up to be the butt of jokes!”

        • JoeCardillo jasonkonopinski belllindsay Britopian It’s nice to be the young one of the group 😉

  • Wow, we’re already into the second half-hour! Get your questions in folks!

    • belllindsay I am late to this party, but going to play catch-up….

      • TaraGeissinger Hi Tara! Get your questions in we’re running out of time!

        • belllindsay TaraGeissinger Probably going to just read all that came before me I’m afraid…

  • Ok, Britopian time to get personal here. As I mentioned in the blog post, massive respect to anyone who serves. What inspired you to join the Marines? And what drew you to marketing after your service?

    • Britopian

      belllindsay Britopian ha, i get asked this question a lot. My life is an open book so I will be honest. I was 18, no goals in life, hanging out with the wrong people. I was a follower, not a leader and did some really stupid things.  I got in a little trouble and then decided that i had to do something with my life. So, i joined the USMC… plus, the recruiter told me that I would get “all kinds of women” and at 18, that was huge for me! : )  He lied.

      • Britopian I dunno…I sure like a man in uniform. LOL #GangOfFour

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian well my girlfriend at the time dumped me while I was in bootcamp… haha

        • Britopian Not to get too political here, but your’s is a fairly common story (wandering, join up, etc.) – do you think that’s changing now? In 2013? Do more people plan to enlist?

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian good question. I am not really sure. But going to the military was the best thing I have ever done as a youngster. Taught me to be accountable for the decisions I make. Too many youth today aren’t accountable and many are lazy.

        • Britopian Amen brother. I have a 14 year old son. 😉

  • I know I asked this question in one of the streams, but I pulling it to the top. 🙂 
    With so much content, the rise of curation and so many filters, are you at all concerned about the return of the “gatekeeper” model?

    • Britopian

      HeatherTweedy i responded below. Content curation is a necessary part of a broader content strategy. But it’s hard to tell a brand story with other peoples’s words. There should be balance. Tools like Curata, Publishthis and Percolate can help.

      • Britopian HeatherTweedy I guess I was asking if curation from the consumer side would mean that they would be beholden to “gatekeepers” again.  
        Do you see a time when consumers can’t cope with content and go back to letting someone determine what’s important to them?  Much like they did when print ruled the day?

  • AJ Jenkins or Jon Baldwin?

    • Britopian

      belllindsay baldwin in a heartbeat.

      • Britopian Really? And what’s up with you Americans and your football fanaticism?? 😉

        • Britopian

          belllindsay Britopian same as canadians love for hockey maybe?

        • Britopian But…but…ok, you got me.

        • belllindsay Britopian Because American football is the most perfect sport ever conceived or will ever be conceived.  Particularly college.  Particularly when played in Nebraska…… 🙂

        • HeatherTweedy Britopian SEE!! That’s what I’m talking about! LOL

  • OrmusOwl

    Gutted I have to leave now – thank you for having me. Really appreciate the insights Britopian and ALL, another time – tot ziens!

  • Do you think Google+ undervalued or over-hyped?

    • Britopian

      yvettepistorio both. Overhyped as a social network. Undervalued at the role in can play in search engine visibility.

      • Britopian yvettepistorio Love this answer!

      • Britopian yvettepistorio Did you see that they’re quietly rolling out Google Helpouts (or something like that) – Paid Hangouts with pros. Verrry interesting.

        • belllindsay Britopian yvettepistorio Ohhh that IS interesting.

      • Britopian yvettepistorio I’ve had this theory for about a year that Google doesn’t really care about G+ as a social network, it’s simply a search lab for them

        • JoeCardillo Britopian yvettepistorio I believe it.

        • Britopian

          belllindsay JoeCardillo Britopian yvettepistorio wow, i actually heard that too…

      • Britopian yvettepistorio Amen

  • Facebook disappears tomorrow or someone pulls the plug on Twitter.
    What changes?

    • jasonkonopinski I’m outta work…?

      • belllindsay jasonkonopinski Hahaha!! Great minds 🙂

      • belllindsay It was nice knowing you.

      • EricPudalov

        belllindsay jasonkonopinski BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • jasonkonopinski I lose my job.

      • yvettepistorio jasonkonopinski This is why you do shared media, Yvette. Not social media. There will be something new that comes along and it becomes your job to evolve.

    • Britopian

      jasonkonopinski a new one arises. the New Myspace perhaps? it rocks by the way, if you like music.

      • Britopian I’ve heard great things about it since the redesign and new launch.  
        What fascinates me is the rise of niche, “closed garden” networks like Path.

  • Purely tactical from this person who is late to the party. 😉 Britopian, are there any content curation platforms you recommend for small business and not-for-profits with little budget to spend on tools priced for the enterprise?

    • Britopian

      EdenSpodek Britopian Curata is good and not too expensive.

    • EricPudalov

      EdenSpodek Britopian GREAT question, Eden!!!

