It’s Facebook question of the week time (clap, clap, clap!).

But this week I have a different video for you.

Johna Burke and I had a little chat about ethics at Counselors Academy in Las Vegas (well, really Lake Las Vegas, which is nowhere near the Strip) in May.

I know that was months ago, but she just posted it. Talk to her about it!

If you don’t know Johna, she works for Burrelles Luce and is one of the most hysterical people I’ve ever met. She’s witty, she’s smart, and she can flip words at you so fast you wonder if you heard her correctly (you did).

The Burson-Marsteller/Facebook imbroglio happened while we were at the conference this year. So we were all talking about ethics: Ethics in the clients we work with, ethics in handling issues and crises, ethics in our industry, and whether or not our trade organization is responsible for holding us accountable.

Imagine 200 leaders of PR firms in one room talking about what we each would have done differently had Facebook hired one of us to smear Google.

It won’t come as a surprise to you that I was pretty vocal about how unethical I thought the whole thing was so Johna asked me for 60 seconds on ethics.

She asked:

There’s a lot of talk about ethics with some of the current news events going on, and I would just like to get your perspective on how you educate and work with your clients and with your staff on how to be ethical in all of their activities.

My very short answer is below. See what you think…and see what you think about what I say when asked where people can find me. Apparently there is no such thing as an edit button.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week…so head over to Facebook and leave a question for me on our wall there.

Gini Dietrich

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