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Seven Ways to Convert Your Superfans into Customers

By: Gini Dietrich | March 12, 2013 | 

Seven Ways to Convert Your Superfans into CustomersI’ve been thinking a lot about this blogging thing lately and whether or not we’re converting our superfans to clients or referral partners.

You see, the big, big vision of Spin Sucks is to change the perception of the PR industry. It may not happen in my lifetime, but I want it to be my legacy.

It’s somewhat selfish because I’m tired of having prospects call me to say they’re looking for a PR firm, only to discover they really mean they want their name in lights.

Of course, that’s one tactic communications professionals use, but because it’s so hard to measure to something most executives really care about (money), clients don’t stay with you long if that’s all you do.

There is still lots and lots of education about how we work, what the industry does, and how we measure our efforts to real results.

Revisit the Basics

It’s exhausting sometimes. I’m exhausted.

Then I read a quote from Chris Guillebeau. He said, “If you only have a few readers, treat them like the most important people in the world” and suddenly I was reinvigorated.

Sure, we have more than a few readers now and yes, we do treat our superfans like the most important people in the world with things such as #FollowFriday and Gin and Topics and guest blogging.

But we no longer do some of the things that helped us get where we are today and I thought it’d do me some good (and hopefully you too) to revisit the basics.

Convert Your Superfans

Therefore, I give you the seven step guide to convert your superfans into customers or a referral network.

1. Find your superfans. Sometimes it’s easy to tell who your superfans are because they begin to comment on your blog consistently. Our superfans change. For instance, Joe Cardillo and Dwayne Alicie, while long-time readers, have just joined the community in the comments here. I know this because I pay attention.

But what if your superfans are not commenters? Dig into your analytics to find out who clicks through in their email subscription every day, who shares your stuff on the social networks, and whether or not they’re reaching out to you in other ways (email, friend requests, or phone calls). Scott Propp is one such superfan. He’s been sharing our stuff on Twitter for a few months. He was in Chicago last week and I had the opportunity to meet him. While he won’t work directly with us, we found a way to refer business to one another. This will create a business opportunity from a reader and we’ll be friends for life.

2. Give your superfans a name. I call you the crazies. I’m sure you’ve heard me say this before. When people ask me how I’ve created such a fun community here, I say, “Oh. You mean the crazies?” I mean that lovingly, of course (because I’m crazy, too), but it’s hard to find another place on the web where people convene to talk to one another almost more than they come to talk to the author. You’ve become friends, highlight each other on your blogs, and meet in person. The only thing I take credit for is giving you a place to chat and have fun and open discussions. It’s pretty freaking awesome.

3. Keep them on your radar. With TweetDeck going away (I’m so sad!), users have an opportunity to rebuild their lists that might be six years old (cough, cough). Add them to your Twitter lists, Google+ circles and communities, LinkedIn groups, or private Facebook groups.

4. Conduct live webcasts, Hangouts, or Q&As. I love to do this one through our author Livefyre Q&A (don’t miss Chris Brogan here one week from today!) and through our monthly Spin Sucks Pro webinars, but you could do a monthly Hangout like Lori Gosselin does or have an active Google+ community like Jeannie Walters. Do what works for you so your superfans can have access to you.

5. Personally reach out to readers. Andy Crestodina does this extremely well. For people in Chicago, he does monthly Wine and Web events and on Thursday nights at 6 p.m., he goes to the same bar so anyone who wants to show up can. He also wrote a blog post for us in which he posted his phone number…and people called him!

You can take it a step further by finding your superfans and writing them a handwritten note, sending an email, calling them, or finding a reason to meet in person. Talk about moving superfans into giving you their first born child. It works.

6. Create content for specific people. You can do this by mentioning them in your posts (like I’ve done here), doing special posts such as #FollowFriday, or writing content because of a request (don’t worry, Brad Marley…it’s coming).

7. Post photos of gifts. This is a strange one, but when you accumulate superfans, they send you gifts. The best thing you can do for them? Publicly thank them by taking a picture and posting to your social networks and tag them. This doesn’t come across as narcissistic, rather it makes the person feel good to know you care enough to go that extra step.

Of course, that means some people will take advantage and you can decide how to handle those individually, but on the whole, most will be really excited you highlighted them in that way.

While I do most of this instinctually and as part of my daily routine, I am going to focus on numbers one and five in the next 30 days to see where it goes.

What works for you?

P.S. Thanks to Andy for the idea for this post. I was searching his blog for something else and came across his four step guide to creating superfans. I took the idea and turned it into converting to customers or a referral network.

About Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm. She is the author of Spin Sucks, co-author of Marketing in the Round, and co-host of Inside PR. She also is the lead blogger at Spin Sucks and is the founder of Spin Sucks Pro. Join the Spin Sucks   community!

  • HowieG

    So what you are saying is @andycrestodina uses work as an excuse for heavy drinking? I need to get to Chicago you all have way too much fun.
    Chris Brogan is totally one of your Superfans. We were out drinking heavy with Andy (do we do anything else?) and he couldn’t stop talking about you. I think he wants to intern at A-D.
    I already have my questions ready for him. But I was told I can’t come? Great excuse to get out of Passover dinner set up at my parents. They love you Gini. I just say your name and I get out of everything. They seriously do love you btw.

    • belllindsay

      @HowieG I wish I could have Passover dinner. What’s your folks’ address…?

      • @belllindsay  @HowieG  If Lindsay is grabbing an invite to Howie’s parents’ home than I want to come too. I’ll pick up a bottle of good Kosher wine (yes it exists) and join you.
        It’ll be a Spin Sucks seder with a bit of Festivus thrown in for good measure.

        • belllindsay

          @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @HowieG Is Tom coming too….?

        • @belllindsay  @HowieG He is bringing the brisket.

        • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @belllindsay  @HowieG Do I get to come too??

        • belllindsay

          @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @HowieG Well, I won’t back down.

        • @ginidietrich  @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @belllindsay  @HowieG Who could say no to Duchess Iron Boot. 😉

        • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @belllindsay  @HowieG Only eight more days!

        • HowieG

          @ginidietrich  @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @belllindsay if you come you get to meet Lili! It’s Tuesday fly into Albany Airport will pick you up. My mom has the brisket!

    • @HowieG There are about 20 different responses to this one comment. I’ll leave it with this: You’d better be here next Tuesday from 12-1 ET.

    • crestodina

      @HowieG Yes, drinks are a good way to build fans! But it sometimes works against another way that I build relationships: daily early morning meetings. Everyday, I meet with someone at 8am here at the office. Sometimes it’s job seekers, sometimes it’s leads, people who saw me speak somewhere or just old friends. 
      Some people think I’m crazy for spending time on this, but when they realize that I have 200 face-to-face meetings per year that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, they start to see the value. The only problem is Thursday night drinks followed by Friday morning meetings. It’s rough sometimes…

      • HowieG

        @crestodina you close the bar with @ginidietrich thursday nights. And pick up the tab no wonder she likes you!

  • Hi Gini,
    Yes, once we’re (at least moderately) successful we stop doing the things that got us to that point!  Thanks for the mention, by the way, but I’ve got a few minutes and would like to go through all your points to see where I stand.
    1. Yes, superfans are easy to spot. For me it’s all about the conversation on the porch – no need to dig and see who’s reading. As long as subscriptions don’t go down (and go UP – you know what I mean!)
    2. Naming them is a great idea. I’ll have to give that some thought. When a group has a name they feel more cohesive. My goal, too, is to have people chatting with one another more than with me. How to accomplish that though….ideas?
    3. I get them in my Reader and sometimes on FB and Google+.
    4. I started the Hangouts as a fun way to step off the porch and “meet”. I’m not as centrally located as you and meet-ups in person are non-existent right now. I’ll check out your other ideas – thanks! Btw, we Hangout every 2 weeks – still waiting for my crazy friend Gini to pop in!
    5. Great idea, reaching out personally. For me this is via email and FB chats.
    6. We have two new features at LFI – Dear LFI – where anyone can anonymously ask a question and the community (as yet unnamed) comes to support and advise them and The Life of a Blogger where the blogger shares their blogging story complete with submitting a photo of their workspace!
    7. Posting photos of gifts – a great idea. FB picks up where the blog lets off, doesn’t it?
    I like how you are so clear on your vision Gini. Do you think visions change over time? I know I’m not blogging now for the same reasons I started to blog. I’m not sure I have a big vision at all – maybe it’s just a small one. Maybe I just blog now because I love blogging! I’m giving that some thought too since I read about it in As a Man Thinketh last night.
    Thanks for all this!

    • @Lori I remember Mitch Joel wrote a blog post a couple of years ago about community. He said you don’t have community until people are talking to one another without the benefit of the author. I’m not sure how you create that. Sometimes it happens here and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t figure out if there is a magical equation to it or not.
      As for vision, mine has never wavered for the blog and everything we do goes to that. But the vision for Arment Dietrich has change twice in our eight year history. So I do think it evolves and changes with time.

