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The Spin Sucks Inquisition: Paula Kiger on Video

By: Gini Dietrich | January 8, 2016 | 

Paula KigerBy Gini Dietrich

I am ridiculously excited to show you today’s Spin Sucks Inquisition with Paula Kiger aka Big Green Pen.

Paula is a HUGE Spin Sucks community member…and I tease her a little bit about it in today’s video.

This is the first time we’ve actually spoken to one another. For years, we’ve just traded text communications and snail mail packages. I was incredibly impressed with how easy it was to talk to her, how succinct she was in her answers, and the fun stuff she said that hasn’t been mentioned here before.

We talk NASA, Scientology, Klout, challenges with working virtually, auto DMs, and more.

I know you’re going to enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed interviewing her.

The Paula Kiger Inquisition

Following are the questions I asked her:

  • Tell us who you are and what you do.
  • How long has your father-in-law been living with you?
  • Tell us about the shirt you’re wearing.
  • What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in the past six months?
  • What is one of the biggest trends you’ll be using this year?
  • You also had a great experience in Cape Canaveral. Tell us about that.
  • What is one thing about yourself that would surprise most people?
  • What is the best book you’ve read in the last six months?
  • What is your latest Netflix binge?
  • Where can people find you online?

I won’t spoil the video by transcribing her answers (that and I’m lazy), so watch and see what you think. Her Toastmasters expertise and social media prowess is very evident.

If you can’t get it to play here, click to YouTube and watch it there. Then come back and leave Paula a comment here.

Where You Can Find Paula

You can find Paula on:

Thanks, Paula! You were great!

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  • Yay, Paula! I’m not as good about watching video but will make a point of checking this out.
    Question about transcription: are there not automated tools that will do this for you? Or are they still unreliable?

  • Kimberly Crossland

    So fun seeing you on screen, Paula! I love the surprising fact about yourself (I’m purposely not saying it so I don’t give any spoilers here). It’s not my cup of tea but your reasoning for liking it makes total sense.


  • whitney_fay

    Hi, Paula!!! 

    I can’t listen yet because my speakers on this computer aren’t working but I will as soon as I get home and will leave a (more) meaningful comment! Just wanted to say hi first!

  • Seeing green with envy at how poised and at ease you are on screen, Paula!

  • Interesting indeed; of course us Florida peeps have to stick together and Paula and I are both Florida State Seminoles. I too have some rap on my iPod for when I’m pounding the trails on my mountain bike; no Taylor Swift for me…:).

    I have to apologize because I have really been MIA. But ever since I won the Power Ball it’s just hard to get me motivated to do anything…it’s just Cheetos and porn….er, uh movies these days. 

    Paula and I haven’t spoken yet either, but one of these times when I go to Tallahassee to a football game we are going to try and catch up. In fact, I will be up there Feb 18th and 19th for some meetings and maybe we can pull it off then. 

    I have read the Language of Flowers, as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem it was a book that resonated with me. 

    Good to see you Paula, and you too @GiniDietrich; enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

  • LTreu

    So nice to see Paula interviewed on here! We met (virtually) several years ago through the lovely Shonali Burke and work she was doing for a USA for UNHCR refugee campaign. It was clear to me she was a caring, smart individual then, and it remains clear now! 🙂

  • lmwhite92

    ginidietrich biggreenpen SpinSucks YES!! I hate auto DMs too!

  • biggreenpen

    lmwhite92 ginidietrich SpinSucks – ky4ep said it best:

  • lmwhite92

    biggreenpen ginidietrich SpinSucks ky4ep this makes me want to re-read them to share my least favourites!

  • biggreenpen

    lmwhite92 right? I have to dig it up but 1 guy said “your social needs some work” (paraphrasing). Like that would make me want to use him?

  • RobBiesenbach i think my friend @cyktrussell uses a third party to transcribe his podcasts. He still has to do some cleanup but the bulk of the time-consuming work gets done (and affordably). I *love* having transcripts of his podcasts b/c it’s easier to scroll through the content via my inbox sometimes than find myself in a position to listen to the podcast. I’ll ask him.

  • LTreu

    Also, yes… Auto-DMs, Auto-play videos… Auto-most things need to go away. At worst they’re annoying, and at least they’re far from genuine, marking a missed opportunity for a real connection.

