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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Paul Sutton On Video

By: Gini Dietrich | March 4, 2016 | 

Paul SuttonBy Gini Dietrich

Paul Sutton is one of my most favorite people I haven’t yet met in real life.

He’s no stranger to Spin Sucks as he and I have epic debates here: Pinterest for business, agencies versus freelancers, and Google+ for small business.

(I’m fairly certain I won all three of those debates, but you be the judge.)

I love Paul because, although he would tell me the sky is purple just to argue with me, he does it in a smart and effective way that never results in personal attacks.

That always makes for a good debate and he’s my very favorite person to argue with. If you ever want to know the pros and cons of something, let me know! I’ll bring him in to argue against my stance.

He also is the father of three, lives in the town where they filmed Downton Abbey, and loves shirts with flowers on them.

Without further ado, here is Paul on the Spin Sucks Inquisition.

The Spin Sucks Inquisition

I asked Paul the normal questions (which you can find below):

  • Tell us who you are and what you do.
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in the past six months?
  • What is one of the biggest trends you’ll be using this year?
  • What is one thing about yourself that would surprise most people?
  • What is the best book you’ve read in the last six months?
  • What is your latest Netflix binge?
  • The Five Second Rule
  • Where can people find you online?

If you can’t watch the video below, you can find it by clicking here.

In the video, there are two things I asked him to send: The article about Snapchat and his list of podcasts:

Where You Can Find Paul Sutton

You can find Paul in the usual haunts:

After you finish stalking him, the floor is yours.

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  • Laura Petrolino

    “People’s heads!!!” I’ve seriously laughed all week at that! (As well as been happy we have a virtual office….just to have some safe space.)

  • Hey Paul, it’s great to see you on the hot seat and learn more about you.

  • Well, THIS was fun! Awesome inquisition. Gini, I am feeling like you should throw in the towel on the Netflix question. If anyone is keeping track, I think the proportion of those of us who said, “huh?” as opposed to being able to name something, dominates. 🙂 And I appreciate Paul’s candor re: the impostor syndrome thing because it must be rampant – I know I struggle with it constantly. Another fun inquisition!

    • You are totally right! I think only two or three people know what I’m talking about.

      My latest obsession is 11/22/63. On Hulu.

      • I need to read that.

        • OMG. It’s so good. I’m not a Stephen King fan, but I LOVED it. And the series is pretty good, too.

    • I reckon Imposter Syndrome is very common among those who do actually know their stuff. The opposite is the Dunning Kruger effect – those who are too stupid to know they’re stupid 🙂

  • Loved this inquisition. It’s always cool to hear from someone else who has gone “rogue.” I related to a lot of this…preferring a variety of projects, knowing income a few months out, and experiencing Imposter Syndrome (like right now even saying I can relate to Paul Sutton)…oh, and the three kids thing.

    • Thanks Amanda. Love the phrase ‘gone rogue’. Might start calling myself a Rogue Social Media Consultant 🙂

    • Now you just need the accent!

      • People tell me I have a Chicago accent, which just doesn’t count. Amanda Cleary EastepWord Ninja | marketing writing & consultingBusiness, Higher Ed, Technical708.567.1337

        • Totally doesn’t count.

          • Bugger and blast! Amanda Cleary EastepWord Ninja | marketing writing & consultingBusiness, Higher Ed, Technical708.567.1337

    • Hey Amanda! Gave the ‘rogue’ positioning a try out today on a blog post 🙂

      • Ha, awesome. Thanks for linking! Really I thought I would be much more active once I started working from home. But if I’m into a big project, I hardly look up from the screen all day. Definitely taking a walk at lunch today! Amanda Cleary EastepWord Ninja | marketing writing & consultingBusiness, Higher Ed, Technical708.567.1337