  • VZWandrea

    ginidietrich Good morning! I liked this post…made me stop to look at your calendar to see when we might cross paths in the coming months.

    • ginidietrich

      VZWandrea We need to find a way. You’re so close!

      • VZWandrea

        ginidietrich April possibly? (You and I will both be in different parts of CA later this month)

        • ginidietrich

          VZWandrea Stupid long state. How funny would it be, though, if we saw one another in another state?

        • VZWandrea

          ginidietrich I came really close with jeanniecw last year. We took vacations to Disney within 24 hours of one another.

        • ginidietrich

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        • ginidietrich

          VZWandrea jeanniecw No, but I will be at the opening night party!

        • VZWandrea

          ginidietrich jeanniecw well, then, it sounds like potential for success!

        • ginidietrich

          VZWandrea Woo hoo!!

        • jeanniecw

          VZWandrea ginidietrich you gals have it all under control…I’ll just show up where you tell me!!

  • You left out a step…”make your blog comments like a giant floating cocktail party where anyone can join in and feel welcome.”

    • @rosemaryoneill I wonder if that’s up to the author or the community? I suppose it is up to the author, isn’t it?

      • @ginidietrich I think the author sets the tone, and when the community responds, the author has to be there to toss the ball back. Part of the fun of this blog/community is the gentle teasing that happens (ok some is not so gentle, but @seanmcginnis deserves it, usually).

        • @rosemaryoneill  @seanmcginnis He totally deserves it!

  • belllindsay

    I love how your steps are all extremely personal – as opposed to just “give them stuff!”

    • John_Trader1

      @belllindsay Me too.

    • @belllindsay Great. Does this mean you’ve done something I’m going to want to fire you for?

      • belllindsay

        @ginidietrich You’ll fire me in a tender hearted, personal way, right…?

        • @belllindsay Um. No.

        • belllindsay

          @ginidietrich **sobs**

  • John_Trader1

    I like this post for it’s encouragement to include the personal touch in communications, particularly “writing them a handwritten note” which sadly, seems to be all but forgotten as a tactic in our digital world.
    Recently, a vendor of mine sent me a handwritten note that simply said “I appreciate you and your business.” I was so happy to receive it and it made me feel a lot more special than an email. There is a lot to be said for taking the time to write something, put a stamp on it, and drop it in the mail. Warm fuzzies all over.

    • @John_Trader1 Big fan of handwritten notes, both to send and receive. It makes such a difference. I recently placed an order for some desk colorful desk supplies and received a hand written note about how all my co-workers must be jealous. It made my day. Which reminds me, I have been meaning to write a blog post about that incident. I’m off.

      • @katskrieger  Which reminds me I owe you a handwritten note for colorful desk supplies!

    • @John_Trader1 Wow. I really, really like that. I’m going to do that with our clients. CLIENTS: If you are reading, act surprised!

  • crestodina

    I love the way you started this post. It could be called: “How to go from super exhausted to super motivated by remembering what matters …people”  Yes, connecting with fans and friends is the best part of social media, any marketing or anything at all.
    I love Tip #3. I actually have a list called “Radar,” but I haven’t been great about using it lately. I’m one of the millions who start and end my days thinking “I really should be more active in social media.” But I’m coming to terms with this. 🙂
    Thanks for yet another great post, Gini. I’ll be linking to it from my post, which by the way, was inspired by a post by Srinivas Rao on Mark Schaefer’s website. It’s the “small army” approach to marketing. I know @jasonkonopinski is also part of Srini’s army. cc: @skooloflife
    Your Superfan,

    • @crestodina  I should tell you allenmireles started our meeting yesterday with, “So I read in Andy’s book…” You have superfans on this side, too! And thanks for the inspiration. I didn’t know what I was going to write about today and was reading your lies about analytics post and then clicked on “social media” in your blog and voila.

  • I think showing appreciation is a easy way to show people you are human and is a nice change to this sometimes cold, closed off world we all live in these days.  I am always amazed at the reaction I get when I say thank you to a service industry employee, or respond to their “hi, how are you”.  They shouldnt looked stunned to be acknowledged.
    I get that our lives are so heavy in technology these days (heck its how we make a living). But we are living, breathing, people.  Whether it be a referral link in a blog, and thank you on Twitter, or quick DM or email to say hey, thanks for the support, etc goes a long way. And it’s something we can do in seconds a day.

