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Join Mark Schaefer for a Special Livefyre Q&A Today

By: Gini Dietrich | February 19, 2014 | 

Join Mark Schaefer for a Special Livefyre Q&A TodayBy Gini Dietrich

I’m super, duper excited to bring you today’s Livefyre author chat.

We have the one and only Mark Schaefer!

But we don’t just have Mark…we have him and he’s announcing his new book.

The author of both The Tao of Twitter and Return on Influence (where you can find me on pages 41-42, 79-80, and 196!), Mark now has Social Media Explained out, as of Monday (yes, just two days ago).

Today’s Livefyre Q&A

At noon ET (that’s 11:00 CT, 10:00 MT, and 9:00 PT for those of you who can’t do time zones), Mark will be here so you can ask him what tweaks you should be making to your social media efforts, what sociological things to pay attention to while executing, and whether there are psychological drivers you’re overlooking.

You can also certainly ask him about his fun book about Twitter, his thoughts on the new Klout, where the influence game is going, and how much I paid him to mention me so many times in one book.

In order to participate, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have a Livefyre account or be ready to sign in with one of your social networks.
  • Set a reminder for noon ET today.
  • Order the book so you can support Mark and get your learn on.
  • Create a list of questions (if you haven’t read the book, you can bribe me and I’ll write some for you).
  • Come back here, scroll to the bottom, and write a comment in the form of a question. As soon as you hit “post comment,” Mark will see it and reply to you. You can even join the conversation around questions others are asking, if you like.

We’ll be here for an hour so you can join us the entire time or step in and out during the hour. It’s entirely up to you; just make sure you’re here before 12:59.

Win a Copy

Those of you who participate in today’s Livefyre Q&A (even if you’re late to the party, but not if you’re an Arment Dietrich employee) will be entered in a random drawing for a free copy of the book.

We bought two copies and will give them away, but you have to actually leave a comment, ask a question, or participate in the chat to be entered in the drawing. Otherwise we won’t know you were here.

Get ready with your questions and join the conversation. And don’t fear! If you missed the live portion of this, we’ll keep the drawing open until midnight PT so you still have time to get in your questions.

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And following are the dates for the next few months, so mark your calendars!

Same bat time, same bat channel.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro.

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  1. belllindsay says:

    (where you can find me on pages 41-42, 79-80, and 196!) – BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Sarah_Kinsler says:

    markwschaefer were your ears burning? We were just talking about you in our session. cc: ChrisQueso #SoloPR

  3. biggreenpen says:

    markwschaefer I won’t be able to join today; hope it goes well!

  4. belllindsay  oh, so THAT’s Gini meant when  she said she’d slipped between the covers with Mark… whew…

  5. Look forward to “seeing” everyone at noon!

  6. Word Ninja says:

    Sounds great. Earbuds at the ready…

  7. ginidietrich says:

    creativeoncall Bwahhaha!

  8. ginidietrich says:

    belllindsay  I can always count on you to laugh at my jokes.

  9. NancyDavis says:

    Wish I could join but I have no access to computers after this round at the public library! Ugh!

  10. ginidietrich says:

    NancyDavis  Who do I need to talk to?

  11. @jason_ says:

    belllindsay  I loved the shameless plug. 🙂

  12. aimeelwest says:

    Ready to learn! 🙂

  13. NancyDavis says:

    ginidietrich Someone at Best Buy so I don’t have to use the public library any longer! I can maybe get on for a few minutes but that will be it 🙁

  14. @jason_ says:

    markwschaefer  good afternoon!

  15. Rest easy everyone, I have arrived!!

  16. @jason_ says:

    LauraPetrolino  yay!

  17. @jason_ says:

    ClayMorgan  yes sir!

  18. LauraPetrolino  whew that was a close one

  19. lizreusswig says:

    markwschaefer  Hi Mark! 🙂

  20. Word Ninja says:

    markwschaefer  Hi, Mark!

  21. NancyDavis says:

    I am here!

  22. @Sarah_Kinsler markwschaefer ChrisQueso  cool!

  23. markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  right?!?

  24. belllindsay says:

    LauraPetrolino markwschaefer  Oh, jeeze. 😉

  25. ginidietrich says:

    So, Mark. We saw your big announcement today. Tell us a bit about Social Media Explained.

