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#FollowFriday: Top Social Media Predictions for 2014

By: Jay Dolan | December 27, 2013 | 

Top Social Media Predictions for 2014By Jay Dolan

2014 is almost here!

It’ll be the best year ever!

Get excited for more hyper-targeted ads, more creepy retargeting, and more Orwellian-style spying on your every online move.

But really, what will be the biggest changes we see in 2014?

I don’t know.

I’m a blogger and a social media advertiser, not a fortune teller.

These Aren’t Trends

I can say for certain these three things will not be social media trends for 2014:

  • MobileSeventy-six percent of Twitter users and 73 percent of Facebook users access the social networks via a mobile device. If you still think mobile is an upcoming trend, you need to get your head out of your Palm Pilot.
  • Social Media ROI: Between Google Analytics, social measurement software, CRM, and conversion pixels, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to measure the business value of your social media efforts. Stay away from another social media rockstar/jedi/ninja and look for a solid analytics professional.
  • Killer Content: There is nothing new about wanting something good to read or fun to watch. Stop pretending that the internet and social media changed that.

If those won’t be trends, what will be?

Top Social Media Predictions for 2014

Well, here you go:

  • Someone will “own social media. At some point, some person or brand will do something that will generate a huge amount of earned media and entertain thousands. They will then be promptly forgotten.
  • Social media will cost more. Between the increase of paid social media and more people running more channels, you’re going to have to either pay more or be smarter about your budget. Get your wallet and accountant ready.
  • Facebook will change. Everyone will complain.
  • Someone will claim Google+ is “hot. Most normal people who don’t know they have a Google+ account won’t believe him or her.
  • More cats. Whether on Facebook, Imgur, Instagram, or Vine, cats will continue to dominate social networks.

Wait, Those Aren’t New

If you’re reading Spin Sucks, you already know that. These things won’t change significantly until someone comes up with a better newsfeed.

What do you predict will happen in 2014?

Let me know in the comments.

About Jay Dolan

Jay Dolan is a Senior Social Media Strategist at Capstrat in Raleigh, NC. At Capstrat, Jay helps his clients develop and implement social media strategy using paid, owned and earned social media tactics. Online, Jay is known best for his blog, The Anti-Social Media, a social media humor and satire blog. Jay is also a failed classical singer and owner of two cats.

  • Gini Dietrich

    Oh brother.

  • Enjoyed your post.

    I think related to your prediction that social media will cost more is the related “you are going to have to be more strategic with it.”  Users are growing. The number of channels are growing. We’re starting to see what types of content works best on which channels. As all this happens, there is going to have to be more time and more strategy involved with effectively using social and getting that real ROI – revenue.

  • I love how these predictions aren’t even predictions. Best post EVER!! LOL

  • ClayMorgan (piggybacking onto Clay’s comment due to my browser issues..) Two things come to mind for 2014: 1) I foresee some kind of funky spin on how to “really connect to people” – meetups that are organized by social media where everyone leaves their phones/whatever at the door and actually talks to one another ….. it just seems like we’ve all forgotten that you can just talk to people without it being an organized “something.” 2) I think the role of social media in the role of workers’ lives is going to continue (or start to….) be assessed differently …. where it’s cute and good for business that your employee gushes about the fabulous customer today for whom they helped choose the perfect fragrance, it’s not so cute and bad for business when a staff person gripes about grumpy snotty customers. (And I just have to add what if a UPS staff person on 12/23 had tweeted “we’re never gonna get all of this outta here on time………….)?

  • I think we will see further innovation with second screen technologies. 

    Geo-Marketing / e-Commerce will continue to become more sophisticated over mobile platforms.

    We will begin to see images of our favorite robots (playing with cats) propagate over social media.

    Thanks for the predictions Jay.

    I don’t use Facebook Mobile. Just desktop. because I refuse to let Facebook actually roll with me. So you called me a 27%er. Thanks dude. Merry Christmas to you too. 
    Twitter can roll with me. I can roll with Twitter. We are mobile buds. But we rarely foursquare together. That needs actual inspiration to check in for considering I can just tweet ‘I am here and looking around I see 18 others’ without another App to do that with. Do you think check ins will make a come back in 2014?

  • belllindsayI was thinking the same thing!

  • Howie GoldfarbGod, I hope not! Check-ins are such a pointless thing.

  • 2014:  The proliferation of internet cats continue! 
    Good post, Jay! I definitely agree with your thoughts on Mobile and Killer Content. The changes in the internet didn’t bring about such changes; they’ve always been in demand. And you’re right about mobile. It’s the present, not the future. 
    But maybe Gmail will adapt a feature that is Snapchat like? You can send a scandalous email to someone and not have to worry about who else sees it? I would love that feature, haha.

  • I feel ya sister.

  • Howie Goldfarb I hope not. I hate check-ins. They’re like saying, “Look at me! I have a life off the internet I need to tell the internet about.”

  • Digital_DRK Agree on the second screen. I just hope marketers and communicators get smarter about those experiences.

    And watch out for the robots. They’re going to steal our jobs!

  • belllindsay Most social media predictions are painfully obvious.

  • biggreenpen ClayMorgan I once had the idea for “The Anti-Social Media” Tweet down. You had to avoid looking t your phone at all during the meet up, or you’d get kicked out.

  • JayDolan biggreenpen ClayMorgan I love it! It’s kind of the grownup version of the quiet game — the kid game where whoever talks first gets thrown out. I am afraid I may be one of the early “outs” in the “anti social media tweet down” but we should do it just because it has a cool name! 🙂

  • JRHalloran internet cats FTW!!!

  • JayDolan Howie Goldfarb I had to hang up my foursquare shoes after I developed a stalker from my checkins that actually called the gym I work out at one morning to chat with me….so um….yeah….

  • JayDolan biggreenpen ClayMorgan LOVE this!

  • akasha968

    Wow! it’s great. Thanks for sharing this awesome social media predictions. I am doing social media. Hope this help me a lot.

  • LauraPetrolino JayDolan Howie Goldfarb   I admit I do use foursquare, no stalkers to speak of,  yet…