Eight Resources for Finding Freelance Content Creators

As a small business owner, you might find yourself wearing multiple hats.

You may well be the manager, but you’re also the social media guru, the marketing director, and the content creator for your business.

It’s okay at first, but soon you may need to outsource some of that work.

Why not start by outsourcing your content writing?

There are plenty of highly talented content creators out there, if you know where to look.

It’s not a huge expense, so even the smallest businesses can probably afford to outsource their writing.

Eight Sources to Find the Best Content Creator For Your Business

  • BlogMutt: This is one of the easiest ways to order blogs posts when you need them. All you have to do is sign up for the service, which takes less than five minutes and costs $89 per month. Then, order your blog post and it’ll be ready in two or three days. The best part? As soon as you’ve approved the article, you own the rights to it 100 percent.
  •  Write My Paper: These content creators are experts in creating clear, concise copy. If you’re looking for one-off pieces, this can be a great place to turn. You can order news releases, website reviews, news articles, and more, all at the click of a button. When you receive the finished piece, it’s ready for publishing, no edits needed.
  • Content Mart: You don’t want just any writer creating content for you. That’s understandable. After all, you want them to show your business at its best. Content Mart allows you to browse content creator profiles and check out their previous work. The software they use has a built-in check for uniqueness, and you can get a refund if you’re not completely happy with the work.
  • Custom Writing Service: If you’re looking for a content creator who’s a little bit different, this is the place to find them. Writing.com is a place where writers gather to share their talents and take part in contests which test their skills. You can scout out the best writer for your business, and offer them a job.
  • Fiverr: There really isn’t an easier way to order content than this. Using their intuitive search tool, browse thousands of content creators, and you’ll surely find someone who’s a perfect fit for your business. Sign-up is free and services start at just $5. Perfect if you’re just starting out.
  • Boomessays: Many small businesses worry about whether a writer’s work is actually their own. By using this service, plagiarism is one less thing you have to worry about. The content creators here all have masters degrees or PhDs, and will always write 100 percent original copy for you. They’re also able to turn copy around on tight deadlines, which is great when you’re up against the wire.
  • Text Master: You want a content creator who has experience in your field. After all, the best copy will come from someone who really knows what they’re talking about. Text Master has writers who are experienced in more than 40 different disciplines. Take a look through the writers on the site, and you’re sure to find someone who has the expertise to write for you.
  • Freelancer: This site gives you total control over the hiring process when it comes to content creators. Sign up to use the site, and then post an advert for the type of writer you require. You can even set the budget you have in mind. Then, qualified writers will get in touch with you by sending you their application. You can pick the right person at a price that’s within your budget.

Now that you have these tools at hand, you are ready to choose a writer who really understands you and your business.

Once you’ve hired a content writer, and they’re creating great content for you, you’ll be able to get back to running your business without wearing all those extra hats.

Do you outsource your content writing?

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