  26. lizreusswig says:

    LauraPetrolino  With kleenex?

  27. lizreusswig LauraPetrolino  Oh woman, you have no idea!!! I should buy stock!

  28. Word Ninja says:

    ginidietrich  Oops, I mean, fingers ready.

  29. ginidietrich says:

    Word Ninja Fingers. Ears. They all work.

  30. lizreusswig says:

    LauraPetrolino lizreusswig  🙁

  31. ginidietrich  Every where I go I run into people who don;t have time to “get it” and yet they have to lead a marketing department. So I challenged myself to come up with a very direct and succint way to reach these people — to make the comfortable with social media. I came up with this teaching method about two years ago and it has been a great success. So I put it into a small book to help more people who are struggling to understand this. It’s a fun and simple book I think people will love. Very much in the style of Tao of Twitter.

  32. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  Is this “in layman’s terms” then?

  33. Today you will learn what a sucky typist I am

  34. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer I know many of us – in the social media world – think, “Really? How can you not get it by now?” But you’re right…the mass majority of people out there haven’t taken the time to learn it. I think this book will do very well.

  35. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer  You have to have fingers of FIRE to keep up, Mark! 😉

  36. lizreusswig says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  I picked up two copies today and plan on giving this to my small business clients, who always question the time commitment!

  37. Mark, one of the biggest concern’s newcomers have when wanting to launch a social media program is TIME! What are some tips you have for people who want to get involved in social, but have to balance many other responsibilities… running a business…

  38. belllindsay says:

    ginidietrich markwschaefer  Me too. I think we ALL need to revisit the basics every now and again.

  39. NancyDavis says:

    belllindsay markwschaefer  Or you have to endure the Ring Of Fire! Where is Johnny Cash when we need him?

  40. ginidietrich says:

    belllindsay markwschaefer  Good point. Even with some of our team, I sometimes have to say, “Let’s get back to the basics and stop overcomplicating this.”

  41. belllindsay says:

    LauraPetrolino  Running a business is a walk in the park…right, ginidietrich ??

  42. ginidietrich says:

    Did you self-publish? I saw Joey Strawn (love him) did some of the illustrations.

  43. belllindsay says:

    lizreusswig markwschaefer ginidietrich  Great idea!

  44. ginidietrich says:

    belllindsay LauraPetrolino Oh yeah. It’s a breeze. Everyone should do it.

  45. lizreusswig says:

    ginidietrich belllindsay LauraPetrolino  Dripping sarcasm!

  46. ginidietrich says:

    lizreusswig ginidietrich belllindsay LauraPetrolino  If only there were a sarcasm font.

  47. belllindsay markwschaefer ginidietrich  Absolutely. I don;t even get into depth on a lot of the platforms. This is about the FOUNDATIONS — the sociological and psychological reasons social media is popular and why it works.

  48. lizreusswig says:

    ginidietrich lizreusswig belllindsay LauraPetrolino  The person who creates that WINS!

  49. lizreusswig ginidietrich belllindsay LauraPetrolino  Liz, I win, the person who creates that font gets second runner up

  50. ginidietrich markwschaefer  Yes, I see such a need for this. I literally am faced with this wall of confusion every day. This is a small book you can hand to a client and say read this, take two aspirin, and call me in the morning : )  It will turn them into the dream client I think because it will level expectations.

  51. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer belllindsay ginidietrich  I’m a total geek about that sort of thing. The brain. Our tribes. The “why” behind certain popular things, as they relate anthropologically.

  52. lizreusswig says:

    LauraPetrolino lizreusswig ginidietrich belllindsay  Oops, sorry I forgot the rules (font needed NOW!)

  53. belllindsay ginidietrich markwschaefer  This is book is the roots of marketing. The basics to build on.

  54. LauraPetrolino  I address that specifically in the book. IN addition to the foundations, I cover the five biggest question every business faces. I bet you can guess what they are!! ROI … time … resources … negative comments.. where do I start? : )

  55. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  Negative comments. Everyone is so worried about those. We don’t like to be criticized!

  56. belllindsay says:

    Is it fear…or is it lack of control (or both?) that keeps some organizations away from social? There’s so much fear in business, yet there are so many instances of proof, as to how a company can knock it out of the park using social media.

