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My Latest Addiction: Genieo

By: Arment Dietrich | September 24, 2010 | 

In place of today’s Top Five post, we have a special guest post by Shelly Kramer, founder and chief imagination officer of V3 Integrated Marketing, about a new must-have tool.

I don’t need drugs. I just need technology. And technology that makes my life easier makes me swoon. My latest heartthrob is a private, unmineable news reader that combines my social streams with my news streams. And in what is nothing less than a stroke of GENIUS (pun intended) Genieo can do what products like Flipboard and My6Sense can’t – it can tell the difference between ATTENTION and INTENTION.

Why does that matter? Well (she says, rubbing hands gleefully together), let me tell you. Genieo can intuitively sense whether I’m intentionally looking for a new product (like a social media monitoring service) or whether I’m paying attention to the social media monitoring space because I want to know who’s saying what about the industry because I have a client who happens to sell social media monitoring services. Get it? Intention = want to buy something. Attention = paying attention to a particular space because I’m interested in something beyond a purchase.

Here’s another example. Say I’m looking for a new phone. Genieo will be able to tell that. And oh-so-conveniently, Genieo will send me Craigslist listings, tweets and reviews for phones until I no longer need them. Oh, and I don’t have to tell Genieo that I no longer need them, it will just know. Sweeeeeet.

Need more reasons why Genieo is like my crack cocaine? I am a voracious consumer of news. Genieo will send me amazing news, blog posts, and stories from feeds it thinks I might like, based on my behavior and patterns it senses. It finds tweets, streams I’ve missed, either because the Facebook algorithm didn’t promote it in my feed or, heaven forbid, because I was offline.

And there’s more. Say I happened upon a random blog post that I “liked” then promptly forgot about. In my world, that happens daily. Well, part of the secret sauce that is Genieo is that if that same blog posts another story, months later, about social media monitoring or a great chef or some new gadget, Genieo would know that I would be interested and pop that baby on my home page. This is serious stuff.

Genieo is a magical combination of to infinity and beyond personalization combined with privacy. And something about that magic – and the fact that no matter what Facebook says, privacy really isn’t dead – is definitely paying off. Genieo reports that its users spend a whopping 300 minutes per month online. Unquestionably impressive compared to the 100 minutes that comStock recently reported Facebook users spend per month online. What is that? Oh wait, it’s the Holy Grail that everyone seeks: Genieo is STICKY. Its users go there and they STAY there.

One warning: Genieo works on Windows right now, but I’m able to overlook that by using it on the iPhone and iPad (and yes, there’s an Android version, too). I’m now cooling my heels waiting for the Mac version, which is rumored to be in the works.

Let’s recap. Personalized. Private. Intuitive. Feeding my addiction for news and relevant content, both from a personal and a professional standpoint. Making my life easier. Making me more productive. Which equates to helping me deliver better results for clients. In case you want more than my say-so, ReadWriteWeb did a nice review of Genieo, calling it a “sophisticated recommendation engine.” And a hat tip to the intrepid Merredith Branscome of LeapPR, who is well aware of my little addiction to techie stuff and who forced me to check out Genieo.

I love Genieo. And you’re welcome. Because I know you will, too.

Shelly Kramer is the founder and chief imagination officer of V3 Integrated Marketing, a full-service marketing and social media agency headquartered in Kansas City, Mo. She’s recognized as one of the Top 100 Women to Follow on Twitter, has been twice recognized by Forbes, both as an entrepreneur to pay attention to and as the author of an outstanding business and social media blog. She’s also a huge fan of not only Gini Dietrich, but the whole Arment Dietrich crew. (From Gini: And I’m a huge fan of Shelly, as well!)

  • Shelly, Gini and Daniel, I LOVE the sound of this, and guarantee I will go check it out. I, too, am a news and information junky, so I look forward to what Genieo has to offer…thanks!

    • Oopsie … replied in the wrong place. I’m a #dingdong. Glad you liked it Nancy-girl!


  • BRILLIANT!!!!!


    • Hi Tommy. I know what a news junkie (and new tech loving guy) that you are …. so it’s no surprise that Genieo is right up your alley. You’ll have to let me know what you think if you play with it. Thanks for coming by!


