Dave Link

Native Advertising is Just Good Advertising

By: Dave Link | December 26, 2013 | 
By Dave Link There has been an immense amount of discussion in the marketing and public relations industries surrounding “native advertising” during the past few months. In case you’ve missed the deluge of posts, this new and groundbreaking type of advertisement is set to change the way we all market our products. Or is it? Native advertising is just well thought-out content with a focus on [&hellip... Read More
Dave Link

How to Create a Social Media Policy that Works

By: Dave Link | November 12, 2013 | 
By Dave Link During the past several years, those of us with careers as social media, marketing, and public relations professionals have seen some crazy changes to the way we all conduct business – the rise and fall of numerous platforms, continual search algorithm updates, and constant upheaval in how we choose to interact with consumers. The one unchanging variable through all of that chaos has [&hellip... Read More