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Using Social Media At Camp: A Question from a Five Year Old

By: Gini Dietrich | August 19, 2010 | 

Last week, Mr. D was in New York visiting friends and, out of the blue, I received a video question from Sabrina, their five year old daughter. She asks me a question about using social media at camp.

Watch her question to me (she’s not old enough yet  to get on Facebook to ask!) and my answer is next.

I’m not patient enough to figure out how to edit two videos together so my apologies to you for having to watch them separately.

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  • This is SO cute! I actually think the funniest part of the whole thing is you trying to turn off the video with the piece of paper in front of your face, Gini!

    But Sabrina is precious. Sabrina, I wish you much success with your TV career. Just take it one gig at a time, and you’ll be on the path to fame and fortune!

    Oh, and Gini, it looks like we’re both married to Jayhawks fans…

    • Dan, is your house as crazy about Kansas as mine? It drives me nuts!

      • Well, Elissa would be mad at me for saying this, but she only seems to catch wind of what’s happening with KU sports when they’re in the national championships or something like that. But when she does catch wind, you sure better not say anything against her team. Or if you do, prepare to take cover!

  • Gini, this was awesome! And I just thought about this the other day,that I might be the youngest reader/person around here @spinsucks etc… etc.. – but I’m glad I’m not!

    Sabrina could use social media (with a little help maybe) to add a new dimension to camp. Perhaps report back home to parents and friends that are curious about what’s going on 🙂

  • Sabrina, I think you’re onto something! I think Gini should pay a professional visit to your camp to teach them how to utilize social media so campers and families can stay connected long after sunburns have faded and everyone is back to his or her home routines. And…
    I think an excellent place for you to begin your quest for a future in broadcasting is high atop the beautiful Mount Oread in Lawrence, Kansas, where you could attend the William Allen White School of Journalism! GO KU!!

  • Social media at summer camp is a great idea. Perhaps they can create a website or blog for campers and parents to post photos, questions, updates on what’s happening, etc. Video would be great, too, so families can see what their kids are up to.

    But definitely need to get permission for all the campers’ parents before you post anything. Some might not want their kids to participate.

    Sabrina, great question.

    • Great idea, Abbie! I was just coming back here to say the same thing.

      My sister is setting up something similar for the kids in her classroom when they get back to school next week. It will allow them to get good writing practice and discuss books they’re reading, etc.

      My 7-year-old niece started her own blog recently. It’s so much fun to see what crazy ideas she comes up with. Poems, songs, silly thoughts. What a great outlet for creativity!

      • Oh Sabrina! Yes! Create a blog and tell us all about what you’re doing. That’s the best idea ever!!

  • Here’s my 2c.

    First, thanks for sharing this awesome question.

    The best way for families to share stuff is to use – all you need is a cell phone with a camera and folks can send photos up to – then whoever creates the account can add the other family emails to the account and then each family member can email photos from their cell phones [or computers] too. Video and docs and anything at all can be sent. The creator/boss can then make the posterous account private so that only the family members can share it and it will be your private little family domain.
    Ez and free and all set up waiting for you.

    If youre like me you have your pix automatically forwarded to FB and Twitter and LInkedIn, but you can control each one if you like.

    you can even bring it into your domain for added SEO juice like me at

    The camp situation would be a great use as media can be shared both ways.

    Hi HO!

  • Graytuna – After today, I think we’re going to see many more Spin Sucks fans who are younger than 10. I’ve started something here!

    Mimi – NOT YOU, TOO!

    Randy! Aren’t you older than five? Do you still go to camp?? 🙂 I actually love the idea of being able to share information on a family blog. I may see if my siblings want to do that.

  • Deb Dobson

    This was exactly the video I needed to see today…Sabrina is absolutely darling, oh….and um, “ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK”…how can she go wrong…yes, this mini-jayhawk should blog. I’m still taking care of my friend, but so grateful I saw this. Made me smile…and by god, Mr. D and the world will convert you into a Kansas fan…yep

    • Ah Deb. I miss you…but not enough to give in to the KU obsession.

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