How to Implement the PESO Model in Your Communications Program

The What and Why of the PESO Framework

Let’s start at the very beginning because that’s normally a very good place to start, right?

Let’s take a deep dive into the question many wonder, but no one wants to ask: what is the PESO Model? 

And then after that…why? Why is it important? Why is it a crucial part of our profession and our industry?

Here you go:

How to Implement the PESO Model

Ok, now that you have the framework for what the PESO model is and why you need to make it a part of how you work, let’s look at how to implement it. 

We can’t look at the how of PESO model implementation and not do a deep dive into some of the major obstacles that get in the well-meaning communicator’s way.

Take a look at the big ones and see if any of them resonate with you.

Then start taking them down one by one. 

Measurement In the PESO Model 

OK, you know no post about the PESO model would be complete without a solid look at measurement.

After all, the ability to measure the results of communications efforts is one of the things that makes the PESO mode so crucial for the future of communications.

Now we can finally take a seat at the leadership table and show how we drive REAL business goals. 

And then beast the big kahuna: 15 Key PR Metrics to Measure In a PESO Model Program.

And here’s a look at why measurement poses a bit of double-edged sword for communicators (and how to slay the right way). 

The PESO Model for Every Organization

The beauty of the PESO framework is it can be applied uniquely to the needs of every type of organization. 

Here’s a look at who can use the PESO model in your organization (and how it best serves their role). 

Eric Schwartzman took a deep dive into PESO for growth-stage organizations.

And, a few years ago, Janice Evens looked at how a small non-profit used it successfully. 

No organization is too big or too small, to popular or too diverse.

Likewise, no communicator is not the right fit.

The PESO model will help grow your career and allow you to prove the value of your work. 

The PESO Model Image

Interested in using the PESO model image?


You can find a free download as well as the rules for proper use here –> PESO model image.

And learn all about why we made the changes we did in this updated version here –> The Newly Refreshed PESO Model Image.

PESO Model Certification

The PESO model certificate is for growth-focused communicators who want to evolve their careers, learn new skills, and measure results. It’s for communicators who want to gain advanced skills and a comprehensive understanding of how to build and scale an integrated program within any sized organization. 

If you want to gain the advanced skills needed to build and scale an integrated communications program within any sized organization, this certification is for you. 

You will learn how to:

  • Apply your knowledge and contribute to your organization’s business strategy with a PESO model framework that garners measurable business results.
  • Design an integrated strategy and connect your tactics to business goals.
  • Create an integrated lead generation program that demonstrates ROI.
  • Develop measurable objectives and correlate results with organizational goals.

This program is like getting your PESO model PhD, without the time and cost of an actual PhD. 

You will spend eight weeks working through our online certification program. That includes eight modules, step-by-step instruction, case studies, downloadable templates, and actionable strategies.

Upon successful completion of the modules and online evaluation, you’ll earn your academically-recognized certification—one that designates that you are a strategic digital communicator, as is evidenced by the PESO Model Certificate you’ll earn from Newhouse and Spin Sucks. 

Sign-up here:

PESO Model Certification

PESO Model 2.0 Masterclass 

Want to learn how to implement the PESO model to achieve unparalleled communications results? Watch our free masterclass.


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