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The 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2012

By: Gini Dietrich | December 26, 2012 | 

Last summer, I spoke at the Vocus Users Conference, where I got to meet Valeria Maltoni, Steve Farnsworth, and Adam Singer in person for the first time.

At the time, Adam was working for Lewis PR and we had a good time sharing agency stories (along with a crazy meal that Steve found on Yelp, which turned out to be not nearly as good as the reviews indicated).

Shortly after, Adam left Lewis to join the Google team and I was very excited to have a personal connection there who could answer all my questions about analytics.

What I’m about to tell you is the very reason I’m happy he’s working at Google.

He created an analytics dashboard that will help you figure your most popular blog posts for any time period…and it gave me the idea for today’s blog post.

Following are the Spin Sucks most popular blog posts of 2012 (at least through December 20), according to you, our dear readers (cough, crazies, cough).

  1. Eight Social Media Trends for 2012. Even though this was written in November 2011, it hits the top of the list for most popular blog post of all of 2012. Let that be a lesson to each of you. Trends posts do really well.
  2. 2012 Marketing: Five Ways to Power it Up. It pains my competitive spirit when a guest blogger hits the top 10. This one is going to pain Andy Crestodina. His better half is the second most popular blog post of this entire year! Way to go, Mana Ionescu!
  3. Top 10 Guest Blog Post for First Half of 2012. Man! Another guest blogger hits the top 10! This is a list of the most popular guest posts for January-July of this year.
  4. Three Values to Hold High in 2012. I am getting my butt kicked! This is a guest blog post by Shelley Pringle about the types of things leaders should could consider as they hone their skills.
  5. Seven Tools for Your 2012 Marketing and Communication Plans. Phew! I have a second post in the top 10. I’m noticing a trend. The trends and lists with the year in the title do really well. It’s interesting to look back at what we recommended you add to your planning for this year. For the most part, the crystal ball served us well!
  6. 2012 Digital Marketing Year in Review. WEIRD! I just wrote this one last week. It is a look at all the stuff we got through the web this year and what we’re looking forward to in 2013. Again, notice the year in the title. Good for search engine optimization!
  7. 2012 #FollowFriday Recap. So you like the blog posts that recap what’s happened all year, even for the one #FollowFriday recommendation we do each week. That’s good because we’re doing a full year’s recap this week!
  8. Five Tips for Preparing for 2012. Again with the year in the title! Very, very interesting. This is personally one of my favorites because it helped me maintain my optimism during a really terrible year last year. It’s all about vision, cutting expenses, and focus.
  9. A Year Destined for Entrepreneurial Success. I was on a streak there for a bit! This one is by Rieva Lesonsky and talks about the things you can watch to prepare you for a new year of success, based on consumer confidence in the economy.
  10. Three Apps, Social Networks, or Platforms for 2012. This one cracks me up! It’s a video Jayme Soulati and I did after a very fun lunch at Southport Grocery last year. We talk about our favorite apps, social networks, and platforms for the coming year. It was freezing, but I wanted to shoot the video outside and without coats. You might be able to see me shivering by the end.
So there you have it! The most popular posts of the year. I have a new goal for 2013: Get more than six posts in the top 10.

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      @ginidietrich Yes, the perils of working for a small biz w/an intn’l footprint rear their ugly head this time of yr. Happy Holidays to you!

  • Holy crud. Just start every post with 2013 and you should be fine. LOL!

    • margieclayman

      @Sean McGinnis Or numbers in general. Eight and ten seem to be winners. 
      I think I’m going to send Lindsay a post a month in 2013, and they will go in numerical order. My January post, I can already tell you, will be titled, “One platform to rule them all” 🙂

    • @Sean McGinnis Right!? I like @margieclayman plan, too. February will be, “Two reasons Gini Dietrich Rocks in Her Birthday Month.”

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  • @Sean McGinnis I question the analytics…I think @ginidietrich might of been at 5/10, but she wanted the ‘majority’ on her own blog so she bumped one. I’m having my people look into it. =P

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    RT @ginidietrich: The 10 Most Awesome Popular Blog Posts of 2012 via @spinsucks

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    Not surprised that all the posts were written by @bdorman264  and @kenmueller you should rename the blog Bill and Ken talk Social.
    Always interesting to see what the top ten posts are. Sadly everyone except me is sick so I can’t spend any time reading today 8( or playing in the snow 8( or writing more at length.

    • @HowieG  Tis the season. I’ve been sick for more than a week. Is it colds? Or the flu?

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    Thanks @ginidietrich for sharing the most popular blog posts of 2012. Though my time & attention has been elsewhere, this list (and its authors) will be beneficial. Hope your holiday’s are going well.

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        @ginidietrich  @William Xifaras I don’t think a woman of your sharp intellect will have a problem with that.

  • I have this dream of supplying a guest post each month with the hope that three of them will make it into the top 12.
    Yeah, I just adjusted the top ten list so that the odds would work better for me. No one said that I couldn’t change the rules.
    BTW,  it is 44 here today. Which one of you ice lovers sent this frigid weather my way. It is LA and I demand my heat return immediately.

    • @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes It’s 44 DEGREES?! Holy cow! Is everyone dying??

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  • Really? My post was in the top five? That’s amazing. I guess I’ll just have to get off my butt and write another guest post for you this year (but not before I steal this idea for my own blog). Happy holidays, Gini and crew!

    • @Shelley Pringle I think you definitely have to beat this in 2013!

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    @ginidietrich thanks for the opportunity! Loved your little poke at @crestodina 🙂 @Rieva @shelleypringle

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      @manamica 🙂

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    @ginidietrich Great idea for an end of year post, Gini (and thanks for the plug)!

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        @ginidietrich You’re welcome! And thank YOU for the opportunity. Have a happy new year.

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  • This rocks, and can’t wait to use this app and see which ones my faves are in 2012. Actually, I kinda want to forget 2012 and look at my favorite number 13 and make it a #RockHot. The Christmas Blizzard has put us traveling a day late…will try to find you and see what’s cookin’, Gin Blossom!

    • @Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing All the snow you guys have gotten is INSANE! It’s snowing here today so your travel plans may elude you again.

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    @davefiore Ha! Do it!

  • Thanks for the opportunity to guest write @ginidietrich ! wow, how am I going to top this? Since you’ve already set a goal to have six+ in the top 10 here, I’m going to have to find 6 other websites where I can in the top 10 :). Taking suggestions now :).

    • @manamica Maybe you could blog for Orbit Media (I crack myself up)!

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  • I’m changing the title of my Monday post from “predictions” to “trends”.
    I knew there was a reason I came here…

    • @Adam | Customer Experience Right?! Isn’t that crazy? List posts, too.

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