Effective PR Strategy Can Boost Brand Visibility

An effective PR strategy, or brand visibility strategy, can boost your brand and increase your business.

You can use a news release to tell a compelling story about your products, services, events, or to convey other company information.

But those news releases are only useful if they get you media coverage.

A news release should provide clear and honest information which makes it worth the read.

Businesses should use well-crafted news releases as the central part of their marketing and sales strategy.

Aimed at enhancing brand awareness, good PR can improve sales, and credibility.

Including an effective PR strategy in your brand and communications program will grow brand awareness and a loyal customer base.

By focusing on brand relations, you’ll create the transparency and trust necessary to forge long-lasting bonds with customers and established influencers.

To begin, know what your benchmarks and goals are, and then measure those against previous PR strategies to see what worked and what didn’t.

Measure PR By Asking Yourself What’s Not Working

Now, let’s look at what is and what is not working with your PR strategy.

It’s important to measure this in order to learn from past mistakes.

Let’s say you tried to get your brand featured on some of the more popular blog sites, but no one picked up the news release.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why didn’t the plan work?
  • Is there anything different you can do to ensure your work gets picked up by industry-leading blogs?
  • Why hasn’t there been attention on your product, and why has your PR initiative seemingly failed?
  • Can you compete well with your competitor’s product?
  • Did you submit your blog for an award for which your product doesn’t qualify?

Important Tip: Even if you’ve written the most compelling email, it still may go unnoticed by influencers.

This can happen due to using a generic title in your email subject line.

Enlist the help of a creative title generator to come up with an eye-catching email header which won’t go unopened.

After coming up with a winning PR strategy, you should now concentrate on employing the best method to reach mobile customers.

Here are few tips for finding those mobile customers:

Use PR to Drive News and Information

Social media is the second largest search engine, with increasing usage every day, so brands and businesses must strive to make use of the many different social media platforms available.

To keep up with social media’s news driving customers, you need to make the most of your connections with influencers and users.

Customers decide what news they want to read, the method of delivery, and who they’ll share it with.

So you must prioritize your mobile marketing efforts, and doing this will help you connect with other influencers.

Ensure Your PR or Brand Visibility Strategy Delivers Trust and Credibility to Your Customers

Because of the increased number of social media users, and rapidly-evolving mobile technology, there are more digitally-addicted consumers than ever before and they are turning to digitally-focused brands.

Businesses must realize that, by delivering a mix of paid, earned, shared, and owned media (PESO), it’s the best way for their brand to be located online.

After establishing trust and credibility for your brand, brand managers will need to deliver great PR to ensure a wide-reaching social advocacy for your brand.

A well-structured PR approach will increase your reach, and can transform your PR efforts into brand awareness, bringing meaningful engagement.

Sharing high quality information, or receiving media coverage through various channels, is no longer enough.

Great PR helps develop significant relationships which can lead brands to interactive experiences which live up to customer expectations.

Build a Loyal Base of Advocates

Brands must focus on younger generations in order to build a loyal base of advocates.

Businesses must ask themselves, “What makes a consumer engage, and what are they expecting?”, and “How can we form a relationship to mold them into loyal advocates?”

Millennials are the perfect target for this kind of advocacy because they have incredible passion and an adamant desire to make the world a better place.

Connecting with Millennials requires brand managers to be knowledgeable about this generation’s preferences so they can create meaningful brand experiences for these potential advocates.

The younger generation invests mostly in brands they trust.

Brands such as Starbucks and Chipotle, have managed to attract a broad audience, and have kept their attention by speaking to them as if they were one of them.


Sometimes, brands may forget that small changes can affect their reach.

Surviving and thriving in this digital era means increasing brand visibility where great PR plays a crucial role.

To keep up with the competition, and boost your brand’s visibility and popularity, you must create an effective PR strategy.

It’s good practice to note your past mistakes and measure them against your new PR plan.

This ensures improvement to both your PR strategy and brand reputation.

Let us know in the comments below how you’re working to improve your PR strategy.

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