  57. ginidietrich  I did self-publish this because my publisher said the world does not need another social media book, which what I hoped they would say. This got me out of my contract with them so I cold self-publish which is what I wanted to do in the first place. I didn’t even shop it around because this was the best route for the book. There are lots of advantages to self-publishing and so this was a great opportunity to get back in that game. Many people don;t realize that Tao of Twitter was originally self-published because MH “didn;t want another social media book!” Then they bought the rights to it!!

  58. belllindsay says:

    ginidietrich markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  The dreaded “accidental tweet”….!!!

  59. Do you think conversations about social media are moving away from tactics, tools, and platforms and more into the hows and whys of sharing?

  60. jasonkonopinski  hey buddy

  61. aimeelwest says:

    ginidietrich markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  Negative comments are especially hard when the person seems happy in the store and then once they leave they mess all over your social media page…

  62. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  HA! Love it! #Karma

  63. Hey markwschaefer just stopping in and can’t stay! (I know you are relieved!)Good luck with the crazies! and trust me they need LOTS of social media help maybe even more than ginidietrichso your work is cut out for you.

    everyone miss you all my son Sebastian is doing great. He might be
    disconnected from all the machines today after a rough first 7 days of
    life but damn he is cute. Be nice to Mark or ELSE!

  64. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer Ah yes. The contract. I love this … and it gives you some additional control.

  65. belllindsay  It is almost 100% cultural. I hit that hard in the book. It is almost always overlooked but cultural readiness is the number one predictor of social media success.

  66. ginidietrich says:

    Howie Goldfarb Glad you could stop by! Give him kisses for me.

  67. belllindsay says:

    Howie Goldfarb markwschaefer ginidietrich  Dear Mark: Never work with animals or babies. LOL So cute!!!

  68. Howie Goldfarb What a dear little sprat.

  69. Howie Goldfarb markwschaefer ginidietrich  Holy Adorableness Batman!!!

  70. jasonkonopinski  Nope. I wish it were. But honestly most companies are still at social media 101. Even big companies … and I see a lot of them in my grad classes I teach at Rutgers!

  71. lizreusswig says:

    Howie Goldfarb markwschaefer ginidietrich  AWWWWW!  Cutey Pie! 🙂

  72. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer Are people still ‘blaming the C-Suite”?

  73. aimeelwest says:

    ginidietrich markwschaefer  Great way to get out a contract and better than changing your name to a symbol 🙂

  74. Howie Goldfarb markwschaefer ginidietrich  This is more than awesome.

  75. lizreusswig says:

    Howie Goldfarb markwschaefer ginidietrich  PS…nice photo bomb! 😉

  76. aimeelwest says:

    LauraPetrolino  Heck I have a hard time working and keeping up with my personal accounts some days 🙂

  77. aimeelwest says:

    Howie Goldfarb what a cutie 🙂

  78. belllindsay markwschaefer  yes, and they should. The C suite determines the company culture. There is no such thing as a grassroots cultural change.

  79. ginidietrich markwschaefer  and money!

  80. aimeelwest ginidietrich markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  that is a really interesting dynamic Aimee. How have you dealt with that?

  81. @jason_ says:

    Howie Goldfarb how adorable. Congratulations Howie!

  82. markwschaefer I know ginidietrich touched on this in a comment further down the line, but I always have to remind myself that there will always, always be a freshman class coming in for whom this stuff is totally new.  

    Totally unscientifically, I’d say that marketing folks are probably two years ahead of the rest of the social media-using public.

  83. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer It’s funny – Laura and I just had this conversation this morning. Client A is not having success and fights us every step of the way. They don’t take direction, don’t implement our ideas, and think they know more than we do. Client B is completely the opposite and they’re having serious results (and they’re more fun to work with). So I think you’re absolutely right that it’s cultural.

  84. aimeelwest ginidietrich markwschaefer  I did consider changing my name to Gini Dietrich to get out of the contract but was advised against it by my legal team

  85. Word Ninja says:

    Howie Goldfarb Beautiful boy, Howie. Blessings on him…

  86. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer aimeelwest ginidietrich  Oh lord, one Gini is *enough*!!!

  87. ginidietrich says:

    howiegoldfarb Thanks for the fly-by!

  88. lizreusswig says:

    aimeelwest LauraPetrolino  And that’s the dilemma for small business owners in a nutshell!

