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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: The RoundUp, Part One

By: Gini Dietrich | August 19, 2016 | 

The Spin Sucks InquisitionWhen we did the Spin Sucks Inquisition on paper (I’d send the questions to the guest, they’d answer them, we’d run them), it was a lot easier to manage through travel schedules and vacations.

But now that they’re on video, if say Laura Petrolino is on vacation (heading into a bodybuilding competition tomorrow!), she can’t do the Five Second Rule.

And, if say, I’m traveling for a week, I either have to double-up on interviews the week before I leave, or have to have a few in the can.

As it turns out, I couldn’t double-up this week because of the aforementioned bodybuilding competition and I don’t have anything in the can.

Alas. I have nothing for this week or next.

(And I’m not even blogging next week, which you’ll soon discover. Though we have a really fun surprise in store for you!)

So I thought it’d be fun to do a two-part series on the first eight months of this year (I’ll follow-up with the second part next Friday).

A look-back at all of the fun guests we’ve had and things they’ve said or done.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition Round-up

  1. Paula Kiger. Paula started it all with her, “We don’t have Netflix” comment and then the rest of our guests, one-by-one, shamed my binge-watching self. (I would like to note, however, they do now have Netflix so I feel a sort of victory!)
  2. Laura Petrolino. I feel like she needs no introduction. Let’s just wish her good luck for tomorrow!
  3. Andy Crestodina. Since this recording, Andy and his wife have had their first baby AND he is about to give the keynote of his life at Content Marketing World (will I see you there?).
  4. Amanda Eastep. Amanda just moved her daughter into the dorms and is trying to sneak herself into the closet so she doesn’t have to leave.
  5. Danny Brown. What you didn’t get to see on this video is a darling wife, two adorable children, and two dogs. But I did! So nanny nanny boo boo!
  6. Eden Spodek. My friend Eden has come a long way since February 12. She’s about to embark on something huge for her business (which I’ll soon tell you about) and I could not be more excited to watch her success.
  7. Kate Nolan. Since this recording, Kate and I have broken up. She sent me a video for Gin and Topics that made me not just cry, but ugly cry with snot and all. So we broke up.
  8. Rob Biesenbach. Rob mentions in this video his speaking goal for the year…and I think he’s doubled it. I’m fairly certain he has at least two speaking engagements every week in August.
  9. Paul Sutton. Speaking of vacations, Paul is just back from holiday in Lagos. Only Europeans go cool places like Lagos. And now, as I told him, it’s time for him to buckle down and kill Q4 for his business!
  10. Hanna Knowles. In this video, Hanna and I talk about Strava and how I need to friend her there. Well, I did and let’s just say this young lady kills it! I look at her running and cycling times and think, “Yes! Someone I can compete with on the bike!” So let’s do it, girl!
  11. Susan Cellura. One of the things I love to tell people about Susan is she has the cojones the size of Texas. You give her a goal and she goes after it in a way I’ve never experienced in my entire career. We could all learn a thing or two from her.
  12. Whitney Fay. My adorable friend Whitney just sent her daughter to fifth grade and she just had her bachelorette party (wedding in a month!). Lots of life changes for this one all at once!
  13. Travis Peterson. Since this recording, I’ve gotten to know Travis even better. He is a true entrepreneur—he doesn’t just talk about doing great stuff, he goes out and does it.
  14. Howie Goldfarb. I don’t know which of aliases to use—Taylor Swift, Kayne West…who else have you used, Howie? The first time he commented as Kanye, let’s just say certain members of my team thought it was really him and I had to explain that it was Howie. After incredulity came disbelief and then they realized I was right.
  15. Bill Smith. I keep waiting for Bill to show up in Chicago with his camera to take photos of the architecture here. For now, he’s sticking with Canada and you’d be remiss not to check out his work.
  16. Liz Reusswig. Liz also just returned from a well-deserved vacation. After supporting her extraordinarily talented daughters in at least two, if not three, musical productions this summer, it was time for her to hit the Jersey shore and just relax. But now back to more theater!

And that, my friends, is the Spin Sucks Inquisition from January through April of this year.

Next week, we’ll recap May through the middle of August.

In the meantime, say hello to those you know, learn more about those you don’t, and share a story with us if you have one!

Image: While Jack Bauer has nothing to do with the Spin Sucks Inquisition, he’d like to also have a few seconds of fame.

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  • Why does Jack Bauer look cooler than me in sunglasses?

    • Gini Dietrich

      Well, he is Jack Bauer. But you look like Miss Kentucky so you’ll always have that.

      • That guy had clearly drank too much. We all know that.

      • OMG! Maggie wants a pair now too! Look what you’ve started, Gini!

        • Pictures of Maggie in Sunglasses would be welcome.

        • Corina Manea

          Hahaha! #spoiledbrats

  • I caught a 262 CP Cloyster in the carpool line yesterday morning. Oh, is that not the kind of story you were looking for?

  • Thank you for sharing these updates. It’s great seeing how much everyone has accomplished since their Inquisition. Paula, do you have Netflix yet? Good luck, Laura, Paul and Whitney! Congrats Andy and family! Amanda, how did you do that? I’ll be joining you in September. Danny, well you know. Kate, what’s your favourite video today? Yay, Rob! Hannah, are you joining us on FitBit too? Susan and Travis, what’s your secret? Howie, keep doing what you’re doing. We love “your” comments. Bill, you DO need to go and photograph Chicago! Liz, enjoy the rest of your summer and talented daughters. Happy Friday!

    • Eden…it was kind of like Gini watching the video Kate sent before they broke up. Lots of tears and snot. …Actually it wasn’t TOO bad. Right after my daughter turned 18, she left for five months–three months in missions/volunteer training and two months in not very safe places overseas. There was way more crying and gnashing of teeth that year. Good luck in September! Is this the first one to go?

      • Thanks Amanda! Is she your first to leave home?

        He’s my second (and youngest of two) to go. I’m used to having them both away for 6-7 weeks in the summer but not being without kids during the school year. I’m not sure I would have handled either of them being on missions for extended stays. You’re brave! Best wishes to you and your daughter.

        • Gosh, you look too young to have kids in college! She is my youngest of three but the first to live on campus. (Commuting saves some big bucks.) She was online for a year, so she’s technically a sophomore. Best to you, too, especially when September rolls around!

    • Eden, I’ve been trying for MONTHS to find a video that will make up for our break up, however, nothing has passed muster. Lately, I’ve been watching a bunch of old Carol Burnett sketches, and since Gini already shared a Robin Williams one, I’ll share one with Carol and Robin:
      (It’s long and they actually do the sketch twice. If anything you have to watch the second version that starts at about 6:30.)

      • Can’t wait to watch this weekend, thanks!

    • It’s funny you should ask, Eden, because that’s precisely why I am here to comment (besides I enjoy looking at JB in sunglasses). To clarify, I have always had Netflix. My son uses it, my daughter uses it. There may be others who use but not me. HOWEVER, our tv in our bedroom just broke and the replacement Wayne bought is Netflix-enabled, so MAYBE I will start (because I hate watching on my laptop, which I’m already on all day long). 🙂

  • Gini, it is dangerous being your Facebook friend.

    Andy, blessings on your family. And, GO, Laura, GO!

  • I finally signed onto Netflix and loved Stranger Things.

  • Nice bling, JB. I may need to hire your wardrobe consultant.

  • Seriously! Let’s ride!