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The Top 10 Guest Blog Posts of 2013 (January – June)

By: Lindsay Bell | July 3, 2013 | 

Top Ten Posts - Summer Edition

By Lindsay Bell

Well, it’s been nearly a year since I started working here at Spin Sucks and Arment Dietrich. I’m not gonna lie, it’s making me a little verklempt.

And going over all of the incredible guest blogging content I’ve had the pleasure of having a hand in over that time is making me something else.

Proud as H – E – Double Hockeysticks!

You guys crazies are a never ending source of fun and frivolity, but also wisdom and worldliness, and a massive contribution to the success of this very blog.

And while I’m still a bit gobsmacked that it’s July (seriously – we didn’t really have spring this year in Toronto – and suddenly it’s summer! I’m lost), I am thrilled that I get to do the bi-annual roundup of the top 10 guest blog posts of the first half of the year.

So, without further ado, gather ’round for a special edition of Spin Sucks.

Drum roll please…..!!

The Top 10 Guest Blog Posts of 2013 (January – June)

#1 – Clappity clap clap – the number one spot goes to Erica Moss for her January 7th swoon’y post about glasses gurus Warby Parker. These guys seriously know social media – Erica even got a personal thank you video from them! So if you are looking for fun hipster-geek glasses, seriously good social media tips, and aren’t concerned about becoming a Warby’holic yourself, give it another read: What Warby Parker Teaches Us about Brand Loyalty.

#2 – Five Simple Steps to a Classic PR Disaster. Really, what more is there to say? Well how about number two goes to yours truly!? Yup, on January 16th, I shared with you the story of The City of Hamilton, Ontario, and its partner in PR apocalypse, Dialogue Partners. Hamiltonians call their town The Hammer – and for good reason – this is a heavily industrialized port city, populated by proud, feisty folk who don’t take kindly to smack talk about their little piece of Ontario. Trust me, The Hammer came down hard on Dialogue Partners for their screw-ups.

#3 – Number three…number three was…well…an interesting experience for all of us. Our own Yvette Pistorio penned Five Ways Introverts Make Great Community Managers on May 8th, and was promptly accused of plagiarism! Yikes! And also…it didn’t happen. That said, the post spawned quite the brou-ha-ha, and highlighted yet again the importance of having a strong, supportive community backing you up.

#4 – Guest blogger Laura Click nailed the number four spot with her March 26th piece on corporate websites, and why they’re vital to your marketing plan. And by vital, we mean get someone other than your intern to build and/or design them. And for heaven’s sake, inject a little pizzazz into them! Laura laid out four key things to think about when designing your site in her post – Your Corporate Website: Four Deadly Mistakes.

#5 – Unlimited paid time off!? Sign me up! Oh wait. We’re already signed up. Anyhow, let’s celebrate the half-way mark with an inspirational story about approaching PR a little differently. Would you consider sending a casual, two line email out if you had a story to promote? Rosemary O’Neill did, and her company’s initiative ended up being headline news. Today’s headline news? Rosemary grabs the number five spot with her May 28th post: How a Two Sentence Email Became a Top News Story.

#6 – Lee Frederiksen’s post, Online Marketing: Where Should Your Money Go?, sits comfortably in sixth place, and shares valuable advice for all you online marketers out there. Where in the heck should you spend your hard earned dollars? What should you focus on? Social? Email? SEO? I’m not telling. You’ll have to read the post to find out.

#7 – There’s no way you can title a blog post after a Smiths’ tune and NOT make it into the Top Ten, right? Right. You can thank me later, Ken Jacobs because you sir hold the number seven spot! Ken delivered a rich two parter on January 14th and 15th, and How Soon is Now? The Future of PR Firms, Part 1 made the cut. Stop thinking about what the PR firm of 2017 will look like – or better yet – think about it, and then start implementing those changes NOW! And check out both posts for more info.

#8 – Number eight belongs to MY favorite rock star, cowboy hat wearing social media strategist, and author – Mack Collier! Mack’s no wallflower, and his post punches home a blunt message – today’s musicians and artists are better marketers than you are. Using ‘surprise and  delight’ tactics, artists recognize their power lays in the fans they already have. And if that sounds a bit backwards to you, you need to read his February 21st post: Why Amanda Palmer is a Better Marketer than Your Brand.

#9 – Tick tock, we’re already at number nine, and the confetti and congratulations goes to a new Spin Sucks clan member, one Miss Sarah Rude. Don’t let the name fool you, she’s not rude at all, in fact she’s quite lovely and very brave. Imagine reentering the current workforce, with all its technological bells and whistles; apps, devices, digital, mobile, social platforms, jargon and lingo – after six years away? Well, Sarah did just that, and tells her story fearlessly – never mind the fact she tied it back to Marty McFly! Public Relations: Lessons from Marty McFly published on April 11th.