    • @sydcon_mktg And yet so many don’t do it. But I’m with you- it takes seconds.

    • belllindsay

      @sydcon_mktg There’s a fellow who works at our local gas station – a recent immigrant – and he’s so nice. Drew and I always chat with him and (of course!) say please and thank you. One day he looked at us and said, appreciatively: “You know, no one ever says please and thank you to me.” Broke my heart, but that’s our world, right? People are either judging people based on their jobs or grasp of the language, or they’re too busy for common courtesy. Not cool, and I’m trying to raise my son to understand the rights and wrongs of human interaction.

      • @belllindsay  @sydcon_mktg Exactly! My mum always reminds us it costs NOTHING to be polite. I love hearing good peeps like LBell who actually take the time to educate their children in manners. As I travel a lot and get desperate for “real” conversation myself, I often hear similar comments from cabbie- that rarely do people use basic manners, or say hello, let alone ask them how their day is going. How sad!

        • @RebeccaTodd  @belllindsay  @sydcon_mktg Saying thanks or asking someone how they are doing, and meaning it, is one of the best ways to build a relationship. It’s a reminder that we are all human and more alike than we are different.

        • @JoeCardillo  @belllindsay  @sydcon_mktg So true. Recently Canadian astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield posted “Perhaps the greatest gift of spaceflight is that you get to see and know the whole world, as one good place, like your home town.” and it really stuck me.  What amazing perspective. We really are all so similar.

  • When do I get my “Spin Sucks #TeamCrazies” T-shirt?

    • @stevenmcoyle We should totally have t-shirts made!

      • @ginidietrich  @stevenmcoyle Ummm…yes! Actually, mine should read “I AM Charles Arment”.

        • belllindsay

          @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich  @stevenmcoyle They have to be V-necks though – ‘Billy No-Neck’ over here. 😉

        • @belllindsay  @RebeccaTodd  @ginidietrich  @stevenmcoyle Ahem. Please put me down for one medium V-neck #TeamCrazies. And a coffee mug.

        • @JoeCardillo  @belllindsay  @RebeccaTodd  @stevenmcoyle LOL!! Lindsay! We have a new monetization model!

        • belllindsay

          @ginidietrich  @JoeCardillo  @RebeccaTodd  @stevenmcoyle I say we get on this idea STAT!! I would kill for a coffee mug!!

  • ginidietrich

    jginkc Thanks Jason!

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    orbiteers It’s a Spin Sucks/Orbit love day!

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      ginidietrich LOVEFEST 2013!!

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    • gsosk

      ginidietrich Right back at ya! <3

  • Thanks as always G! Please allow me to salesify this loveliness- I would rather have one meeting with a superfan and proceed to knock their socks off with exceptional service and attentiveness and allow them to sell to their networks for me than 30 first introduction meetings where I have to start with who I am and what I do. I am so thankful to my superfans- they really keep me in this game, which can be harsh and unforgiving. Then a customer writes to tell me that a newly converted superfan walks in to their office and says “That Rebecca walks on water!!!” and suddenly all the blisters and loneliness and rejection seems worthwhile. I am going to follow some of your tips to let these wonderful peeps know just how much they mean to me, but as my handwriting is illegible even to myself, and email shall have to suffice.

    • @RebeccaTodd Marcus Sheridan, Craig McBreen, and I just did a webinar and we talked a lot about how we’d much rather spend time with the people who are qualified good contacts for us than chasing those that are just kicking the tires. So YES! I agree!!

  • Love these ideas, especially creating content for specific people. That’s one that makes so much sense, is not hard to actually do, builds good will and can even help others (people who read the post and relate to it). Nice. Also like the idea of posting photos of gifts. Conversation starters and acknowledgement in the same action.

    • @allenmireles Brad Marley asked me yesterday if I’d write a blog post about a topic for him so of course I’ll do it! It works really, really well.

  • Crazies huh? I’m not sure how I feel about this….haha just kidding!

    • @rachaelseda Oh you are FOR SURE one of them!

    • @rachaelseda What happened to my comment? I totally called you a nutcase. Where did it go??