  89. aimeelwest ginidietrich markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  Keyboard cowboys.

  90. ginidietrich markwschaefer  Yup. Client A is a pain because the leadership of the company doesn’t get it and doesn’t support it. That is what changes everything. I can tell if a social media program will work at a company in the first 30 minutes I am there.

  91. ginidietrich says:

    Speaking of negative comments, you recently had a blog post go viral and you lamented yesterday (was it yesterday?) about having to develop a tough skin in cases like that. Did you find people were more professional or more troll-like?

  92. markwschaefer ginidietrichif you had seen his pictures from a few days earlier like Gini did you would of been fraught with worry.Vermont Childrens Hospital’s neonatal ICU as well as another hospital and our fire department saved our baby! So now you all get back to business of learning from Sage Mark!

  93. Word Ninja says:

    jasonkonopinski markwschaefer ginidietrich  I would agree. I’m still writing blog posts about basic social media (for small biz) and trying to help small non-profits, neither of which is seeing the benefit.

  94. howiegoldfarb says:

    ginidietrich back to to Isadora sorry for the commotion!

  95. Word Ninja says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  Will the next book be about how to self-publish a book about social media?

  96. ginidietrich says:

    belllindsay I CAN HEAR YOU!!

  97. markwschaefer belllindsay  yes, yes, and more yes to that!

  98. belllindsay says:

    Mark, have you had a situation where an organization was dead set against SM, but eventually tried it, and saw great success?

  99. ginidietrich  This was a weird experience — the Content Shock post. I never imagined common sense would be “controversial1” 95% were really cool and supportive. They are out living in the trenches and “get it.” But I peed in the sandbox of some people who have built a career peddling content marketing and they got kind of rough — just 2-3 people really. It surprises me because you simply can;t run a business ignoring reality and defending the status quo. You can’t run a business on what you wish for. You have to run a business based on what “is” and marketing is about to get a lot more challenging for most people in the next few years. I am quite sure about that!

  100. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  *Googles post* LOL

  101. @jason_ says:


  102. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  I’ve seen so much more vitriol and general negativity in the social space lately. And by the so called “big guns”. It’s getting very tiresome.

  103. belllindsay markwschaefer ginidietrich  LOVE this quote Mark “you can’t run a business on what you wish for.”

  104. aimeelwest says:

    LauraPetrolino  ginidietrich markwschaefer it just happened recently and we have left it alone for now.

    We were talking about making a questionaire and sending it to the people who have done this in a way to find out what the issue is. I mean are they unhappy in the store but won’t say until until the relative safety of the internet or… are they just unhappy people and no matter what you did was going to be wrong.

  105. belllindsay  yes, but it took me two years to get them there. I was handling a large company’s marketing strategy but the were not ready for social because the company president was not ready for it. But I kept educating, educating, educating and then they started to get pressure from partners and customers — where were they? Eventually the company president came to me and said , “we need to do this thing you keep talking about” and they have been very successful every since. You can;t force culture change.

  106. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer This is the common issue with the “experts” versus those who are out there doing the work. In theory, it should work. In reality, there are too many variables. Clients say to us all the time, “Please do for us what you did for Spin Sucks.” First, it took YEARS, then it took tons of time and patience, then it took growth and maturity, and then it started to work. Most – to your point below about culture – don’t want to invest all of that because there isn’t an immediate return.

  107. Word Ninja says:

    ginidietrich  Read that post yesterday! Have since been figuring out how to incorporate “bitch mittens” into a sentence.

  108. belllindsay markwschaefer ginidietrich  I agree. I want my blog to be a civil place and work hard to accomplish that.

  109. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer Must feel nice, though, to be able to say “I told you so” – even if it’s just to yourself. 😉

  110. ginidietrich markwschaefer  You need a new mindset — I also cover this extensively in the book. You need to flip your view of marketing upside down to make it work.

  111. ginidietrich says:

    Word Ninja Right? I love that phrase, too.

  112. lizreusswig says:

    markwschaefer One of biggest push backs I’ve had with potential clients is that they don’t take SM seriously…is it rude to point out that many thought TV was a passing fad, too? 😉

  113. ginidietrich says:

    lizreusswig What? TV isn’t a fad?

