Welcome back to another Ask Me Anything, a weekly series where we talk to our friends, our viewers, and our community about all of their pressing needs, questions, wants, and desires.

The past few weeks, we’ve been off course—not actually answering anyone’s questions, but doing our own thing.

This week, and because we are heading into the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it’d be fun to have another little detour.

Being Bone Tired Leads to Being Grateful

Before we get to being grateful, though, I have something to say about the past 20 months.

I cannot wait to have a five-day weekend because this year has been incredibly challenging. I’m so tired that my eyes hurt every day. That’s how tired I am…even though starting to go back to some semblance of normal.

My small one has her first vaccine. We’re going to get her second on Dec. 3. I’ll get my booster at the same time.

Things are getting considerably better, but I think because we went through 21 months of just sheer crisis and agony, it feels like a weight is literally sitting on my eyelids.

I can’t be the only one who is exhausted and burned out, but that doesn’t mean I have room to complain. When I get like this, I know it’s time to take stock of how grateful I am for the things that I have. I may not be able to keep my eyes open, but I am grateful.

Thank You, Spin Sucks Community

I was switching the laundry this morning and I was thinking about this blog and the associated community. We started the blog in 2006, but the first three and a half or four years weren’t great. So let’s say that we’ve had it since 2010.

For 11 years, many of you have shown up every single day. Some of you we met later. Some of you have come in and out. Some of you have been here at the beginning and are here now, but not in the middle. Some of you have had babies. Some of you have gotten married. Some of you have gotten new jobs. Some of you have left the industry and come back.

But the point is that many of you have had been on this journey with the Spin Sucks team for 11 years. When I think about that, it’s astounding and amazing and incredible and fantastic.

I want to thank you. Thank you for being with us on this journey.

When we look back at some of that stuff we did in the early days, it’s pretty embarrassingly bad. We may look back 10 years from now at the stuff we’re doing now and think, “Wow, that’s really bad.”

But you’ve been with us through this journey and I could not be more grateful. It is one of the very best communities on the internet in general, but certainly in all of the communications industry.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

For those of you in the U.S., I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving,

For those of you not in the U.S., I hope you enjoy your time off from those of us who will be off next week. I know that you will get three days of work done that you wouldn’t necessarily get done if we are pinging you all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…and thank you for being with us!

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You can also stop by my house with a bottle of wine for porch drinking…until it gets too cold out. And then you’ll have to wait until spring.

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