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Here’s a good one:

Can anyone recommend a small business attorney? I am looking for legal services for agencies to refresh my standard services agreement. I also have a few items to review related to my out-of-state clients.

How I Met the Only Agency Lawyer You Should Talk to

A few years ago, at Content Marketing World, I was at an event for the speakers before the conference began.

I was standing in line patiently waiting to get my free glass of wine at the open bar when a woman stepped in front of me with her friends.

I had a moment where I was trying to decide what to do in my brain. It wasn’t really that big of a deal—I could certainly wait a few extra minutes for my free glass of wine. I don’t want to make a big deal about it, but she did just cut in line. So I was debating whether or not I was going to say anything, because you never know, especially at something like that, who the person is.

I was also certain it wasn’t intentional so I had decided just to keep talking to my friends and keep my mouth shut.

But then she turned around and said, “Oh my gosh! Did I just cut in line?”

I made a joke of it and told her it wasn’t a big deal, but she insisted on “buying” me a glass of wine (at an open bar, mind you) and we became fast friends.

The One and Only…Legal Services for Agencies

That person was Sharon Toerek.

Sharon owns Legal and Creative, which is a law firm that is devoted to helping professionals in the marketing, advertising, and communications industry protect and monetize their creative assets.

They work on agency and client relationships, trademark law, copyright law, agency and freelance relationships, social media, law, content marketing law, and help with ad and marketing regulations.

They are truly an agency owner’s all-in-one legal service—and there are several ways you can work with them.

They’re helping me with all the copyright and trademark stuff on the PESO Model, which is fun.

And I will tell you that people who keep ripping it off receive very nice, very professional legal letters from them, which makes me feel kind of good.

They also have a service for agencies that helps you with all stuff you need to do, such as your contracts and making sure that you’re staying within regulations.

And, you know, if a client asks you to do to buy insurance before they’ll work with you, Sharon and her team will work with you on figuring out that stuff.

The best part is they are really affordable.

My attorney before I met Sharon was $1,500 an hour so I never wanted to use him.

He was there for only the really hard stuff that I couldn’t get anywhere else, but he definitely wasn’t doing our standard agreements or employee contracts.

Sharon and her team are fabulous at that. They’re easy to work with, they are a lot of fun, and they’re super responsive. They think of things that you haven’t thought of and they lead you down paths that you need to go down that you wouldn’t necessarily take yourself down.

I consider them a true partner, especially with the stuff that we’re working on.

And the best part is they can help you no matter where you live.

Tell her I sent you. She’s amazing. I love her. And maybe she’ll buy you a glass of wine at an open bar, too.

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