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This week, we’re doing something a little bit different. Our friends, Maureen Jann and Chris Craft, created a quiz to help you determine your marketing zodiac sign. It will tell you what kind of marketer you are AND send you details about your zodiac sign once a month.

I had no idea what to expect when I hit record on this video, so let’s take a look…

Your Marketing Zodiac Sign

The marketing zodiac sign quiz is quick is fun and the answers you can choose between are, too. In the video, I answer each of them and you get my color commentary.

But if you’re not into watching video (I see you!), here are the questions it will ask you (but you have to take the quiz to get the answers!):

  • What do your days look like? (For those of you who answer “every day is the same,” I salute you.)
  • You consider yourself to be…
  • You’d describe yourself as a…
  • When at a networking event, you… (the color commentary I provide here is hilarious, IMO.)
  • When meeting someone for the first time, you…
  • Say you’re at a marketing event and you feel the conversation turning to an inflammatory subject, you’re most likely to… (run away as fast as you can!)
  • How true is this statement for you: “I love me some marketing automation, customer relationship management systems, and digital asset management”?
  • In your current organization, your marketing goals are…
  • When the sales team closes a deal…
  • When something goes wrong, you think…
  • When setting goals, you…
  • When it comes to Excel, you think…
  • When asked to build a dashboard for a campaign, you think…
  • You think of the information you put out into the world as…
  • When you have something to say to a group, what strategies do you use to keep them engaged?
  • When it comes to your philosophy on life, is it all about the journey or the destination?
  • When building out a campaign, what do you keep in mind first and foremost?
  • Your campaign requires custom art. Naturally, you… (I’m really sorry to all the designers…Canva makes it too easy!)

After you finish the quiz, drop your email in and you will receive:

  • A quick summary of who you are as a marketer
  • A hit list of resources that may help you do your job even better
  • A glimpse into how much people like and understand you
  • A monthly Horoscope for your particular profile until May 2022

You can find the quiz here.

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