      • EricPudalov EdenSpodek Britopian Not sure if you are looking for publishing as well, but I find Pearltrees to be a really smart approach

        • JoeCardillo EricPudalov Britopian Thanks! I’ll investigate.

      • EricPudalov Britopian It’s tough to do a lot of this on a shoestring budget and many of the tools that start off being affordable more to an enterprise model once they become popular or find deep pocked investors.

        • Britopian

          EdenSpodek EricPudalov Britopian Well there is always good ole Google….

        • Britopian EricPudalov and Feedly…

        • EricPudalov

          EdenSpodek EricPudalov Britopian Yes, I’ve definitely noticed that.  It’s as if you have to catch them while they’re still affordable or you get left behind.  Am I wrong?

        • EricPudalov

          EdenSpodek Britopian EricPudalov I like Feedly too.

  • How do you track and justify content marketing to executives that don’t understand it?

    • Britopian

      yvettepistorio i guess it depends on how you actually define content marketing …

      • Britopian yvettepistorio Is there even a CLEAR definition for it?

        • belllindsay Britopian yvettepistorio Good points, well made.

  • The person who’s influenced you most in life? And in business?

    • Britopian

      belllindsay life = mom.  business = hmmm, have to think about that one.

      • Britopian That answer made my mom heart happy. 😉

  • How do you feel video fits into a content marketing plan? Is it a must have to remain relevant?

    • TaraGeissinger YES.

    • Britopian

      TaraGeissinger very important for sure. We have to tell a consistent story across paid, earned and owned media in order to reach consumers and change their behaviors .. online video consumption is huge so it must be a channel for storytelling. Expensive though.

      • Britopian TaraGeissinger My favorite answer of this whole Q&A. Telling a consistent story is a strategy level imperative, trumps tactics any day .

        • JoeCardillo Britopian TaraGeissinger Yeah, love it. I’ll be printing and re-reading that one.

  • Britopian

    i am going to write a blog post with all these answers…

    • Britopian In your head.

      • belllindsay Britopian While running.

        • Britopian

          jasonkonopinski belllindsay Britopian and i also do insanity .. so factor that in too.

        • jasonkonopinski belllindsay That explains EVERYTHING. 😀
          I’ll often concept and outline blog posts while I’m riding my bike.

      • belllindsay Britopian then in a google doc

    • EricPudalov

      Britopian THANK YOU!!! I’ll have to study it later.

  • Finishing up quickly here: Best part of working with Edelman? Worst…? 😀

    • Britopian

      belllindsay very entrepreneurial company. Wicked smart people and always willing to help and support. Bad? Well there isn’t any thing bad about it…

      • Britopian Great to hear that. Help and support are so important.

      • Britopian belllindsay Love this answer, completely agree!!

  • Well, we’ve run out of time! Michael – thank you SO MUCH for this, it was very informative. And to everyone else, hold your breath and see if you are a winner of Michael’s new book!!

    • Britopian

      belllindsay thank you for doing this. Really appreciate it.

      • Britopian Our pleasure! It was so much fun!

        • Really enjoyed my first Live Fyre chat, thanks belllindsay! Appreciate all the insights Brito! Britopian

        • StephanieFlo Britopian Glad you were here and enjoyed, Stephanie!

  • Thanks so much Michael! This has been a blast and very educational 🙂

    • Britopian

      yvettepistorio you are welcome!

      • Britopian yvettepistorio AGREE!!

      • Britopian yvettepistorio Agreed!  Inspiring way to spend a lunch break!

  • Much thanks, Britopian! A pleasure as always.

    • Britopian

      jasonkonopinski Britopian you too sir.

    • jasonkonopinski Britopian Go away, Konopinski.

  • Thank you Britopian belllindsay and the rest of the spinsucks community! Sorry I couldn’t be here for the whole thing. The discussion was fabulous. I’m catching up now.

    • EdenSpodek Britopian belllindsay spinsucks Me too! 🙂

  • EricPudalov

    Thanks again Britopian, and of course everyone here!!  It’s been very educational and I think I should come around more often.

  • Really great chat, Britopian! I’m sorry I missed it. Thanks for hanging out with the Crazies.

    • Britopian

      ginidietrich Britopian anytime, had a blast for sure!

  • I seem to always have a conflict when these things happen (maybe it’s my daily three-hour lunch?), but this was great to catch up on. Vine is dying? And I never got “download the app” off my to-do list!
    (Also am feeling slightly embarrassed about past blog posts touting lessons from Ashton Kutcher, Jeff Bezos and Joss Whedon … but it’s okay if they really are substantive, right? Right??)

    • Nah you’re fine Rob, your posts are great….”3 Things Jeff Bezos Can Teach You About Beef Jerky” and “How to steal candy from a baby’s mama’s baby” were pure gold. 
      I never used Vine either…I guess that means i am not super awesomely cool…

      • JoeCardillo Nothing topped my Blurred Lines: The Robin Thicke Guide to Sharpening Your Writing.

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