It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap)! You guys listened so well last week.

Lots of great questions, which has the next few weeks full.

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Are you ready for this week’s Facebook question? It’s a good one!

Tom DelMonte, senior director of services marketing at SAP, asks,

In the B2B space where purchases are done by committee and are in the millions of dollars/euros, what types of ‘content’ do you find works best when trying to engage socially? Industry trends? Thought Leadership? I find “plugging our stuff” is not genuine.

This is a really good conversation to have. Sean McGinnis responded to Tom on the Facebook wall, after he asked the question, and a short discussion was had. But we didn’t really answer his question there because I wanted to save it for the video.

But content for B2B companies can no longer be ignored. I believe we’ll all become media companies, at some point, and the faster you learn what types of content are valuable to your audiences, the better.

I answer his question in the video below (if you can’t view the video in your Reader, click here and it will magically appear), based on our own experience with our financial services and manufacturing clients. You really don’t get more B2B than that and we’ve had some pretty big success in using content for inbound marketing and generating qualified leads.

What else would you tell Tom? Do you agree or disagree with me? Are there other ideas you’ve found that work well?

Have at it!

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