  114. belllindsay markwschaefer  I never say that. : )  It’s a process, that’s all. I really liked those guys but they had to come to the conclusion that they needed it on their own.

  115. belllindsay says:

    I’m dying to know what your patents are all about. 😉

  116. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer Agree, 100%. You can’t push people. They have to want to get there by themselves.

  117. belllindsay  packaging, holograms, interactive games : )

  118. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer Cool! My husband hangs on to the dream he’ll invent something someday. 😉

  119. howiegoldfarb says:

    ginidietrich link that picture to FletcherAllen they should come by and see my comment!

  120. lizreusswig markwschaefer  Those are EXACTLY the people who need the Social Media Explained book!!!!

  121. Word Ninja says:

    lizreusswig markwschaefer  Or companies don’t get the point of taking it seriously enough once it’s started to hire someone to oversee contributors and build it into an overall plan.

  122. Word Ninja ginidietrich  Use it carefully. Great power in those words!!

  123. lizreusswig says:

    markwschaefer lizreusswig  Yes, they are…and why you’ll likely see an uptick in Central PA sales! 😉

  124. amandag says:

    markwschaefer belllindsayginidietrichI think you do a fantastic job of that, so keep on keepin on, Mark!

  125. ginidietrich says:

    With Spin Sucks coming out in three weeks, I’m on the book promotion path. Are you going to do anything fun or new with Social Media Explained? Or is it a book you’ll let organically grow? (I’m dying to do the latter.)

  126. Word Ninja says:

    lizreusswig markwschaefer  You probably own a dishwasher, too.

  127. amandag markwschaefer belllindsay ginidietrich  Thank you!

  128. ginidietrich says:

    amandag It’s the Amanda fly-by comment!

  129. ginidietrich says:

    Alright boys and girls. I have to go get on a plane. I’m leaving you in belllindsay’s capable hands. Remember, be nice to one another, no swearing, buy Mark’s book, and thank him profusely at the end of the hour.

  130. lizreusswig says:

    Word Ninja lizreusswig markwschaefer  Yes…why can’t I just have my 16 year old do Facebook or that tweet thingey, they like that stuff?  Um, well that would be the same reason even though my 10 year old can add and likes math, I don’t have her do my bookkeeping.

  131. markwschaefer belllindsay  Holograms!!!!

  132. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer belllindsay  Could you invent clones?

  133. lizreusswig says:

    ginidietrich belllindsay  Safe Travels…and we’ll play nicely! 🙂

  134. ginidietrich belllindsay  Woohoo! She’s finally gone…man, I thought we’d never get rid of her!! Party!!!

  135. ginidietrich says:

    howiegoldfarb FletcherAllen Done!

  136. ginidietrich  Book tours don’t work (right?). Since I self-published, I am under no pressure to hit numbers. And with the higher margin, I can plow some of the book revenue into marketing the title in ways that the publisher never would. I think this book is going to sell organically like Tao if Twitter. That is the best selling-book on Twitter in the world and the book never received on dime of marketing support. It was all viral word of mouth.

  137. @jason_ says:

    ginidietrich Have a great flight! belllindsay will make us behave,

  138. belllindsay says:

    I tell this story often, but it’s a classic example of the power of social media. When I first left broadcasting, and was transitioning into digital/social, markwschaefer was one of the first people to connect with me online – and trust me, I was *beyond a nobody*. He actually spent a half-hour on the phone with me giving me career advice. I’ve never forgotten that day. That, my friends, is what social media is all about – for individuals and businesses.

  139. ginidietrich belllindsay  thanks. see ya in San Diego and Harrisburg

  140. lizreusswig says:

    ginidietrich  markwschaefer Yes, are either of you planning to attend any events in the next few months to discuss your books? Ahem…

  141. @jason_ says:

    LauraPetrolino belllindsay Is it too soon or shots?

  142. ginidietrich says:

    LauraPetrolino I CAN STILL HEAR YOU

  143. belllindsay says:

    LauraPetrolino ginidietrich Party at GINI’S HOUSE!

  144. CarrieMorgan says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  I think the hook on Tao of Twitter was brilliant, Mark. It sold the book on the shelf without ever opening it. Not that the content wasn’t fab, too! LOL

  145. ginidietrich says:

    markwschaefer Yes, you will!

  146. Word Ninja says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich Understood. This is the first time I’ve typed it out loud.