#10 – Last but certainly not least, Kate Finley shared Make Your Network Go Viral: Eight Tips for Networking Success on March 7th, securing herself a place in Spin Sucks history. Kate is as cute as a button and smart as a whip, so if terms like growth, reach and influence turn your crank, or you want tips on networking or creating your own personal ‘viral network’, be sure to pop over and check out her winning post.

“Learn something new everyday” is my own personal mantra, and it boggles my mind just how much I’ve learned in this last year at Spin Sucks. And a lot of that growth and learning has come from you – our community.

On behalf of Gini Dietirch and the entire team, thank you. Times a million.

Now, take your bows everyone!

If you wish to contribute ideas for a guest post, drop me a line at LBell(at)armentdietrich(dot)com.

P.S. There will not be any blog posts tomorrow as America is celebrating its Independence Day.

About Lindsay Bell

Lindsay Bell is the content director at V3 Marketing, and works in Toronto. A former TV producer, she’s a strong advocate of three minutes or less of video content. She has a cool kid, a patient husband, two annoying cats, and Hank Dawge, a Vizsla/Foxhound/moose hybrid. Ok, maybe not moose.

  • I’ll be waiting for my tiara and sash…
    (but seriously, it was such an honor just to get to contribute to my favorite community–thanks!).

    • rosemaryoneill Um, is it weird that was my first thought too?! 😉 Tiaras and sashes for all!

      • lauraclick rosemaryoneill I kind of expected acceptance speeches.

        • ginidietrich lauraclick rosemaryoneill YES! I want acceptance speeches from each and every one of you! LOL

        • belllindsay ginidietrich lauraclick rosemaryoneill 
          <Clears throat> Ahem. Is this thing on? 
          I would like to thank the academy….I mean, Spin Sucks team, for this award and for the community for sharing my distaste for horrible corporate websites. And, for not totally heckling me when I guest posted here. Y’all rock! 🙂
          I would also like to thank my mom….my dog….my high school English teacher… 
          <Cue Exit Music>

        • lauraclick ginidietrich rosemaryoneill Who’s got the HOOK!! 😉

  • Impressive list! It’s no secret how much I enjoy my time here in the comments, and like you, I learn something every time I am here. Plus all the fabulous people I’ve met…sniff… now you’ve got me going Ell Bee!

    • RebeccaTodd HAHAHA! My work here is DONE!!

  • John_Trader1

    You had me at “verklempt” Lindsay, you sneaky vocab geek. Great amalgamation of the best gust posts of this year, there are some seriously talented people who hang their hat here on the blog. Makes me damn proud to be part of it. I also need to write more – this gives me the motivation!

    • John_Trader1 Yes sir you do! Email me and we’ll get you slotted in! And thanks for the props, but I couldn’t do it without all our supportive community members! 😀

  • Looking forward to reading and re-reading every one of these. And, yes, I learned quickly and am still learning what a great community this is.

    • John_Trader1

      Word Ninja God I love your avatar.

      • John_Trader1 Ha, thanks! My daughter who doesn’t want to be a professional artist but draws all day long and minors in art at college designed it for me.

  • How did I miss some of these? Well, thanks for the reminder belllindsay. Time to catch up. 😉

  • LouHoffman

    Enjoyed the post Lindsay.
    The effort that Spin Sucks puts into guest posting shows in the quality of writing/thinking that comes your way.Which comes back to the foundation of the blog, it’s unique ability to cultivate community.

    • LouHoffman Thanks Lou, we really are blessed to have such amazing people contributing to the blog every day. 🙂

  • YAY! I’m third runner up! Do I get any prize money? If not, as rosemaryoneill suggested, a tiara and sash will do just fine. 🙂
    What a great list. I actually read most of these when they came out, but I’ll have to go back and catch the few I missed. 
    Thanks for offering me the chance to share my thoughts with your community. I’m thrilled to be part of it and so glad the post resonated. Thanks, guys! 🙂

    • lauraclick rosemaryoneill Will an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras suffice…? 😉 Thanks for being a part of our kooky clan BOTH of you – and please, drop me another post any time! Would love to have you both back!

      • belllindsay lauraclick rosemaryoneill Only if I can have some “go-go juice!”

        • rosemaryoneill lauraclick LOL!! You’ll have to make your own Go-Go Juice! (with vodka perhaps…?)

        • belllindsay rosemaryoneill lauraclick Go-Go -Vodka juice for all!
          And yes, I’ll have to scare up a blog post for you. On the list. 🙂

        • lauraclick rosemaryoneill  YAY!

  • KensViews When they use words like Verklempt I am tempted to talk to the gang about ways to build their vocabulary.
    Meshugehnehs, mishegoss and narishkeit come to mind.

    • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes KensViews Gimme a break. I’m Catholic fer god’s sake. 😉

      • belllindsay KensViews You can confess to me any time, daughter. Give me ten Hail Marys, a whoop whoop and a promise to never root for the Pats or Celtics and all will be forgiven…today.
        And I suppose since I am not a real priest you can add whatever else you think would be appropriate. 😉

        • Kudos to  belllindsay for using the word correctly. Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes  is going to send you some stuffed kishkas!

        • Joshua Wilner/A Writer Writes belllindsay KensViews LOL – the whoop whoop I can do. I’ve never even been to church…what the heck is a Hail Mary (other than an awesome football moment)?

  • Does it make me a shallow person to admit that when I saw this post I said to myself “Please let me be on it, please let me be on it, please let me be on it!”?

    • KensViews As they say, it’s an honor just to be nominated …

      • RobBiesenbach Dear Rob: No it isn’t. 😉 KensViews

    • KensViews HAHAHAHA! Not at all Ken!! It makes you *human*! 😀

    • KensViews Yes.

      • ginidietrichbelllindsay  says  KensViews is merely being human.  And  belllindsay  is always right. #TalkingAboutMyselfInTheThirdPersonFeelsGood

  • MackCollier

    Woo-hoo, glad to be a part of such an impressive list!  And now, I’m to read 🙂

    • MackCollier You ARE my fave rock star Mack. 😉

    • MackCollier You’re #8 aren’t you? That’s AFTER #7 isn’t it?  (See belllindsay I really am an extremely shallow human being) 🙂

  • bobledrew

    If there had been a swimsuit competition I would have blown the DOORS off this contest. Next year…

    • bobledrew Yes. Yes you would have. 😉

    • bobledrew Bring it.

      • bobledrew

        rosemaryoneill Brang.

        • bobledrew  has some moves!

        • bobledrew rosemaryoneill OMG one of my favorite videos of all time. Had no idea that was you 😉

        • bobledrew

          rosemaryoneill I keep it on the down-low to avoid the paps.

        • bobledrew rosemaryoneill *fantasy crushed*

    • bobledrew I don’t know what to say to this.

  • Where’s The Space Alien? No list is complete w/out howiegoldfarb… 
    Good list indeed; a virtual ‘who be who’ in the world of social, huh?

    • bdorman264 howiegoldfarb… I know right?? Howie should have had his army of Chobani fan-freaks bump up his post!

      • belllindsay bdorman264 you never explained. Were they chosen from a hat? Did lauraclick pay you off in cupcakes. Was it most reads? Most shares? Most accurate content? Judged by the Supreme Court? Most comments? Most popular writers based on Twitter followers? Did I fail to get chobani to send free Cho to ginidietrich ? Were they the recommendations of 4 out of 5 dentists? Was there a YouTube campaign I missed? Did eveypistorio hack the electronic voting asparagus ? Did the FDA have to approve each one (I am a super fund clean up site like Keith Richards we are not FDA approved). Was it only Yankee fans that qualified?

        • Howie Goldfarb belllindsay bdorman264 lauraclick chobani ginidietrich eveypistorio I will never tell. But free Chobani would have been a start. 😉

        • Howie Goldfarb  Green is SO not your color! But yes, becoming a Yankees fan will improve your life. (#BornInBronxLebanonHospitalYouGottaProblemWithThat?)     belllindsay bdorman264 lauraclick chobani ginidietrich eveypistorio

        • belllindsay Howie Goldfarb bdorman264 lauraclick chobani ginidietrich eveypistorio For the record, I did not pay anyone off in cupcakes. And, I WERE to pay someone off, it would be in wine. Or shoes. Duh. 😉

        • lauraclick belllindsay Howie Goldfarb bdorman264 chobani ginidietrich eveypistorio Mmmmmm winy shoes!

  • Sara Rude

    Yes! I am!! Whoo-hoo!!

    • @Sara Rude You most certainly ARE NOT! 😉

      • Sjeanne06

        belllindsay Ha! I meant I’m on the list! Thanks, though!! 🙂

  • Do I get to take the rest of the day off? This is honestly one of the coolest things that’s ever happened to me — I love the Spin Sucks community!

  • Sjeanne06

    This is honestly so great… I heard there were going to be fireworks tonight on the Milwaukee Lakeshore, but I didn’t realize they were going to be for ME!?!!

    • Sjeanne06 HAHAHAHA!! Wait until you see the *finale*!!

      • Sjeanne06

        belllindsay Sjeanne06 My name made spelled out in sparklers?!

  • I demand a RECOUNT!!!!!

    • Sean McGinnis So do I. So long as I move up on the list!

  • rdopping

    Great list. They are all winners. Great site. Great content.

  • A few on here I have to catch up on! And for some reason the phrase “clappity clap clap” makes me as a reader a little giddy with enjoyment. 🙂

  • I’m late to the party but still honored to be on the guest list!

  • I still don’t know who the Smiths are!

    • KensViews

      • ginidietrich I cannot accept any group that uses the phrase “The Queen is Dead” without following it with “Long Live The Queen/King”!

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