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Two Lessons from Most Commented on Blog Posts

By: Gini Dietrich | August 27, 2014 | 

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It’s the last official week of summer and I’m taking the next two days off because Mattie Dietrich is coming to visit and we’re going to play.

Because of that, I’ll admit I’m a little less motivated to write a super compelling blog post that is going to blow your socks off.

Even though Lindsay Bell thinks I’m a robot, as it turns out, my brain needs a break.

So I was trolling through some blog posts from 2011 to see if there was something I could repurpose and call it a (lazy) day.

I happened upon Michael Schechter’s, “Five Reasons I Should Get More Comments than Gini Dietrich” from August of 2011 and I got flustered all over again (what a jerk!).

Which compelled me to see which blog posts have had the most comments…and he is the reigning champ.

At 661 comments, he has me beat by 143! On my own blog! Did I mention he’s a jerk?

Most Commented on Blog Posts

This led me to thinking it’d be fun to list the top commented on blog posts since Spin Sucks was incepted in September of 2006.

Are you ready?

  1. Beware the Google+ Experts. I’m embarrassed about this blog post. Actually, this blog post is the one that made me sit back and think about our vision and whether our content works toward achieving it. Now we won’t publish anything that doesn’t fit our vision. But, at 518 comments, it definitely struck a nerve.
  2. Ann Handley’s Author Q&A. We were just talking about this in our staff meeting yesterday. Ann’s live Q&A completely knocked it out of the park. I mean, she totally rocks and the topic is great. At 412 comments, she is going to be hard to beat!
  3. Danny Brown’s Author Q&A. Danny totally held the live Q&A crown until last week. Sorry, buddy! At 396 comments, he was pretty far ahead for quite some time.
  4. A Blog Post About Nothing. We still laugh about this Seinfeld of blog posts from June of 2011. I had zero inspiration and really just wanted to go ride my bike (good to know nothing has changed). So I pumped out 300 words about, literally, nothing and went on my way.
  5. My Author Q&A. I’m telling you. I get no respect around here. I can’t even get the most comments on my own live Q&A. At 362 comments, Danny and Ann both beat my butt pretty badly.

To round out the top 10, of the next four most commented on blog posts, three are author Q&As.

What that should tell you is if you want blog posts that people comment on, do live interviews with people of interest in your industry!

Number of Blog Posts Related to Comments

Also of interest are the following stats:

  • 600 comments: 1 blog post
  • 500-599 comments: 1 blog post
  • 400-499 comments: 1 blog post
  • 300-399 comments: 12 blog posts
  • 200-299 comments: 47 blog posts
  • 100-199 comments: 410 blog posts
  • Less than 100 comments: 221 blog posts

There also were more than three years that we had zero comments on any blog posts. Zero. For more than three years.

That just goes to show how persistence definitely pays off. Eventually.

All in, a couple of really good lessons if gaining comments on blog posts—to build community—is one of your goals.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • I’m sorry Gini, but I keep reading other blog posts that comments are dead. Ha!

    Actually, one of the great things that originally attracted me to the blog was not just the content but the conversations that were taking place. Often you can learn as much from the comments as you can the post itself.

  • Those are pretty interesting stats.  Here’s a thought…it is your blog, so you can add all the comments together and count them as your own…WINNER!  Enjoy your long weekend! 🙂

  • ClayMorgan Hear ye, hear ye!

  • ClayMorgan LOL…this comment made me visualize all us “crazies” dancing on the graveyard of comments!

  • I have always said I blog to “practice my writing muscle” but who am I kidding? I love comments! I am amazed at how much good content I see out there in blogland that has zero comments. Maybe those people just want to practice their writing muscles too, but it’s a shame to see great content hiding its light under the proverbial cyberbushel.  Personal bloggers definitely need to be their own best advocates (participating in blog hops, sharing across other channels, etc.) if they want some comment love. This was a really interesting breakdown!

  • Wow. Those are crazy numbers. So, you were right about Danny Brown – I refused to believe it – LOL And while I do think you are a robot – I also think you’re becoming less robot’y. That makes me a little sad. I like my Gini’bot!

  • Finally you write about an area I can declare myself an expert…time off and brain breaks! Enjoy your time and family but don’t think for a moment that we will keep our comments to ourselves while you’re away.  You have taught your children well 😉

  • annelizhannan HAHAHA!!

  • lizreusswig I like the way you think.

  • steve_dodd

    annelizhannan ClayMorgan Absolutely!  If there are no comments, there is no real “community” for discussion, just a one way broadcast of personal opinion (IMO LOL).

  • Wow! There is a lot of work behind those numbers.

    Have an absolutely great time! xoxo

  • I need to check, but I’m pretty sure my first blog post on Spin Sucks got more comments than any of my other posts. It was a nice ego bump to get started (really, it was a lot of Crazies introducing themselves) but it set the bar so high!

  • My favorite stat is the one about zero comments. Zero. And, yep, the lesson is persistence, but persistence plus quality content plus distribution to the right audiences. (I learned that last part from ClayMorgan.)

  • steve_dodd IMO also in one way broadcast of personal opinion. Only benefit is I don’t have many disagreements when speaking to myself…usually 😉

  • Trying to decide if I should comment or not.

  • Maybe I should.

  • ginidietrich surely could use the commenting boost.

  • I took her Google Plus webinar and it was really slick.

  • She used animation techniques.

