How Communicators Can Help Their Favorite CharitiesBy Robby Brumberg

I like being involved in charities and helping folks in need as much as the next guy.

Unfortunately, my skill set is pretty limited.

I lack a knack for building, fixing, programming, or organizing things. I’m mostly devoid of expertise that might make me useful in any sort of crisis situation.    

While I’ll always be a bit envious of the world’s brave “first responders,” and those who are able to do and produce tangible things that directly save or improve lives, I do know storytellers can also do a world of good. 

If crafting compelling content is your gift, if you are a whiz with words, pictures, or video, you can help your favorite charities in profound, meaningful ways.

You have the ability to pierce hearts, motivate action, inspire change and ‘change the world,’ as they say. 

That’s a big deal!

Help Charities with Your Skill Set

Here are a few ways you can be a tremendous help to your favorite charities by donating your talents.

  • Contribute a blog post. Does your charity have a blog? If so, chances are it could use some fresh, engaging content provided by a highly-skilled pro like you. 
  • Contribute a story. Spend a day on the job with your charity, visit with program beneficiaries, or use your ace reporting skills to collaborate and create a unique story angle that conveys how essential your charity’s work is. Perhaps you could write something for their magazine/newsletter, or maybe even write a story for a relevant external publication. If your charity has work overseas, talk with them to see about setting up a visit to a project for some ‘in the field’ reporting. For larger charities, overseas communications staff budgets are often slim or non-existent. Many rely on freelancers to gather stories, or on in-country staff whose full-time jobs have nothing to do with interviewing or taking photos. Why not weave some charity into your next vacation?
  • Wield your social clout. People like to give. People want to give. It feels good, and it’s good for us! But many folks don’t know where to start or who to trust. That’s where you come in, esteemed and respected communicator. If there’s a project you’re passionate about, let people know about it. Try to rally some team-like camaraderie and perhaps a bit of friendly competition. Be specific in what you’re asking people to do and what you hope to achieve, and emphasize how their work will affect the organization. Work with your nonprofit to report on results of your giving campaign.
  • Offer your services. What’s your specialty? Proofreading? Web content? Email marketing? SEO? Video editing? Writing scintillating, critically-acclaimed haiku? Why not send an email to to start a dialogue to see where you might be able to help? You probably have more to offer than you might imagine.

Donating dollars to a worthy cause is always a wonderful thing. But don’t underestimate how important your donated talents are as well.

Giving—whether of our time, resources or talents—is good for us, and never in vain.

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Robby Brumberg

Robby is a writer and editor originally from the great, unfairly maligned state of Florida.

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