Four Types of Blog Posts Proven to Generate Organic Traffic

By Rick Riddle

As you know, organic traffic is traffic that comes from unpaid sources.

This includes traffic that comes as the result of social media engagement, and traffic that comes from search engine result pages (SERP).

You receive increased numbers of organic visitors when you produce blog content that is so compelling to your visitors, they deem it worth sharing.

To achieve this, your blog posts must be well-written, unique, useful, and frequent.

Here are four types of blog posts that are most successful at attracting organic traffic.

Posts Containing Thought Leadership

If you are a well-established blogger and have developed a reputation as an expert in your field, thought leadership posts are a great way to draw organic traffic.

They contain the thoughts and opinions of respected influencers on things that are happening in their industries and frequently contain advice on how readers can take action to become successful in their particular industry.

Not everybody is qualified to write these types of posts, but if you are, you can definitely get the organic traffic you desire.

Organic Traffic through Infographics

We’ve all seen infographics shared on social media. Some love them, while others hate them.

Be that as it may, infographics are nifty little posts that use a picture, or series of pictures to walk readers through a fairly complicated concept.

Blog posts that contain infographics tend to be very popular, and they generate a lot of social media engagement.

One of the things people find so appealing about infographics is they are a visual depiction of information that would be much less easy to understand and much more tedious to read if it were in all text.

Learning to create infographics that are of high enough quality to present to the public is definitely a challenge.

However, once you have overcome the learning curve, you will know what types of posts are almost always a sure hit.

List Posts

Think about it.

The top 10 list of ultimate eighties party songs, the five best ways you can have a happier life, 12 celebrities you never knew were romantically involved, or even this very blog post.

Chances are, a large number of the posts you read and share on social media are list-based articles.

When written correctly, list posts have great potential to attract a lot of attention.

Just keep in mind that quality and originality counts for a lot.

After all, everybody is writing list posts, so yours must really stand out.

One tip you can use is this: Make your lists longer and they will create more interest.


Whether you are reviewing a new product that is relevant to your followers, giving your opinion on a new book, or even reviewing a restaurant or movie, any type of blog post that contains a review is likely to get a lot of social media traction.

This is, in large part, due to the fact that opinions generate controversy, and controversy generates conversation.

This of course results in the sharing of your content on various social media platforms.

So there you have it. What other types of blog posts have you found generate organic traffic?

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