  147. ginidietrich LauraPetrolino  oh.crap.


  148. ginidietrich says:

    belllindsay LauraPetrolino Mr. D isn’t going anywhere!

  149. CarrieMorgan markwschaefer ginidietrich  good point. it is book that is truly beloved. I hear form people all over the world every day who use that book!

  150. CarrieMorgan says:

    Mark, if you could give one piece of advice to those upselling the c-suite on whether or not they should do Facebook now that reach has been reduced, what would it be? Specifically for those who insist on doing it organically without paid advertising support…

  151. belllindsay says:

    ginidietrich belllindsay LauraPetrolino  He’s planning it!

  152. CarrieMorgan  This is Content Shock happening before our eyes. Too much content forces dramatically reduced reach. The organic reach of corporate content will be near zero by the end of 2015. I guess maybe have them read the Content Shock article? There is no way to win on Facebook without paid support. It’s time to try new avenues.

  153. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer CarrieMorgan  It’s definitely VERY noisy out there these days.

  154. lizreusswig says:

    ginidietrich markwschaefer  We are very excited you’re both coming to Harrisburg!  Hoping to see some Spin Sucks Crazies, too! 🙂  cc jasonkonopinski @jason

  155. Let me know when Gini’s gone so I can start swearing.

  156. THIS IS FROM LINDSAY (as her spokesperson I’m providing this as her official statement on Mark Schaefer: 

    “I tell this story often, but it’s a classic example of the power of social media. When I first left broadcasting, and was transitioning into digital/social, @markwschaefer was one of the first people to connect with me online – and trust me, I was *beyond a nobody*. He actually spent a half-hour on the phone with me giving me career advice. I’ve never forgotten that day. That, my friends, is what social media is all about – for individuals and businesses.”

  157. CarrieMorgan says:

    markwschaefer ginidietrich  The comments were fascinating – and actually changed how I perceive some of those who engaged by how they reacted to challenge or  criticism.

  158. jonmikelbailey  She gone!!! Good timing! Come the bleep on in!

  159. belllindsay markwschaefer CarrieMorgan  By 2020, the amount of information on the Internet is going to increase by 600% Can you get your head around that? We are going to have SIX new Internets worth of content. And the gurus say there is no problem?

  160. belllindsay says:

    My comments are acting up. 🙁

  161. belllindsay  Hello, I see you!

  162. belllindsay says:

    LauraPetrolino YAY I’m back!

  163. belllindsay LauraPetrolino  man, we missed you!

  164. lizreusswig says:

    LauraPetrolino  belllindsay markwschaefer And that is who Mark is!

  165. markwschaefer belllindsay CarrieMorgan  oy!

  166. LauraPetrolino  Awwww. Thank you. I am in a blessed position in my career where I can help people.

  167. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer belllindsay CarrieMorgan  It’s truly an insane number. Insane.

  168. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  That was back in 2000. And look at me NOW! LOL

  169. lizreusswig says:

    markwschaefer belllindsay CarrieMorgan  This makes my head hurt!

  170. aimeelwest LauraPetrolino ginidietrich markwschaefer  just unhappy, I’ve gone through this myself before. Just unhappy and enjoy the drama 🙁 It’s a gift social media gives them in their passive aggressive lives.

  171. CarrieMorgan markwschaefer ginidietrich  Yes, I got that reaction from a lot of people. I actually had to delete a lot of comments because they were being so harsh against some of those people (profane actually). I needed to keep it professional, even if some of my dissenters were not.

  172. belllindsay markwschaefer LauraPetrolino  Now you are my intern!!! Look at you go!

  173. belllindsay says:

    Is there a “what’s next” for Social Media?

  174. belllindsay says:

    LauraPetrolino belllindsay markwschaefer  HAHAHAHAHA!! I am NOT your intern!!!

  175. belllindsay  I was just getting ready to ask that but my version was way wordier.

  176. belllindsay says:

    jonmikelbailey You’re very wordy, JMB.

  177. jonmikelbailey belllindsay  Lindsay does that exact same thing to me. I’ll have two paragraphs and she says the same thing in 5 words!

  178. CarrieMorgan says:

    markwschaefer CarrieMorgan ginidietrich  Shame on them. There is no excuse for that. Sometimes I think ego gets in the way of common sense and politeness. Ego doesn’t excuse being a complete jerk. 

