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Vine: Social Media’s Shiny New Toy

By: Yvette Pistorio | March 6, 2013 | 

Yvette PistorioToday’s guest post is by Yvette Pistorio.

Social media has become very visual.

Photos and videos are taking center-stage as the most shared and talked about forms of content.

Given the rise of smartphones with cameras built into them and the growth of Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, the percentage of photo and video sharing is high.

And now we have Vine, a video app that is social media’s shiny new toy of the moment.

2012 study by ROI Research says when users engage with friends on social media sites, it’s the pictures that are enjoyed the most.

Forty-four percent of respondents said they were more likely to respond to brand posts involving pictures or status updates.

And according to All Twitter, 36 percent of links shared on Twitter are images.

Information Overload

With information overload and our ever-shrinking attention span, Vine might be perfectly engineered for our bite-sized appetites.

Jay Baer recently shared some key takeaways for companies and brands on Vine:

  • Develop content buckets for videos in alignment with key themes and business departments.
  • Pick one point or key message per video and don’t overcomplicate it.
  • Enhance the mini moments within each of the six seconds to maximize the impact of your videos.
  • Be conscious of sound and background noise when recording.
  • Develop guardrails and a process to review and approve Vine videos before they go live.
  • Don’t forget to search for videos related to your company or brand. Similar to Instagram, liking and commenting on your fan’s Vine videos can generate super fans and boost your engagement on the platform.

Here’s a few I would add:

  • Figure out how you can tell your best possible story in just six seconds.
  • Don’t use the app without a clear purpose. Yes it’s a fun, new tool, but it’s also important not to rush into the app. (See number one from Jay above.)
  • Pay attention to what is trending in social media, mobile apps, and in video. Take notes and use that information to stay ahead in the game.

Brands Dig Vine

  • BuzzFeed showed off their dance moves.
  • NBC shared a quick tour inside 30 Rock.
  • Red Vine engaged with one of their fans with this video.
  • Jeremy Cabolona of Mashable demonstrated how to make a microwaved brownie in a mug. Alright, so Jeremy isn’t really a brand, but I had to share how you can make a brownie in a microwave.
  • Sonar, a social discovery app, used Vine in place of a news release. They recently received a big investment from Microsoft’s Bing Fund and used Vine to let the world know.

Who knows if Vine love will last, but it’s a tool that can help you build awareness, showcase, and humanize your brand. Even if you just experiment with Vine, you may find it is a beneficial addition to your marketing mix.

Have you seen any really unique uses from other brands? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Yvette Pistorio is an account executive and community manager for Arment Dietrich. She is a lover of pop culture, cupcakes, and HGTV, and enjoys a good laugh. There are a gazillion ways you can find her online. You can find her on Twitter (Spin Sucks and personal), FacebookLinkedInPinterest, and Google+.

About Yvette Pistorio

Yvette Pistorio is the shared media manager for Arment Dietrich. She is a lover of pop culture, cupcakes, and HGTV, and enjoys a good laugh. There are a gazillion ways you can find her online.

  • I think my head will explode if I have to learn one more network.  And I don’t even like regular brownies.

    • @AmyMccTobin Lol!! I’m not sure Vine love with last so if you don’t think it’s a good fit, then don’t worry about it! I agree, so many networks to learn! And so little time.

  • amvandenhurk

    So very true. All great points. I have to be a Debbie Downer, but I think the shine is wearing off already at least with the folks I’m connected to on Vine. I don’t see the same levels of posting as a did when it first launched. Maybe it is just developing a patina and maturing from that bright new toy phase. I’m still having fun with it… by using the Vine videos I’ve taken for other platforms.

    • @amvandenhurk Thanks!! You’re so not a Debbie Downer! It’s new so of course people are all over it so it will be interesting to see how brands leverage it and if it just falls off everyone’s radar quickly.

  • I love what General Electric is doing with their Vine account. But I like everything they do, so maybe I’m biased.
    We’ve given some thought to using it for our client, but we need a solid business case, you know? If we use a blog to tell the story and Instagram to tell the story in pictures, it kinda makes sense to have a way to tell the story with videos. Sort of the trifecta of storytelling.

    • @bradmarley Yup, you have to have a purpose before you use it otherwise, what’s the point?

  • SQUIRREL! I’ve seen a few good uses of it from friends, but haven’t been caught up in the business use hype. That said, some of the examples you used made me think..in a good way.

  • belllindsay

    I dislike Vine immensely. Yes, I’ve seen some companies create cuteness in 6 seconds – but the only one’s who did it well have been seriously produced/edited/cut/etc.. The others, off the cuff? Poke both my eyeballs out with a sharp stick. Or, it might just be the end of a very long day and I’m tried and cranky………..nope, it’s Vine!

    • @belllindsay one’s?

