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Who’s the Real Loser In Social Search?

By: Arment Dietrich | January 26, 2012 | 

Today’s guest post (and video) is by Lisa Gerber.

It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)!

I’m coming to you from my deck at Schweitzer Mountain outside of Sandpoint, Idaho…and I have a guest appearance I think you’ll enjoy seeing!

Today’s question comes from Barry Silver. Barry is a long-time Spin Sucks reader, the inventor of the name Gin and Topics, and a good friend.

He also is a Chicagoan (sort of – if you count Rockford as part of greater Chicagoland) and he blogs at A Life Well Lived Concludes with a Smile, where he discusses social media, happiness, life-affirmation, marketing, and some search.

He asks:

Google’s latest announcement about guided search results is certainly generating some buzz. Google does make me Googley -eyed but if memory serves me Emperor Gates and Darth Zuckerberg had a similar arrangement with Bing displaying search results for FB friends (at least that’s what I thought I heard on radio). What is the difference btwn the two situations (outside of well, Google) given the relative quiet with the Bing/FB collaboration what are the ramifications for Google?

Wait. What’s a Bing?

All kidding aside, Yes, Bing and Facebook do have an agreement. It was forged in late 2010, in order to become dominate in social search and try to beat Google.

I discuss the similarities and differences in the deal.

I said in the video everyone is trying to be mediocre at everything, and being really good at nothing. But I meant, everyone is being mediocre. They don’t even have to try.

The video with my answer to Barry’s question follows (if you can’t see it in your Reader, click here and it’ll magically appear).

You can check out the Don’t Be Evil bookmarklet here, and catch Molli Megasko’s post earlier this week on Google Search Plus Your World debate.

Do you agree the web is being homogenized and therefore our experience is being diluted?

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  • I want to be there. Right now.

  • Your point is what really annoys me about Google. If you go to your Google analytics and look at the newer information, they have a category called social engagement, and they break your web visitors into “socially engaged” and “not socially engaged”. When I look at my numbers, it is heavily weighted toward NOT socially engaged. Why? Because for them, socially engaged = Google +. The fact that I get huge numbers from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, doesn’t matter to Google. None of those people are engaging me socially, because they aren’t hitting the +1 button or sharing my content on Google +.

    There’s something very wrong with that picture.

    • @KenMueller I would switch to get clicky 😉

      • @keithbloemendaal Oh, I use and LOVE clicky. it’s my favorite, but there are some good things I can get from Google as well. Actually, I need to correct myself. I just looked and now they have added some others, but only via some plug-ins. So if someone shares my blog via the Shareaholic plug in (on linkedin, twitter, FB, stumbleupon) those do show up, but not if they use the standalone Twitter or FB like buttons. And the numbers are also severely under reported.

    • @KenMueller I think Google is finding it really really hard not to be evil.

      • @Lisa Gerber@KenMueller Have they ever not been evil. I don’t think so, not for years at least. I am not sure that any “monster” company could do it, even if they wanted to.

        Too much money and too many people involved.

        • @TheJackB@KenMueller That’s the thing. They can’t just integrate Twitter and/or Facebook. They need to be compensated. I actually understand the need for everyone to make their dollar, but the user is definitely getting the shaft.

    • @KenMueller@Lisa Gerber@keithbloemendaal What your example points out is that a raw report will only take you so far in understanding how traffic is coming in and engaging with your content. It’s up to each of us to provide the insights into what the numbers mean.

  • This video reminds me of one thing, and one thing only: Why I moved to the beach from the ski slopes 🙂

    • @keithbloemendaal Really?!?!? Ah, I love it we just got a foot of snow last night. Where did you live?

      • @Lisa Gerber I lived on Beech Mountain NC (Banner Elk, NC) and we would get 10′ a year. I am from Florida, grew up surfing, and I live at the beach again 🙂

        • @keithbloemendaal At first, I though that said 10 inches. And I was going to give you a really really hard time. But I take it back now.

        • @Lisa Gerber That’s ok, I just spit coffee out of my nose when I read “10 inches” in my email….. Beevis and Butthead moment.

    • ginidietrich

      @keithbloemendaal WHAT?!? WHY would you ever leave the slopes??

  • lamiki

    @lisagerber Ooo! I get to see your pretty face?! Clicking…

    • lisagerber

      @lamiki 🙂 Yes, I used lots of props to distract from my less than stellar delivery!!! LOL.

  • ginidietrich

    I love that face of Jackson AND I love that it was spitting snow. And you look pretty.

    • @ginidietrich Jacks is a babe. 🙂 and it was dumping. started just after I finished! got almost a foot last night!

  • Someone let Mr. Silver know that he’s being talked about here.

    • @TheJackB Good idea. barryrsilver , we’re talking about you.

  • lisagerber

    @shonali Ha! thanks. 🙂 I found someone i LOVE in Chicago. She does a great job.

    • shonali

      @lisagerber Clearly. Did you get you-know-what, btw?

  • Hi Lisa, My ears were burning and what do you know, I see my name all around this fine site. Thank you for the kind words and the thorough dissection of the question. I knew it wasn’t just me, but when LinkedIn starting asking me if I wanted to follow? someone I realized the SM I was getting to know and love was turning into a homogeneous pile of goo. Yes I do exaggerate. Oh and please keep the snow with you, I don’t miss it at all.

    The only option we consumers of social media have is to ignore platform additions meant to (poorly) copy the strength of another platform. That may be possible but isn’t feasible. (Tell your client you’re not using a feature as a protest?) So if I all have to complain about is the great SM race to the middle, I guess I’m having a pretty good week.

    Oh and if Google is being evil (and I’ll concede the point) who better to learn from them Microsoft.

    Thanks again for the kind words and have yourself a great weekend.

    • @barryrsilver Indeed, Barry, indeed! And thank YOU for the great question and for forcing me into the video realm. 🙂


    @Tinu @ginidietrich I think no one?

    • Tinu

      @BRAHMANCONSULTA lol One would hope. @ginidietrich

  • lisagerber

    @tacanderson Hi Tac! Thanks for sharing that. 🙂 Hope all is well in London.

    • tacanderson

      @lisagerber things are great, thanks. hope all is well w/ you.

      • lisagerber

        @tacanderson excellent, I’m going back and forth between Chicago and here. I love following your European adventures.

      • lisagerber

        @tacanderson I lived in Paris for a year, and LOVED it.

  • Yay, Lisa! Love the setting and you looked lovely as well! I have heard of the Don’t Be Evil Bookmarklet and needed this extra push to go on and try it. I’ll be very curious to see what my result differences might be. Jackson is a cutie, by the way!

    • @EricaAllison Hi Erica and thanks. 🙂 it’s amazing how much a person can love an animal, huh?

      Ken Mueller (whom I can’t tag bc I’m on my phone) spent some time playing with the bookmarklet and said he didn’t see a huge difference. Interesting.

  • I don’t agree. Your rpsearch results are leveraged by your network. Good and interesting friends mean good and interesting results. Resulting in deeper connections with your peers.

    If Bing and Facebook failed to deliver the needed quality, doesn’t mean Google will too. Quite the contrary.