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The Three Things, Edition 9

By: Gini Dietrich | November 25, 2012 | 

Welcome to the ninth edition of The Three Things, brought to you by Michael SchechterHowie Goldfarb, and me.

I hope all of my U.S. friends had a nice Thanksgiving and Black Friday. I heard lots of reports of the crazies out there waiting in line to get into the stores, while I stayed in my warm house and shopped online.

One more day and then you have to get back to work. It’s the race to the end of the year. Good luck!

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Fish: A Tap Essay

Michael on Loving Something on the Internet. Many of us shared a common and awkward moment this week. While stuffing our faces full of stuffing, we were forced to go around the table and tell our family what we were thankful for. Of all the things that were likely to come out of our mouths, something we love on the Internet probably wasn’t it. I mean if, while surrounded by my family, I were to declare my undying gratitude for Radiolab, Back to Work or even friends such as Gini or Howie, my four-year-old might take it personally. Yet, moments after this unfortunate holiday ritual, the conversation picked up and chances are that you did talk about something you love on the Internet (or at least it’s a certainty I did). It’s also probable someone else at the table turned you on to something they love on web.

Because none of you invited me to Thanksgiving (not that I’m angry), I thought I’d share something that I love on the Internet: Robin Sloan’s app Fish. Fish is an app-based manifesto that (quite fittingly) encourages you to recognize the difference between the things you like and the things you love on the Internet. Not only is it great, but having a better understanding of that seemingly subtle difference between what I like and what I love is something I’m very thankful for. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

Consumers Punish Brands

Howie on Brands Using Social Media. Social media has become complete anarchy. Every brand wants to talk with you on social media….RIGHT NOW! Yet we spend most of our time interacting with our friends and family. So few people consumer brand’s social network engage. And their networks tend to be just a fraction of total customers. Yet if you aren’t there to respond, take complaints, give stuff away, people have their pitchforks out and are ready to light you on fire. Your mistakes get amplified. Your triumphs often barely mentioned. And yes, if you intrude, they will hate you.

The Branding of Black Friday

Gini on Crazy Shoppers. More than a century ago, Black Friday referred to the day the stock market crashed. But today we know it as the day after Thanksgiving. The busiest shopping day of the year. The day people camp out for hours, waiting in line to be the first inside to grab deals. But how did it come to be? This Bloomberg article explores the evolution of the name and gives credit of its branding to Philadelphia cops.

Now it’s your turn. Is there a podcast, video, or article you think we need to see?

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  • HowieG
     @ginidietrich Ezra Klein in the WaPo shows that a strong Black Friday often means a weak holiday shopping season. I also think it is dumb, crazy, and makes a mockery of the Christianity. But since I view Christianity and Judaism as forms of Paganism based on the symbols they use that go back before time (winter solstice, santa claus, christmas trees, menorah – next week will share the details). I wonder if Christmas is an affront to Paganism as much as we all know Jesus would be horrified at the month of December.

    • @HowieG There is no way, on earth, I would go anywhere on Black Friday. I hate crowds to begin with, but the meanness it brings out in people makes me want to stay as far away as possible.

      • @ginidietrich  @HowieG I rarely go to any store on Black Friday but this year I was stuck and am pleased to report the only ‘problem’ was a really obnoxious salesman.

        • HowieG

          @Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  @ginidietrich What did you buy Joshua?

  • KateNolan

    With a mountain of to-be-read books, magazines, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, etc. “Fish” is what I need to remind me to stop consuming (devouring) content and start engaging with it (and my brain). Thank you!

    • @KateNolan Right? I’m the exact, same way.

  • I am always surprised at how many brands don’t respond to even positive messages on social media. Some respond and interact back with me – some ignore me. Kind of shows me their culture. 
    PS I would never go shopping on Back Friday. I teach a spin class instead. Far more productive, he he.

    • @spinchick It’s always shocking to me, too!