  • PorscheNichols

    Treat all fans like #1. “overit: Seven Ways to Convert Your Superfans into Customers vSpinSuckscks”

    • SpinSucks

      PorscheNichols overit It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it. Sometimes we need a little reminder to get reinvigorated. Thanks for sharing 🙂

      • overit

        SpinSucks It was a fantastic post! Important reminders for all! PorscheNichols

  • Firstly, great post, @ginidietrich  – as always! I love the idea of hosting ‘group’ events like Andy’s Wine & Web. It’s not exclusive and you can talk with several people at once. Plus, the laid-back nature of it seems inviting. I’ll have to try and attend soon!
    Also, if I may add: love @crestodina ! Spoke on a panel with him at the PCC luncheon last month & he’s hilarious & insightful.
    It was a great panel all around, but it was especially nice to meet the other panelists, like Andy!
    Have a good day!Best,

    • crestodina

      @Cision NA  @ginidietrich Thank you, Lisa! Nice to see you here. We should hang out more. 🙂

      • @crestodina  I agree, Andy! It was so nice talking to you and hearing your insight on the PCC panel. Will try to drop by Wine & Web SOON! Take care until then!

    • @Cision NA  TWO COMMENTS?! You have to go to Wine and Web. In fact, if you, let @yvettepistorio and me know and we’ll try to meet you over there.

      • @ginidietrich  @yvettepistorio I know – I’m getting out of control here! YES! We would love to meet you two there. That and seeing @crestodina would make our day! It doesn’t look like the event is active yet on eventbrite but as soon as it is (ahem, @crestodina !) we will register & share the detes with you!
        Have a good night, all!

  • What a great post, Gini. It’s a challenge partially due to time, right? I love all these ideas. One thing I sometimes feel bad about is when I’m running around (like this week at SXSW) and miss opportunities to say thank you or reach out. But like all relationships, there is a bank of sorts. If you deposit enough consistently, like you, Andy and others do, it’s ok to have a hiccup. Great ideas here and thanks for mentioning our G+ community!

    • @jeanniecw It is for sure a challenge due to time and scale. I’ve been thinking a lot about this…am I too accessible? Am I not accessible enough? How do we continue to grow without it requiring so much of my time? But, when it comes down to it, the things that made us successful have to continue or we’ll just be like everyone else.
      Cannot wait to see you!

  • Communic8nHowe

    Thanks Gini! Some good tips here that I need to focus on myself. I look forward to learning more about how you do both #1 & #5 over the coming month.

    • @Communic8nHowe Is that a hint?! 🙂 I’ve already started on number one. @belllindsay is going to hate me.

      • Communic8nHowe

        @ginidietrich  @belllindsay No hints honest! Now that more folks are reading my blog, I need to figure out if I have any superfans. At this point, there’s not enough comments to know who they are.

  • “What if they don’t comment?” – I have been pondering the lurker question forever, for clients and myself. How to ID them, meet them, get them to engage – so that you can build this relationship. I know I have more out there – so getting them more involved, that’s I think always gonna be THE challenge for businesses as so many consume, but far fewer get involved. 
    All of these are great ideas and the central theme is pretty simple – give back. Link and share their posts, keep tabs on them (I’ll also miss TD – keeping an older desktop version installed); and find opportunities to help them with a referral or tip. More than just TY, do something for them. Can’t let yourself fall into trap of taking others for granted; in a way we write for them – the audience/network we have and the one we want – so it’s important to keep that in mind. FWIW.

    • @3HatsComm Do you dig into your subscriber analytics? That will tell you who is lurking and not commenting. If you want, I can help you with it.

      • @ginidietrich I’m woefully bad at that, taking the time to dig; think I’ve also got some issues w/ Feedburner that need to be fixed. Plus I don’t push it the way I should – but you’re right, I have to MAKE myself just do it already.

        • @3HatsComm Do it. Not only will it give you some really good data, you’ll get addicted to it.

  • SpinSucks

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    RichardDeVita Thank you Richard! My favorite thing about it is all the tips have personal touches.

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  • PattiRoseKnight1

    I am a big fan of the hand written note.  It shows that personal, I care about you touch.

    • @PattiRoseKnight1 Now if I had that clone so I could do more of it.

  • SpinSucks

    orbiteers I try to, every day!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 cc: crestodina ginidietrich lorigosselin

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        crestodina SpinSucks Let’s! I am back in town next week. How fun.

  • I think a lot about what drives people…..IMHO more than anything we just want to be acknowledged and appreciated for who we truly are. It sounds like a social sciences thing and drives the hard science and data people nuts because it is often expressed in anecdotes, but if you look closely it’s actually very concrete. It’s just not easy data to run because it demands a lot of time and effort and creative thinking.
    In some ways it matches up with what  @dannybrown is looking into regarding influence marketing and how people make decisions. I haven’t seen much research in marketing / PR on how people make decisions holistically (as opposed to, say, based on one or a few specific factors) so I’ll be curious to read his upcoming book.

