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Seven Pinterest Content Marketing Tips

By: Shanna Mallon | November 7, 2013 | 


By Shanna Mallon

As it turns out, there’s more to Pinterest than pretty pictures.

For brands, Pinterest is a great resource for spreading the word about what you make, and who you are.

In fact, when used strategically, Pinterest not only helps you promote your brand, but also observe what’s popular, enhance your branding, and more.

With that in mind, here are some tips for making the most out of the social network everybody’s talking about.

Post Pictures of Your Product in Use

Say you’re a brand like West Elm that sells home goods such as glassware and furniture.

Use Pinterest to showcase your products in action – being used as serving dishes at a dinner party, set out beneath a picture of a pie recipe on a food blog, or as part of a wedding banquet.

Pretty pictures do well on image-focused Pinterest, and when those pretty pictures showcase your products, they’re the perfect way to promote your brand online.


Post Customer Testimonials

Bloggers love sharing their opinions about products and services. Are any of them talking about what you sell?

Pin the good feedback to Pinterest to help spread its reach. Customer referrals are essentially referral marketing, and there’s little more powerful than that.

Photo book company Artifact Uprising demonstrates this well on its boards.


Post Your Company’s Story and Background

Pinterest provides a great opportunity to share more of your brand’s story with your followers.

Say you’re an organic grocery store like Whole Foods, specializing in natural foods and products. Of course you should set up boards with dinner recipes and ideas for using vegetables, but why not use Pinterest to also showcase gardening ideas and luxury kitchen designs, when those are representative of what your brand is and does?

Pinterest gives you an opportunity to provide a fuller picture of who you are.


Pin Content Relevant to Your Brand

Hand-in-hand with the last point is this one: Post content relevant to your brand.

If you’re a Chicago-based marketing company like Straight North, this might mean boards about Chicago food, as well as boards about web design.

If you’re a design blogger, it might mean cool kitchens or inspiring architecture. Think about your areas of focus, and let those inform the things you post.


Pin Your Own Blog Posts

Pinning your own blog content is sixth in this list of tips for a reason: Sharing your content should never be the bulk of what you post.

Social networks are about being social, collaborating, promoting one another, and interacting. So when all you do is share your own content, you seem like that annoying guy at a party who won’t shut up.

Still though, sharing your own content tastefully is a powerful way to promote your blog online. Followers will click the link through to your page; some might share it with others; and so on.

Consider setting up a board dedicated to your blog content, the way blogger Beth Kirby of Local Milk has done. This allows her to showcase her own content while also engaging and interacting around work done by others.


Find Inspiration for Future Blog Posts

The flip side of using Pinterest for content marketing is less about what you post and more about what you see. Follow your industry’s top bloggers and businesses. Follow users who inspire you and share your passions.

As you watch those users pin content over time, you naturally gain ideas and inspiration to fuel your own work.

Have you been using Pinterest for content marketing already? Why or why not? In either case, do you think using the ideas in this post could help you achieve the results you’re after? Why not give them a shot?

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About Shanna Mallon

Shanna Mallon is a writer for StraightNorth, a Chicago web design firm providing specialized SEO, Twitter marketing strategy, web development, and other online marketing services. Follow StraightNorth on Twitter @straightnorth.

  • I became a believer in Pinterest for content when I realized that while looking for ideas on how to set up my home office, I was looking on Pinterest, not Google. Good post!

    • ClayMorgan Hahaha!! I did the same thing when I set up my office!

  • Great tips – love how you showed a B2B example as well. You can tell a story through images and there are some brands that do this really well on Pinterest like Whole Foods. 
    And so important to link back to your site!! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen brands not linking back to their sites…drives me nuts!! Such a lost opportunity!

  • I LOVE PINTEREST! You gave me one really good idea that I hadn’t yet considered. So thank you!

    • ginidietrich I unfollowed all your boards. Way to chaotic and so many of car tires and cheetohs.

  • Good comprehensive view of what Pinterest can do. As a user, I still use it more for personal use (recipes, etc.) but I can see why it makes sense for the businesses to be there … because I may run across their pins in the process of looking for my recipe or other idea and get more interested in that business.

  • I have noticed pin creep. Meaning boards getting so full of pins anything not close to the top is buried forever. I also see a ton of the same ins floating around that go to bad links and are not brand centric. Sometimes I wonder how much content gets shared but never clicked through to a website/source.

    I guess my feeling is proper curated inspiration boards that are up kept and culled of old stuff to me have highest impact.

  • I mentioned Pinterest to a B2B client of mine and she looked at me like I told her that McDonald’s was good for you.

  • And I practice what I preach. Note the cover book for “Marketing Books I HIGHLY Recommend”…

  • You posted some great tips here. 
    I really like the idea of having pictures of products in use. It makes total sense, but I  wonder how many people actually do it. I think it can be too easy just to use the regular photo instead of one in use. 
    Also, pinning your own blog posts is a good idea, but people need to use interesting photos otherwise people won’t bother with it. 


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