  • And Mr T voice overs to prove certain points.

  • corinamanea you do know that ginidietrich is really just a virtual computer program running Apple’s Advanced Holographic A19 O/S that is in beta testing right? That is how she pumps out the content.

  • belllindsay annelizhannan I bet Gini is really at a Facebook 101 Bootcamp. That is how she relaxes.

  • Eleanor Pierce lizreusswig as the blog accountant it seems Gini has been double counting and adding all the LIKES in as well. a full audit will take place with new results declared in 3-4 months.

  • You should totally turn the comments off. You know the data tells you to.

  • belllindsay Never underestimate a Scotsman sans kilt.

  • stevesonn

    Your Google+ post reminded me of how most everyone was predicting world domination when it launched. I like G+ and think it offers a lot of value, but funny how things change in just a couple years.

  • Howie Goldfarb Mr. T always makes everything better!

  • I love this!! I always find it interesting which blog posts of mine get a lot of comments and which just bomb out in the comment department. It ALWAYS surprises me. Sometimes when I think I’m super insightful and awesome…crickets. I like to assume that’s because everyone is just really deep in thought.

  • KevinVandever

    Not only is Michael reigning champ, but he makes certain, in the most subtle of ways, to remind Gini of this fact. Check out my Zite feed from July 14, 2014, almost three years after Michael’s record setting post. Well played, Michael. Well played!

  • Danny Brown Well, hellooooo, Sailor!

  • Howie Goldfarb ginidietrich Oh, man. I always thought I talked with a real person. Thanks Howie for opening my eyes!

    #whatamIgoingtodowithmylifenow 🙂

  • ClayMorgan You sure know how to push my buttons.

  • annelizhannan steve_dodd The whole blogging without conversation doesn’t make sense to me. I know it’s time consuming and there’s spam and all of that, but the pros way outweigh the cons.

  • lizreusswig LOL!! I am totally going to do that. Take that, Shrek!

  • biggreenpen I still wonder why we went an entire three years without any comments. Any sane person would have shut it down. BUT, you know those days you don’t feel like writing? You crazy people are the reason I do.

  • belllindsay It’s because I’m becoming more robot’y in other areas of my life. My FIL is astounded by some of the things I do.

  • Danny Brown belllindsay I told her, Danny, you were the reigning champ! She didn’t believe me!

  • annelizhannan I figure it’s a good time to take a few days off because no one else will be working, either.

  • corinamanea I hate to tell you how easy it was.

  • Howie Goldfarb corinamanea Ah man. I wish!

  • Eleanor Pierce That was the Inquisition one? Or the one you wrote?

  • Word Ninja I’m still shocked we kept it going. Clearly I wasn’t thinking.

  • Howie Goldfarb You’re insane. LOL!!

  • Danny Brown WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO ME?!?!

  • stevesonn Isn’t it? I was totally fed up with the experts and how people flocked to them. We have to let these things pan out first.

  • LauraPetrolino It’s always the same for me! The posts I’m fearful of publishing go gang busters and the ones I am really proud of no one comments on. People!

  • KevinVandever BLAH!

  • ginidietrich Is that where instinct and passion comes in? I’ve written a couple times about setting goals but not without mentioning that goals–at least personal ones–should be based on values. What drives us to be persistant even when our efforts appear to amount to 0? Some force must drive us that we may not even recognize at the time. (Like insanity.)

  • ginidietrich

  • 2006? Did they even have blog posts then; I thought they were called letters back then.

    3 years of crickets; amazing. You do win the prize for perseverance…if they are giving any prizes for this these days. 

    Have fun on your time off, I think I’ll take some time off too; and of course I’m telling you this just in case you can’t tell the difference when I am taking time off and I am not…:).

  • ginidietrich LauraPetrolino Yeah, I like to assume that the really well done posts are just so tidily thought-out that everyone is left speechless. Like there’s a silent mic-drop at the end.

  • ginidietrich Eleanor Pierce I meant the one I wrote.

  • Eleanor Pierce ginidietrich LauraPetrolino In Gini’s case, it’s just the fact that people are astounded she actually came up with that level of insight…. 😉
    *hides in corner*

  • So, if ginidietrich is offline for the next days, there is a party coming up at Arment Dietrich? Are we invited? What should we bring?

  • Danny Brown Eleanor Pierce ginidietrich LauraPetrolino Oooooh snap

  • Bring swear words and naked unicorns!

  • bdorman264 I think it was called the Pony Express back then.

  • I can’t believe Danny Brown beat you, that’s just wrong…..

  • ginidietrich Welcome to….well….you know…. 😉

  • ginidietrich Danny Brown LA LA LA LA I can’t HEAR YOU!!!

  • JoshuaJLight

    This is very interesting. Do posts with a lot of comments get traffic from livefyre?

  • jfouts

    peterhandzus ginidietrich it’s a good read!

  • belllindsay

    ginidietrich EXACTLY!!! LOL!!

  • SusynEliseDuris

    Good post, Gini. The Google + one stands out for me since Google has pulled the plug on Google Authorship and based on what I know of the strategy changes going on at Google, G+ won’t be far behind. 

    I have been fascinated and impressed with you using your own organization as a case study on many things. Your comments you have made up to now should confirm to any serious marketer that content development, blogging, and marketing, for that matter, is not instant gratification. It takes persistence and time investment to connect, build up your base, find your own rhythm, etc.