    (I thought about a much stronger word there, since Gini is gone, but good sense prevailed.).

  179. belllindsay says:

    CarrieMorgan markwschaefer ginidietrich  Of course, now I want to see the original comment thread. 😉

  180. belllindsay says:

    Not much time left folks, get your questions in now!

  181. belllindsay  I think the what’s next is going to be forged by the Content Shock issue. Everything is driven by economics and the economics of the social web are changing dramatically. I am beginning to crystallize some thoughts about this but I think these dynamics will force social media activity and platforms that are smaller (like Vine), filtering (like Zite), more entertaining (like Red Bull) and more human (like Johnson & Johnson). A few early thoughts. 

    Another driver is that search as we know is going to be replaced by cognitive computers that provide answers, not lists of links and blog posts. 

    I think these are going to the two big drivers of change

  182. CarrieMorgan If you’re a jerk, that will be amplified on the social web.

  183. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer I love what people are doing on the cognitive front, intuitive text, speech pattern recognition, etc.. Beyond my little brain, but SO fascinating!!

  184. morgancarrie says:

    jason_ So glad you posted that, or I would have missed it! Thanks. =)

  185. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer CarrieMorgan  Amen.

  186. belllindsay says:

    Is there a book out there that you haven’t written yet, Mark?

  187. BTW, here is a link to the Content Shock article:

  188. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer  Thanks!

  189. Here’s one I’ve been pondering for a while. There’s always been this belief that “quality content” floats to the top, but the enormous popularity of sites like Buzzfeed, Upworthy, and ViralNova seems to turn that idea firmly on its ear.  The quizzes and such seem to go way, way further in social than the most well-written and cogently argued blog posts. 

    With that in mind, how do you reconcile these two contradictions?

  190. Word Ninja says:

    lizreusswig markwschaefer  Great analogy…

  191. belllindsay  I literally have so many ideas I can’t get them out fast enough!  Usually, the blog will do, but sometimes I need to tell a longer story so books will probably always have a role somewhere for me but who knows. I’m adaptable to new platforms too!

  192. belllindsay says:

    Well, folks, it’s about time to wrap this up. Super duper special thanks to markwschaefer, and to all of you for being here. Everyone get out there and snap up his book, and come on back and add questions or comments until midnight for a chance to win a copy.

  193. belllindsay markwschaefer  Thank you so much for joining us Mark!!!

  194. lizreusswig says:

    belllindsay markwschaefer  Thank you, Mark!  And of course thanks to Spin Sucks Team, too! 🙂

  195. @jason_ says:

    markwschaefer  Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Mark.

  196. belllindsay says:

    markwschaefer I think romance is next for you. 😉

  197. lizreusswig says:

    jasonkonopinski  This made me wonder if Charlie Rose’s ratings are higher than say, The Kardashians?

  198. belllindsay Oh, a natural fit!!

  199. Thanks for the great conversation every one.

  200. CarrieMorgan says:

    Thank you, Mark and the great SpinSucks team! Great convo!

  201. jason_ says:

    morgancarrie Happy to help!

  202. aimeelwest says:

    LauraPetrolino aimeelwest ginidietrich markwschaefer  That is what we think it is too..

  203. aimeelwest says:

    Thank you for your time Mark! Now go soak those fingers 🙂

  204. ginidietrich says:

    jonmikelbailey  I CAN HEAR YOU!

  205. ginidietrich says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winners. amandalgant and aimeelwest! Amanda, I have your address. Aimee, I’ll shoot you a note.

  206. amandalgant says:

    ginidietrich amandalgant aimeelwest  I’m so excited! Especially since it’s markwschaefer book. Thanks, Team SpinSucks and Mark!

  207. aimeelwest says:

    ginidietrich amandalgantaimeelwestWOW!! I wondered if this was why you wanted my address. Oh I am so excited! Now I can give the copy I have on order to a friend 🙂 Thank you Spin Sucks and Mark!

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  210. […] Hemann, Michael Brito, DJ Waldow, Tom Martin, Ahava Leibtag, Jay Baer, Shel Israel, Mark Schaefer, Gini Dietrich, Rob Biesenbach, Steve McKee, Neal Schaffer, Ed Zitron, Ann Handley, Tim […]

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