What it is

Agency Jumpstart is Spin Sucks’ eight-week professional development program that teaches agency owners how to plot and execute a plan that accelerates their shop to the next level.

Why it matters

Did you start your agency to add stress to your life? Of course you didn’t. But all too often that’s what happens. And when that happens, the agency doesn’t grow. Years will go by and you’ll find yourself wondering WTF you are doing.

We created Agency Jumpstart to fix all that and help agency owners get to where they want to be.

What to expect

Along with a handful of fellow agency owners, you’ll participate in weekly Q&A sessions focusing on business planning and development, mindset, using the PESO model to market your agency, and new client conversion and rate bumps with your current roster. Then you’ll get to talk about these things in depth with Gini on three one-on-one coaching calls.

Get better clients

Never write another RFP again (unless you really want to).

Get paid for your expertise

You founded an agency for a reason: because you’re smart, skilled and experienced!

Work on—not in—your business

You didn’t start an agency to get buried in the day-to-day, right?

Keep a full pipeline

Referrals and word-of-mouth are good in the beginning, but there’s more to growth than that.

Find the right resources

Tap into the Spin Sucks community for amazing talent and vendors

Design and execute a real plan

Strategically reshape and reposition your agency around value.

Add passive income streams

Use your intellectual property to make money in your sleep. Literally.

Get your life back

Jump out of the hamster wheel and find true balance.

What it costs

Get started!

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