  • RobBiesenbach He said he researched audio recognition software but never found anything he is happy with. What he publishes is his scripts (that he then reads). He recommended a service like FIVERR which would probably work also for getting the base text down & just having to do some cleanup.

  • PAULA!! 🙂 So fun seeing two of my favorite people chatting it up this morning. Loved it. It’s amazing how many common struggles we all have — from keeping work separate from family life to the dreaded DM. I join Gini in the Taylor Swift #fangirl side of music, however. 😉

  • LTreu THANKS! That Blue Key project (which goes back to @jasmollica for me) was the springboard for so many cool opportunities I have ended up having and so  many great people I’ve gotten to meet. // It is pretty sobering that the refugee issue is so much exponentially worse now than it was then —- but that experience certainly heightened my awareness and keeps me interested in helping.

  • bdorman264 This will be the year for an IRL meeting!

  • annelizhannan Thank you. Gini made it easy. 🙂

  • jasonkonopinski Bwa ha ha that should be my new tagline.

  • Kimberly Crossland I really can’t explain it either (except for the reasons I stated in the video).

  • TaraGeissinger It was so much fun to finally talk with Gini. It’s freaky how much you learn about yourself when you have to answer things on the spot without crafting written answers.

  • Great to hear your voice, Paula. I’ve thought the exact same thing about being careful with your time when you’re working remotely. I mean here I am on Spin Sucks instead of getting my work done. 😉 Wonderful discussion!

  • biggreenpen

    RobBiesenbach THANKS! Looking forward to hearing/seeing you at noon! 🙂 SpinSucks

  • Word Ninja HA! Hopefully there’s a teeny tiny dispensation for spending time at Spin Sucks. It’s professional development after all, right?!

  • biggreenpen

    TheGr8Chalupa thx for the RT! Happy Friday! 🙂

  • RobBiesenbach

    biggreenpen SpinSucks You scared me a moment, then I realized you’re on ET. 11 am for me!

  • LTreu

    biggreenpen LTreu Absolutely… It was a great project, but at the time it was sort of like “Oh, this is a cool cause.” Now refugee issues are SO important on the global scale! Our church has several programs in place to help refugees right now, and I’m looking to get involved there, too. I’m glad for many reasons we both were introduced to the issue when we were!

  • biggreenpen

    RobBiesenbach ACK! Sorry! But glad we cleared that up! #FreakOutDrillComplete

  • TheGr8Chalupa

    You’re welcome, biggreenpen! #TGIF to you too!

  • Great seeing you in virtual-person, biggreenpen and hearing you talk. You’re as funny and charming as you are online! 

    I’m with you on auto DMs and how annoying they are. I follow someone, get one of those and immediately unfollow. Honestly, I don’t know why people would think that’s a good thing.

    I’m happy the shirt lasted longer than my Klout bump :).  Thanks so much for the shout out and you know, it’s my birthday coming up next month, so I may need another boost one of these days soon…Here’s the story behind the shirts – I had four or five of them made. I wish I had a bit better design sense, but then again, maybe I’ll blame it on Zazzle’s graphic options. You got one, Gini got one, Rebecca from London got one and I think Lindsay got one. The toughest things was scoring a PDF of @ginidietrich’s signature – but I didn’t use it in vain…

    And the doc on what it’s like in the inner circles of Scientology is worth the watch.

    Thanks for your insights!

  • biggreenpen

    martinwaxman and wearing the VERY SHIRT you gifted me! I should get #SartorialKLOUT for that 😉

  • martinwaxman

    biggreenpen Absolutely – or at least be a fashion influencer :). Great interview – I enjoyed seeing you in person

  • biggreenpen

    martinwaxman Thanks! 🙂

  • I started a new job and there was an auto DM on the Twitter account and I had no idea how to turn it off. It took me two weeks to get it stopped – whew. SO annoying. Fun call. Gini, you always look like you are having so much fun. Love it.

  • amybailey It IS fun!

  • susancellura

    Yay, Paula!!! biggreenpen Love you so very much and how passionate you are about life!!

  • Paula – first time, every time…and ALWAYS positive.

  • dbvickery Thanks AND OH MY GOODNESS I need to read your latest blog post. I am trying to learn how to drive a stick shift because my son just got a manual transmission car and let’s just say it’s not going smoothly!

