The Spin Sucks method teaches agency owners how to build success faster than their competition, and do it without writing another proposal and responding to another RFP. They stop relying on word-of-mouth and referrals—and learn to grow faster and more predictably—all while gaining more hours in their days. 



After many years in business, I understand there are just too many variables—from budget cuts to personnel changes—that are outside of our control, no matter how good of a job we do—or how long we've been working together. 

In working with Spin Sucks, we've been able to take a product-focused approach. We can now structure consulting-based programs that meet our client's immediate needs, while adding a profit-driven revenue stream to the business.  

Working with Spin Sucks is a no-holds-bar-back experience. If you work with them, your mindset will shift, you will realize that you were selling yourself short, and you'll find yourself a year or more ahead of your competition.

They have been a game changer for our business, and the investment has been worth it—exponentially. In fact, for what we’ve learned, the investment made in ourselves is a bargain. 

In working with Spin Sucks, I've been able to take control of my pipeline, take control of my workload, and take control of my business development in a way that still lets me have a life—and demonstrates to my daughters that I can be both a business owner and a mom without working all the time. 

My agency now has standard product offerings that make it a lot eaiser to pitch new business. Clients now understand our process—and what they're getting. It also has allowed me, quite frankly, to empower my team to get the same kinds of results (or better) than me.

The Spin Sucks team is made up of amazing agency owner coaches who will hold you accountable to your dreams, your clients, and your business partners.

Working with them was transformational—and fun. I was able to enter into the expert space, where I learned I must live to attract the right clients. They show you, in exact steps, how to build a plan for your agency that helps you define your own success and reach YOUR goals. They injected new thinking and new skills into my business in just eight short weeks. I can't recommend them higher enough.


Find—and Close—Your Ideal Clients

One of the biggest challenges agency owners have is business development. After all, we set out to start our own agencies because we are really good at our craft (and, in some cases, really bad with authority...cough, cough). We’ve never been taught how to appropriately develop new business, relying instead on referrals and word-of-mouth. 

All it takes is one client change (new leadership, budget cuts, taking marketing in-house) and everything comes crumbling down. 

When you work with Spin Sucks, you’ll learn how to build your pipeline, connect with qualified leads, and close your ideal clients, faster.

Get Paid for the Value You Provide

How often have you sat down with a prospect, had them explain everything they wanted from an agency like yours...but couldn’t give you a budget?  

“I don’t have any idea how much this stuff costs so just tell me what it’ll be and we’ll find the money.” Or, “Can you provide a menu so we can pick and choose what’s most important?” Oy.  

When you work with Spin Sucks, you’ll learn how to stop selling yourself short, work on how to position the value you provide versus the time you spend, and how to be willing to walk away. You’ll also learn how to attract the right clients for your agency so all of this becomes a moot point.  

Stop Working All the Time

All of these “experts” claim you have to work 24/7/365 to get to the top. Or that, when you love what you do, you don’t mind working all the time. Baloney! 

When you run your agency by working all the time, trying to be things to all people, and wearing every hat necessary for your doors to stay open, you’re doing no one (especially yourself) any favors.  

When you work with Spin Sucks, you learn how to work ON the business versus IN it. You learn how to delegate, either to employees or freelancers, and you duplicate time. OK, you don’t really duplicate time, but you do get time back in your days, evenings, weekends, and holidays to enjoy the life you dreamed of having when you started your agency. 


Attract Ideal Clients 

Get Paid for Expertise

Work On Your Business

Keep a Full Pipeline

Just because everyone else writes proposals and responds to RFPs doesn’t mean you have to. Learn how to attract your ideal clients—and even the ones you’ve just dreamed of working with—without all that extra work.

There's a reason you’re good at what you do. Just like you wouldn’t settle for an entry-level salary, you shouldn’t do it in your own business. Learn how to get paid for the value of your senior-level expertise and experience.

You know you need to work ON your business versus IN it, but how do you find the time? Learn how to shift your priorities so you can focus on what is important to you and stop being a slave to clients fire drills. 

Relying on referrals and word-of-mouth works. That’s why we’ve all grown our agencies that way. But they're not consistent, dependable, or predictable. Learn how to fill your pipeline with only ideal clients.

Find the Right Resources

Implement a Plan

Get Your Life Back

Add Passive Income

The Spin Sucks community is nearly 2,000 qualified agency owners and marketing professonials who can either be part of your team or can recommend the best person for your needs. They'll help you find the right resources for your agency.

If you’re like most agency owners, you don’t have a plan. And that’s OK! But you can’t drive to a new location without GPS, nor build a business without a plan. Learn how to craft your plan and how to strategically reshape and reposition your agency so it creates more value.

Get up early, do some work, get the kids ready and out the door, get yourself to your desk, work all day, get dinner on the table, put the kids to bed, get some more work done. Sound familiar? Is it fun? We didn’t think so. Learn how to stop the hamster wheel cycle.

There are three ways to grow your agency: add more people, charge more, and/or create additional revenue streams. Learn how to turn your intellectual property into a revenue stream that will make money for you while you get your life back.


Spin Sucks is where marketers learn the skills they need to stay ahead of the trends, engage in the business side of what they do, measure their efforts—and earn the coveted seat at the proverbial table. From in-house marketers and non-profit advocates to solopreneurs and agency owners, we have tools, templates, courses, content, and coaching designed specifically for you. 

Our vision is to change the perception business leaders have of the work marketers do, and the value marketing adds to an organization. Our mission is to empower one million marketing entre- and intrapreneurs to build sustainable, fun, balanced, and fulfilling careers and/or agencies.

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