Erika Heald

Consider Influencer Relations to Amplify Your Next Product Launch

By: Erika Heald | September 20, 2017 | 
Does the news release still work for product launch? Research shows a significant decrease in news releases effectiveness. What should PR pros do? Here is how working with influencers amplifies your product launch... Read More
Erika Heald

Are You Contributing to Fake News?

By: Erika Heald | April 5, 2017 | 
Fake news explosion affects all of us in our professional and personal life. Some of the fake news sites are getting pretty good at convincing the casual viewer they are legitimate. How do you vet the publications and individuals who pitch you to make sure they’re aligned with your brand values? Erika Heald shares some tips... Read More
Erika Heald

The Big Question: One Thing You Wish You Knew When Starting Out in PR

By: Erika Heald | February 17, 2017 | 
Do you remember what it was like when you started your first professional communications job right out of college? What is one thing you wish you knew about PR when you started your first PR job... Read More
Erika Heald

How to Find Your Dream Job

By: Erika Heald | February 14, 2017 | 
How do you find your dream job? Is there a strategy you should use? What exactly is a dream job? This and more are tackled by Erika Heald here... Read More
Erika Heald

People Love Your Brand, So Why Are Your Testimonials Terrible?

By: Erika Heald | February 7, 2017 | 
Your brand gets lots of customer love on social, but your solicited customer testimonials are terrible. Why aren’t your PR and marketing teams capturing that same enthusiasm and love for your brand when they sit down with your customers? Erika Heald gets to the root of the problem... Read More
Erika Heald

Eleven Ways to Rock Your Twitter Chat Guest Slot

By: Erika Heald | December 29, 2016 | 
Preparing for a Twitter Chat? With dozens of participants and hundreds of tweets over the course of the hour, Twitter chats can be overwhelming. Erika Heald put together some recommendations for how to get the most out of your Twitter Chat guest slot... Read More
Erika Heald

Content Marketing: Four Changes for 2017

By: Erika Heald | November 29, 2016 | 
Do you know what content marketing success looks like in 2017? Do you have a documented content creation process? How about the tools to help you succeed? Erika Heald tackles these questions and more... Read More
Erika Heald

Why Every Organization Needs a Content Style Guide

By: Erika Heald | October 11, 2016 | 
One of the most important tools for an organization to have is a content marketing style guide, which keeps all of your content creators on voice and on message. Without it, you’ll find you are destined to spend more of your time than you’d like making edits and requesting revisions to the content your internal and external writers create. Erika Heald shares the nine things every style guide should include. ... Read More
Erika Heald

How Lazy Content Curation Is Ruining Your Influencer Relationships

By: Erika Heald | August 24, 2016 | 
There's a fine line between content curation and plagiarism and content creators are unwittingly sabotaging the influencer relationships they hope to build. Erika Heald shares how not to curate influencer content... Read More
Erika Heald

Avoid These Common Mistakes In Twitter Chats

By: Erika Heald | August 2, 2016 | 
Twitter chats are an excellent way to build a relationship with your community. Through them you gain insight into your community you just won't find any other way. Before starting, be aware of and avoid these mistakes. ... Read More