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Link Building: A Strategy for Content Marketing

By: Gini Dietrich | October 21, 2013 | 

Link Building: A Strategy for Content MarketingBy Gini Dietrich

Last week, I had the super painful sheer pleasure of attending Sean McGinnis’s Content Jam presentation about search engine optimization (SEO).

I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, he and I debate content and SEO quite often (every time we’re together), but I begrudgingly admit I learned several things to apply both to the blog here and our client work.

His topic, “Link Building Techniques that Work!” covered why links are still important, even though content marketing tends to have a longer-term effect.

He talks about offsite optimization, where content fits, the top 72 factors in SEO (it’s surprising to learn what they are), the components of a link, and how not to get links.

Organic Link Building

The most valuable part of his presentation was when he gets to the 10 ways to do link building organically.

  1. Write epic content (he used a swear word, but that violates our online policy)
  2. Guest post your heart out
  3. Create an infographic
  4. Curate a list
  5. Host an event
  6. Hold a contest
  7. Issue a news release
  8. Interview an expert
  9. Use stock business assets creatively
  10. Curate, share, and republish

He also talks about what to concern yourself with about the new Google guidelines.

The Rules of Link Building

And then he goes into his three rules of link building, which include:

  1. Build links as if it won’t help your search engine results;
  2. The value of any link building activity is inversely related to its scalability; and
  3. Be selective in your link building.

A Free Webinar

The reason I tell you all of this is Sean is doing a repeat performance of his presentation during a Spin Sucks Pro webinar this Thursday at 11 a.m. CT.

It’s free of charge. All you have to do is “pay” (it’ll ask you to purchase the webinar, but the cost is $0.00) and then take the second step to register with Meeting Burner. If you do not take that second step, you will not receive the reminders or a copy of the recorded video.

If you cannot attend live, we will be recording it and will send you a copy of it via email on Friday. Please register to attend, though, as if you are going to be there live.

If you can attend live, I’m sorry to say I will not be there as I will be on a flight. But if Sean’s live performance at Content Jam is any indication, it won’t matter if I’m there or not…he’ll still make fun of me…I just won’t be there to defend myself.

The webinar is a great collection of many ideas for content creation. You’ll take away several things you want to do in your own content creation in the next 12 months.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • My questions for SeanMcGinnis

    Does the Pope SEO in the woods?
    If an SEO falls does it make a sound?
    Is it true Google in Kazakh means Make Passionate Love?
    My question for ginidietrich 
    Does Sean really talk like Gilbert Gotfried? 
    Signing up to find out!

    • Howie Goldfarb He really does! Why do you think he drives me crazy??

      • ginidietrich Howie Goldfarb This does not bode well for the heckling in your absence, you realize?

        • Sean McGinnis ginidietrich I don’t heckle that is below me.

        • Howie Goldfarb Sean McGinnis ginidietrich Wait, there’s a “below” your current? This I gotta see :-).

  • RicDragon

    Good to see you’re drinking Sean’s Fruit-Aid (that’s what Jim Jone’s followers ACTUALLY drank, NOT Kool-Aid, like all the cultist-wannabees). His advice is sound.  That whole world of “link building” can now be viewed more as being meaningful and connected.  Not a bad underlying message.

    • RicDragon How do you know that about Jim Jones? Kind of a cool trivia answer!

      • RicDragon

        ginidietrich because when I’m doing research, I focus in on some ridiculous fact until I know all about it…   The psychology of influence plays prominently in a chapter in my book… so:; influence>Jim Jones>Fruit Aid

        • RicDragon ginidietrich Ric you were the lone survivor right?

        • RicDragon

          Howie Goldfarb I was, fortunately, safely ensconced in the back woods of Georgia.

    • RicDragon

      Oof; and even then I goofed up: It was “Flavor Aid.”  Yum yum!

  • The good news is Jeannie Walters promised to attend and heckle me from within the Twitter stream.

  • Well, if Jeannie isn’t available to heckle, I can take the reins on that. I learned NOTHING from Sean’s session live. So little, in fact, that I am looking forward to having the dulcet tones of his Gotfried-esque voice lull me back to sleep.

    • RebeccaTodd Listen you! I know EXACTLY where to find you! It’s somewhere uyp north over there!

      • Sean McGinnis Put yer toque on, jump on yer skidoo, and try and find me.

      • Sean McGinnis RebeccaTodd Sean, you forgot the “Eh!” 😉

      • KateNolan

        Sean McGinnis RebeccaTodd Cannuckistan! (That’s all I’ve got. It’s Monday.)

        • KateNolan Sean McGinnis RebeccaTodd Aww Kate, you remembered! Here’s a toque for you, eh!

        • KateNolan

          RebeccaTodd KateNolan Sean McGinnis Thanks, Hosehead! I can’t believe I didn’t bust out any Mackenzie-isms while in your presence! 🙂

    • RebeccaTodd Bwahahahahahah!!

