Fireside ChatWelcome to the very first Fireside Chat!

I am very grateful that Jay Baer agreed to be the guinea pig for this first one.

Not only is he a pro, but it turns out the video didn’t come out as perfect as it looked while we were recording.

So there are a few hiccups, which Tony Gnau has helped me edit through (or completely make fun of—you’ll see what I mean), but you get most of the conversation.

And we’ll work on fixing these issues in coming months. I promise.

As for this Fireside Chat, the content is AWESOME!

You’re going to love it.

Customer Experience with Jay Baer

Below is the outline of questions we started with, but you’ll see we kind of betrayed it a bit.

Except the speed round. We did awesome on that—and he’s super good at it. Clearly a pro.

  1. First thing first, who is the most retweeted person among B2B marketers? (You’ll see why I asked this when you watch it.)
  2. We recently read Hug Your Haters, your most recent book, in our company-wide book club. In it, you said customer experience is the new marketing. What do you mean by that and why have your shifted your focus to customer experience?
  3. In your consulting work, what have you seen is the one area that most companies really need to improve upon when it comes to customer experience?
  4. Can you share an example of a company that’s really knocking it out of the park with creating a customer experience that encourages customer loyalty and creates raving fans? What really makes them stand out and what can our viewers take away and apply in their own organizations?
  5. Speed round.
  6. What’s next for Jay Baer? (Hint: Jay Today, a new keynote speech, and more!)

There are two things I loved about the chat:

  1. The discussion about Red Vines vs Twizzlers (as it turns out, there is a lot of content on the topic); and
  2. Talk triggers, which you will also love.

Enjoy the conversation!

(If you can’t view the video below, click here and you’ll go straight to YouTube.)

The Next Fireside Chat

Our next Fireside Chat airs on February 24.

We’re going to have Christopher Penn on to discuss artificial intelligence and how it’s going to affect the job of the communicator.

If you have any questions you’d like me to be sure to ask Chris, you can Slack them to me in our community.

Mark your calendars for that!

And, in the meantime, if you have any questions for Jay, stick them in the comments below and he’ll be around to answer them.

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