As the world focuses on politics, as it probably should with the upcoming election, I find it difficult to get involved. My parents are both Democratic, but by no means are they considered hardcore political enthusiasts. So, in a way, I was raised to not really care. Let’s be honest, does anyone truly know the platforms of all the politicitains on the voting card, besides the future president?

Recently, I can’t help but read up on what John McCain is doing — throwing celebrity slurs at his counterpart and hiring a woman to keep up with Obama (I hope McCain didn’t miss Saturday Night Live this past weekend.) Now McCain is dealing with bias journalists that he used to be friends with. WAIT… biased journalist? A politician friends with media professionals? Hmmm…

Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but journalists are supposed to cover both sides of the story. Well, unless you are covering the Cubs vs. White Sox or Bears vs. Packers, in which case, a journalist certainly covering a team outside of the “bear family” needs to have their head checked.

Journalist who were covering John McCain years ago giving McCain the media coverage any potential candidate would love or as one journalist put it, “give a journalist a treat and we will leap into a politician’s lap.”

Since John McCain has been subject to lies and upsetting some of his old media friends who he fooled  last year, they now have turned on him, leaving people with a reoccurring question, are we reading a factual story or is this another bash on McCain from a former journalist’s friend?

Either way, I am staying out of this spin; I would never want to be called Paris Hilton or Britney spears!