  • Thanks Nancy. Am so glad you like it. I predict that in no time you’ll see why I’m swooning!


  • I’ve been playing with Flipboard for a while now and thought it was useful until I read your blog post and checked out Genieo. On to better technology and an easier way to manage the info flow. Thanks.

    • Darcie,

      I feel the same way. Can’t wait until it works on my Mac, though!!


  • Shelly, I read this column because of you and curious about your latest addiction. I am not the geek you are and after starting to read, debated about continuing. Then you rubbed your hands together, I stuck with it and got it. (Quote marks deleted) It does sound wonderful. Cherry

    • Cherry,

      You know me too well. It’s always something! Usually food. But technology is right up there. Check this out, you’ll enjoy it.


  • That sounds absolutely FANTASTIC! I’m a voracious news consumer, too, and this sounds like a god send. Of course, I’m a Mac user so I’ll have to wait. Hopefully not long. Seems the iPhone and iPad haven’t completely delivered us from our 2nd rate citizen status in all developer circles. 😉 Okay, at least they made the iPhone and iPad apps. That doesn’t help me much though – my iPhone 3G is WAY too slow to consume much content in a timely fashion.

    Thanks for tip Shelly!

    • Heather,

      Like you, I’m chomping at the bit – and it’s sooooo annoying to not be able to use on the Mac. Especially in the circles “we run in” ….. I hardly know anyone who’s not a Mac user :)))

      Thanks for the read and let’s cross our fingers that Genieo hurries up so that we can continue to feed our mutual addictions for information!


  • Shelly,
    Thank you for sharing your personal experience with Genieo.
    As you can imagine I LOVE your story! for people like yourself that consume a lot of information online we develop this product!
    Thank you!
    Genieo Innovation

    You’re all invited to join our Facebook community:

    • Hi Sol,

      Always happy to share something uber cool – and I think you guys have a great concept.


  • Genieo is the next best thing when it comes in information consumption. I’ve been working with Genieo for a few months now and I can’t even remember how I worked before that.

    I am currently working as a contributing editor of the largest Tech Blog in Israel and I must say that Genieo made my work a lot easier.

    Shelly, I put it to words better then I could have put it myself. I’m addicted. 🙂

    • Ha! Well, Yaniv, it is a pleasure to share an addiction with you! So glad to hear you’re enjoying Genieo as much as I am!!


  • Deb Bruser ( JoyFull_deb)

    I can hardly wait to try it out!!!

    YOU #ROCk, Shelly :=)
    Have a great weekend….

    • Thanks Deb. Let me know how you like it.


      P.S. I cleaned the basement this weekend. Where were you? Didn’t you promise to help??

  • Dez

    Wonderful tips. I’ve got this installed on both my personal desktop and work laptop now and even within a few days of using it I’m already seeing some great stuff that I would have missed.

    This combined with my daily just about completes my needs for things that I don’t see when I’m not staring at my timeline(s)

    • This looks amazing! I’m downloading it as I type this! And yes…the Mac version..can’t wait. Thanks!


      • Glad you are excited Rachael. I felt the same way! Loving Genieo :)))


    • I’ve not fallen in love yet with, Dev, but maybe I need to look harder. So glad to hear you’re finding Genieo useful, though. It’s hard not having access on my laptop (Mac user), so I don’t get as much out of it as I could …. but I’m anxiously awaiting that addition!

      Thanks for coming by – and for sharing your thoughts!


  • Here’s what I love – you know all of those “email updates” you get when you’re looking for things that you’ll no longer get with Genieo?

    Yeah. THOSE!

    • Agree! My biggest problem with it — I keep forgetting the proper spelling! That, however, I can overlook :)))

  • Sure. Thanks. You got me all fired up. I went to the site. I tried to download.

    No Mac version. Really?

    Isn’t that like the best tires ever with no sizes for the Ferrari?

    So sad…

    • Doyle, I hear ya! But you can use it on the iPhone + the iPad (both of which I KNOW you have). The Genieo folks have promised me a Mac desktop version by Christmas – I’m holding them to it!!


  • zxcvasfgeteee

    @Sol Tzvi Oh yes, it’s a marvel of intrusive adware from a company who enable some very dubious affiliates & persistently lie about how to remove it. Genieo is adware