      • belllindsay

        @jasonkonopinski Did you!!?? Did you REALLY do that to me?? What part of tired and cranky (and brain dead apparently) did you not  get!!?? 😉

        • @belllindsay Kisses. 😀

        • @belllindsay That’s the second one for you today. 😉

        • belllindsay

          @jasonkonopinski Been that kinda week. 😉

        • @belllindsay  @jasonkonopinski Some of them are REALLY bad, but at least it’s only 6 seconds. Imagine if it was longer…you’d want to do more than stab out your eyeballs 😉

      • @jasonkonopinski  @belllindsay BE NICE! xoxo

    • adammbsmith

      @belllindsay I think Vine could be awesome for product reviews or demos on retail sites. In fact, you could encourage users (if they’re very active) to post 6 second reviews as part of a competition entry for your site perhaps.Just some ideas.

      • @adammbsmith  @belllindsay That’s a good idea! Did you see what Pizza Hut is doing at SXSW? They are holding 140 second interviews to find their next social media manager. @belllindsay If you think brands can’t make a point in 6 seconds, can people make a pitch for a job in 140?

        • belllindsay

          @yvettepistorio  @adammbsmith It’s totally different – in 140 you can *read* what’s been written so concisely. You can take as long as you want to read it. You can read it for 20 minutes if you want! With Vine, you got 6 seconds to watch it and absorb it and that’s all you got. Which means you watch it over and over again. If you so desire. Which I don’t. 😉

        • belllindsay

          @yvettepistorio  @adammbsmith Wait – seriously??? Six second in’views for a SM position….? Oh my god. That’s just a hundred shades of wrong.

        • @belllindsay  @adammbsmith 140 second interviews, so 2 minutes and 20 seconds.
          And I don’t think its much different. We learned to shorten what we want to say on Twitter, why can’t we shorten a video to make a point?

  • I think what time-limited video formats like Tout (15 seconds) and the animated .Gif-style Vine does is force us to get to the point quicker. 
    That’s a good thing, no matter how you slice it.

    • @jasonkonopinski Agreed, especially with our short attention spans and information overload.

    • belllindsay

      @jasonkonopinski But you have to be able to MAKE a point, which IMHO you can’t do with something that’s 6 seconds long.

      • @belllindsay  @jasonkonopinski It’s challenging yes, but not impossible. Look at what Red Vine did with the video for their customer. I’m sure we’ll see a bunch of garbage, but I think it’s possible to make a point in 6 seconds. We’ve learned to do it with 140 characters.

  • Another great tool that just caught my attention is vSnap. I signed up for an account at random, and their business evangelist sent me a customized video thanking me for signing up.  As a product, I think they have a real future, because businesses can fully brand the short video messages they send out. 
    Here’s the one they sent me: https://www.vsnap.com/me/pXnLwx

  • Jill_jillo

    RT @ShellyKramer Vine: Social Media’s Shiny New Toy http://t.co/WOW2o2I7CF via @ginidietrich

  • eveypistorio

    @jmicoaching Thanks for sharing John! I haven’t tried it personally but have seen some good uses of it from brands.

  • eveypistorio

    @TheFeareyGroup Guess we’ll see if it will last…have you tried it? Thanks for sharing btw 🙂

    • TheFeareyGroup

      @eveypistorio Haven’t tried it yet! Definitely looking into it…seems promising.

  • eveypistorio

    @LoweyWard @BallywhoSocial @LouHoffman Thanks for sharing!! Have you seen any good uses of Vine? Would love to see more examples.

    • LoweyWard

      @eveypistorio @BallywhoSocial @LouHoffman I’m looking, too! Will share if I find anything worthy.

      • eveypistorio

        @LoweyWard Sweet!! Me too 🙂

        • LoweyWard

          eveypistorio I’m looking for the perfect opportunity to try it. 😉

        • eveypistorio

          LoweyWard Just do it, there probably won’t ever be a perfect opportunity!!

  • Maybe it’s implied but IMHO, the Vines that do the best job of getting to the point to tell their story in six seconds rely heavily on excellent editing. I’ve seen lots that make me want to poke my eyes out too. @belllindsay

  • What’s interesting to me about Vine is that by its very nature it discourages complex scripted pieces, so within its DNA it requires us to show and not tell. There’s still way too much lip service to the former and execution of the latter.

  • foundingmom

    Vine: Social Media’s Shiny New Toy by eveypistorio http://t.co/7eLn4LD5Pl5Pl vginidietrichich

  • dawngirl4685
  • Sprinklr

    seanmcginnis Nice tips, though interesting research by eMarketer shows that most internet users don’t know Vine: http://t.co/bhpmZf7S7xS7x

  • My friends and I were playing with Vine all weekend 🙂

  • SpinSucks

    ziehres Thanks for sharing Beate! Have any good examples of brands using Vine?

  • eveypistorio

    rachaelseda 🙂 Thank youuuuuuuuu!!! How’s wedding planning going?

    • rachaelseda

      eveypistorio Hiiiii missy! I feel like I haven’t chatted with you in forever!! Wedding planning is going well. All my vendors are booked!

    • rachaelseda

      eveypistorio Now the hard part for me – the little details & #DIY projects…let me know if your bored 🙂 haha

      • eveypistorio

        rachaelseda Lol!! If there’s something I can help with let me know 🙂 The details killed me!!

        • rachaelseda

          eveypistorio You’re not making me feel better by saying they killed you!!! hahaha

        • eveypistorio

          rachaelseda Haha! Sorry!! You’ll be fine!!! Promise…I made it through 🙂

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