  • Hi Gini… I thought of a question I should have asked Sean last week, so good timing on your post since I assume he’ll be following the comments today.
    Sean… when linking to a person during a blog post, what’s the best SEO-practice to link to… the bio page at their website, their Google+ page, their Twitter page, etc.?
    Recently, I’ve been linking to their Google+ page thinking Google would like that, but I don’t know if I’m out thinking myself and something else is better.
    Nice meeting you face-to-face last week!
    –Tony Gnau

    • T60Productions Hey Sean McGinnis! Answer this question!

      • ginidietrich T60Productions Sean McGinnis OMG! Give me a minute!
        Let’s answer it on the webinar. no?

        • Sean McGinnis T60Productions Tony, are you attending the webinar or do you want him to answer here?

        • ginidietrich Sean McGinnis T60Productions  Tony: YIKES!  Just now noticing you two responded.  Did you cover it in the webinar?  I just downloaded it.

        • T60Productions ginidietrich Sean McGinnis Crud. Not sure that I did cover it in the webinar.
          Bottom line is this – link where it makes the most sense to link to. Context is everything.
          Sometimes it makes sense to link to a G+ page. Others a Twitter profile. My default would be to link to an “about” page on the person’s blog or website where possible, because that would likely add the most value for them.
          But again, you need to keep your reader in mind. No link away from your page should ever be a surprise to them – so link, and label, appropriately.

        • Sean McGinnis T60Productions ginidietrich Tony: perfect… thanks Sean!

  • Top of the morning,Sean McGinnis! Love the list — just printed it out to keep on my desk as a reference!

    • Matt_Cerms Thanks Matt.

    • Matt_Cerms Don’t be too nice to him.

      • ginidietrich Sean McGinnis Sean, she just won’t cut you a break, huh? 🙂

        • Matt_Cerms ginidietrich Sean McGinnis Welcome to my world Matt.

        • Sean McGinnis Matt_Cerms Matt, you would do well to remember whose friend you are.

  • Add to To Do List…come up with brilliant snark comment that incorporates SEO, curation & Cheetos by Thursday…or schedule nap instead! 😉

    • lizreusswig Also, Mom jeans.

      • jasonkonopinski Sean McGinnis …and Crocs, socks and foot selfies.  Geez…the nap is looking good! 😉

        • lizreusswig jasonkonopinski The nap gets my vote.

        • Sean McGinnis lizreusswig jasonkonopinski I am telling you this is going to be amazing! One of my to 10 on my bucket list crossed off by Friday.

    • lizreusswig And Crocs!

  • Dear Sean McGinnis – I am sorry you are stuck with me on Thursday. Love, Me.

    • belllindsay Lindsay – I’ve decided that I shall be exceedingly nice to you – just to piss off ginidietrich.

  • I (begrudgingly) signed up for this webinar. 😉

  • I will be signing up, but will have to settle for the Friday email since I have a schedule conflict (darn!). I will eventually do a live one.

    • sydcon_mktg It’s not like we gave you much notice.

      • ginidietrich sydcon_mktg LOL! I will be in total zombie mode that day. My daughter has a sleep text at 730am….we have to be up at 230am and STAY AWAKE! Do you think Sean McGinnis would be lively enough to keep me awake to participate live?

  • BillDorman

    If Organic Link Building would have been just show up and have a blog; then maybe I would have made it, but now that I can’t even keep my blog going it’s looking pretty doubtful. 
    Sounds like great advice but it also looked like the ‘work’ word was creeping in the mix; that might bar my entrance as well. 
    Thanks for offering this to the ‘masses;’ I’m sure the majority of your audience will find this very useful. 
    PS – way to make Washington and RG III look good yesterday…….

    • BillDorman you will start blogging you will start blogging you will start blogging!

    • BillDorman Do NOT get me started. What a horrible game.

  • Digital_DRK

    I’ve registered, however I’m not sure I can make the live session, Friday email and a listen next weekend.

    • Digital_DRK We won’t dock you any points for that.

  • I missed Sean’s presentation at Content Jam so am glad this is being offered, thanks! But Will Sean McGinnis be swearing, because that also violates my online policy and my religion (unless I am drinking heavily at the time).

    • Word Ninja You just made me spit granola bar at my screen!

      • ginidietrich Can you post a video of that on Facebook? Please?

        • Word Ninja We’ll have to do a video of it together. You have to make me laugh after I take a bite of a granola bar. Or crackers. That would work, too.

        • ginidietrich I would be honored.

  • Sean is sassy.

  • Damn, I am moving that day. Can we reschedule? 
    One day I am going to wake up and ask the world to rearrange everything so it is convenient for me and on that day it is going to happen. Maybe it will be this Thursday.
    P.S. I want/need a new car.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes It depends. Where are you moving to?

  • I didn’t get to see his presentation at Content Jam so I’m looking forward to this.

    • yvettepistorio Yvette – I’m writing uyoun into my will. Gini’s out!

      • Sean McGinnis yvettepistorio Finally.

        • ginidietrich Sean McGinnis Oh boy…I’m staying out of this!

    • yvettepistorio I wouldn’t be looking forward to it, if I were you.

  • Catrina J. Sharp

    Count me in!

  • Arment Dietrich, Inc.


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