  • susancellura Thank you! xo

  • ginidietrich for sure – for both parties! 🙂

  • martinwaxman this shirt is a true collector’s item. And despite its undoubtedly HIGH value on eBay it will never be parted from me! I think the minimalist design is part of its charm!

  • biggreenpen Word Ninja Professional development while having fun. 😉

  • biggreenpen dbvickery It’s a shame that it will NOT teach you how to drive a stick shift…just uses it as an example to equip with fundamentals before equipping with new tools and technology.

    Yeah, first exposure to manual transmission is RARELY smooth!

  • Yay, Paula! Great to see you on the screen and on the hot seat. 
    OMG, how time flies. It seems like yesterday I was discovering Spin Sucks crazies and we connected and it’s been three years!
    Auto DMs are a big pain for anyone using Twitter. To martinwaxman’s point, they tell a lot about the person/brand sending them, and unfortunately is not good.
    Enjoy your day, Paula!

  • Rap music, really? I would not have pegged you for that. Great seeing you and hearing you here!  I liked your Cape Canaveral pics that you dropped on FaceBook and Instagram. 
    Have an awesome week Paula!

  • lmwhite92

    biggreenpen just found one “if I haven’t followed you yet, I will once I get a moment” which is just a humblebrag about being so busy!

  • biggreenpen

    lmwhite92 oh my!

  • BillSmith3

    Paula, I never pegged you as a rap fan. Being a former New Yorker, you like the Beastie Boys? 

    Have a fabulous weekend

  • BillSmith3 Ha ha that’s why it’s my “what people wouldn’t predict about you” thing! I’m neutral on the Beastie Boys. 🙂

  • Digital_DRK Yeah – gotta keep people guessing, no? When choosing running play lists, my general mantra is “I lead a pretty squeaky clean life so I like my music really dirty.” 🙂 🙂 🙂 // And the #NASASocial experience was really an unparalleled opportunity. Here’s another cool entry from one of my fellow travelers:

  • Corina Manea Thanks! Time really does zoom by …

  • dbvickery oh I know – I didn’t expect it to be a teaching tool. It’s just a topic that is very much on my mind lately. And since everything in my life is blog post fodder, I feel sure there’s a post in the future of my own.

  • biggreenpen dbvickery Nom nom…blog post fodder.

  • biggreenpen, I’m so fortunate to have met you in person and seeing you almost live for this week’s inquisition. Thanks ginidietrich for introducing us throughSpinSucks! One of the toughest things about being self employed and working virtually is setting boundaries and learning how to make time for yourself. I hope you do a better job of it in 2016 and if you need someone to help you, I’m here. #beentheredonethatgettingbetter 
    No Netflix? Seriously?  And you volunteer in a women’s prison? You need to fix that. Why don’t you sign up for a free trial at the very least? 

    Auto DMs are the worst. I don’t get many anymore but one of my clients gets them all the time. They need to die. Then again, with the new long form tweets. that may happen sooner than later. 🙁


  • EdenSpodek I AM SO GLAD WE MET IRL (and on here, and on social media) too!!!!!! And to clarify: I do HAVE Netflix but I do not ever watch it. Thanks for re-opening that wound on Monday morning after I had almost gotten past it over the weekend. 😉

  • EdenSpodek And I have to laugh at this excerpt from my horoscope from yesterday: ” But, if you’re not good at setting healthy boundaries, you might have to overcompensate later by admitting to your failure. Don’t delay the inevitable; even if you feel uncomfortable, a clearly drawn line in the sand will be enough to hold your position.”

  • biggreenpen Gordon’s entry was a great read thanks!

  • biggreenpen

    teambuzzbuilder Of course you were! You’re a big part of my #SocialMedia life! cc: SpinSucks

  • ginidietrich

    beckyrbnsn LOL! I should do one where I just fire questions…a lightning round. Ohhhh. I might do that! biggreenpen

  • beckyrbnsn

    ginidietrich biggreenpen Sounds a little anxiety producing. 🙂

  • biggreenpen

    beckyrbnsn it was really fun! ginidietrich have never talked face to face before!

  • biggreenpen

    ginidietrich #LightningInquisition ⚡️