    • @JoeCardillo I always joke that there is only one other person on the face of this earth who thinks we’re as special as we do: Our moms. But boy! When someone uses your name or says something nice about you, it sure goes a long way, doesn’t it?

      • @ginidietrich No kidding, and as long as it’s not your mom other people usually put a lot of stock in it too =)

  • SpinSucks

    joecardillo Thanks for sharing Joe!! It’s been great seeing you in the comments lately!!

    • joecardillo

      SpinSucks You bet. I’m learning a ton from the smart people that show up there =)

      • SpinSucks

        joecardillo I know, right?! We have a great community of crazies.

  • SpinSucks

    shadesofsolveig Thanks for sharing!! I love personal touches…they really stand out and mean a lot more especially coming from brands.

  • Did I ever share my Pop Chips story? I know I’m not the only one they did this for. But they converted me to a fan of the brand by sending me not one, but 4 cases of Pop Chips b/c I said I had a craving. PLUS they hand wrote a note which I still have and is actually hanging up in my office. I love personal touches 🙂

    • @yvettepistorio I love this story, Yvette! Emily Z. still has her card at her desk, too!

    • @yvettepistorio What?! I only got one case. Hrumph.

      • @ginidietrich I should clarify 2 were for me and 2 for a colleague so 4 total. But I still got more than you!!! Ha!

    • PattiRoseKnight1

      @yvettepistorio personal touches go a long way.

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  • If I may take the liberty of adding one more thing: given the discussion taken place, I think this article by Business Insider fits right in! Ford Found an Extravagant Way to Deal with Negative Gawker Commenters: 
    Not everyone has the budget to do that, but look at the publicity they’re already getting!

    • @Cision NA Dang. We totally do this for a client – they’re SUPER good at bringing in bloggers who have negative things to say about their product – but I’ve never thought to do traditional media relations around the idea. Hmmmm…thank you!

      • @ginidietrich You’re quite welcome! It is a really interesting idea because you are showing some negativity toward the brand, but hopefully in the end are showing it in a positive light 🙂

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    I soak in every article that mentions superfans, as it’s key to my survival, so I appreciate this post. here’s an inspiring post I believe that anyone who comments on a post can be a potential superfan. With the tools we have available – I encourage offline discussion – try to help them with where they want to go in life. And I think it’s the only reason I’ve been able to survive this long as an independent artist with a modest fanbase. Whether it be sending someone a CD or T-Shirt for free when they aren’t expecting it, to a video response, to public recognition on my homepage, or including them in my music or art, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. I also think if you focus on this — specifically maximizing on the connections we make via social media, it begins to spread – to them engaging offline with others – slowly making an impact via ripple effect.

    • @wehaveaghost While I was doing research for this blog post, I found some really cool ideas for musicians. I love the free merchandise idea! It sounds like you’re doing everything right!

    • @wehaveaghost “when they aren’t expecting it” should pretty much be the foundation of any customer loyalty / super fan experience. Very well said.

      • @JoeCardillo @wehaveaghost “Surprise and delight,” right? I think you are pretty much always going to win if you frame interactions by thinking, “How can I ‘surprise and delight’ this person?”

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  • Let’s not forget the weekly Google+ Hangout called HECKLERS’ HANGOUT! Of course, that is more centered around education and promoting our author/techie friends than it is selling any of our services. It also involves a heavy dose of camaraderie amongst hecklers and guests – hey, we like doing business with people we like, right?
    I have thought about going back to a Feature Friday Hangout for our own product. Seems like I have enough friends in the marketing/customer service spaces that would appreciate seeing a new monitoring tool.
    Greeeeat, yet another place where I’m thought of as a crazy.

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  • I love this article! Too often the relationship building and “what’s next” isn’t talked about.
    My favorite section is “create content for specific people.” I always find myself trying to write pieces for EVERYONE, rather than figuring out what works best for a certain group of people. It’s always better when a reader goes, “this is exactly what I’m looking for!”
    Too many times people are involved too much on the “marketing” side of social marketing, and not on the social side!
    Great work, this is the first article I’ve read of yours, but I look forward to more!

    • @Jerry Nihen Ah thanks, Jerry! We’re here every day! We have our readers ask us questions all the time that make great blog posts. It’s pretty easy to do without a lot of stress about blog topic.

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