Cyber Monday 2018 Deals for the Communications ProfessionalToday the interwebs are dominated by Cyber Monday deals galore.

Heck, you might even be reading this blog post while online shopping.

Maybe you are telling Alexa what to purchase so you can simultaneously ready my (always wise, always engaging) content.

And today, to reward you for that loyalty,

I’m going with the belief that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em….and I present to you some of the best Cyber Monday deals for the communications professional.

If this goes as I hope it will, the list this blog post is launching with will be just the start.

Throughout the day, the Spin Sucks team will add new deals we find and all of you will add the deals you’ve found to the comments section (hint, hint…don’t let me down, folks).

Cyber Monday can be overwhelming, so hopefully, this will help all of us understand what’s out there and take advantage of the best (and most needed) deals to help our business and our careers.

Are you ready? Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines….leeeeeet’s shop!

Tech and Hardware Needs for Communications Pros

Need a new computer? Maybe just a new mouse or a nice big screen to go with your laptop?

If you are a communications pro who is ready to replace your tablet or upgrade your phone?

These are the deals for you.

Honestly, I really should replace my computer, but I’m playing Russian roulette with it right now and hoping it takes mercy on me and lasts until after my wedding (#becauseweddingbudget).

I doubt my laptop has a romantic streak though, so I’m probably doomed to have to buy a new one immediately after I put down the deposit on a location.

Anyway, enough about me and my non-romantic laptop…let’s talk about the killer tech deals you need!

  • Apple Store: The Apple Store offers gift cards from $50-$200 with purchase of Apple products. 
  • Microsoft: Deals on their Surface, HP and Lenovo computers. As well as apps and software products that might be useful.
  • Lenovo: If you want a Lenovo computer, go directly to the source. They are offering some pretty amazing deals, including 50 percent off their popular Yoga X1.

Software, Apps, and Plugins, Oh My

If you DON’T need some new plugin, app, or software product….are you really a communications professional?

If you do (and you are), then the biggest problem you’ll probably have is deciding which deals to take advantage of. 

AppSumo is a great place to start for software and app needs of any type.

And, no doubt, checking there first should make life a bit easier since they curate deals from around the interwebz (I’ve now used “interwebz” twice in this article…because I’m bringing back 1990 and have absolutely no shame about it).

Otherwise, here are a few that we’ve heard about:

There also seem to be a bunch of web hosting deals out there.

This includes ones from Bluehost, WP Engine, and several others.

I recommend checking out your hosting company to see if they are offering something.

Visual Content Deals for the Communications Professional

Let’s not forget visual content.

Each year the need to develop quality visual content becomes more and more important for a communications professional. 2019 will not be different.

These deals can help you do just that!

Training and Certifications Deals for the Communications Professional

You know we are big fans of professional development here.

It’s mandatory for a communications professional.

Not a nice to have. Not a “when I have time” (you’ll never have time). Mandatory.

So no Spin Sucks Cyber Monday article would be complete without a look at some training opportunities you can take advantage of.

Here is what we’ve curated so far, but I’m sure this list will grow as the day goes on.

And while not a Cyber Monday offer…our annual 30-Day Challenge and the related eBook will be announced this week.

So that’s one training you don’t want to miss!

What Cyber Monday Offers Are You Excited About?

Ok…now it’s your turn!!

These deals are, no doubt, just the beginning of what’s out there.

We need your help to complete these lists.

  • What Cyber Monday offers are you pumped about?
  • Which have you heard about and think other communications professionals need to take advantage of?
  • Is your organization offering a product communications pros would love?

We do ask:

  • if you share a deal with an affiliate link you clearly indicate that fact.
  • Likewise, if you share a deal from your company, alert us to that fact as well.

Shameless self-promotion is welcomed in the comments section IF your deal is useful for communications professionals.

However, if you don’t follow the two rules above, or the offer has nothing to do with a communications professional and their needs, it will be deleted.

Tell us in the comments or in the Spin Sucks Community.

Let’s make this the BEST Cyber Monday list for communications professionals on the interwebz (three for three for usage of the word “interwebz” today. That has to be worth a prize of some sort, right?).

Laura Petrolino

Laura Petrolino is chief marketing officer for Spin Sucks, an integrated marketing communications firm that provides strategic counsel and professional development for in-house and agency communications teams. She is a weekly contributor for their award-winning blog of the same name. Spin Sucks. Join the Spin Sucks   community.

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