Why You Should Join the PR Dream TeamIt’s the final day in the Spin Sucks birthday celebration week with more PR Dream Team information.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

For now, though, I promised I would let the PR Dream Team members tell the story.

We talked to members from agencies and nonprofits and a couple of solopreneurs and in-house communicators.

You will hear from:

We asked them all the same questions so you would get fair responses.

They include:

  • What is one specific incident in which a resource or lesson from the PR Dream Team directly helped your success.
  • What would you not have accomplished had it not been for the PR Dream Team?
  • What’s a specific business problem or obstacle has the PR Dream Team helped you overcome?
  • What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned from the PR Dream Team?
  • What would you tell someone trying to decide if the PR Dream Team is a smart investment?

Without further ado, let’s see what they have to say.

PR Dream Team Resources

Every month, the PR Dream Team receives exclusive content that isn’t available anywhere else.

In the past, that has included webinars, eBooks, podcasts, and templates.

More than the content, though, the PR Dream Team serves as your communications team.

When Paula responded to a HARO request, the source had some insane demands.

Though something felt off, she wasn’t confident in saying no, so she turned to the PR Dream Team.

Her team of professional communicators told her the demands were insane and gave her talking points to say no.

Rachael had a similar experience, but with a client.

She left a meeting with the client, wondering if she was missing something.

Her PR Dream Team helped her see she and her team were doing everything right, and she got a couple of new ideas.

And Aimee got a job, thanks to the PR Dream Team.

She was nervous about her resume and a member reviewed it with her, helping her tweak for a job she wanted.

This resulted in an interview and then the job.

Of course, she had to do all of the hard work, but the PR Dream Team helped her get there.

And Tatiana got the most value from one of our webinars and workbook.

She said:

After attending the webinar, I immediately implemented the process into my editorial calendar. With access to a step-by-step workbook, we could lookup any pertinent information afterwards. Thanks to these resources, I was able to plan with a more strategic focus to create content that speaks directly to my audience’s frequently searched questions.

PR Dream Team Accomplishments

When we asked our PR Dream Team members what they’ve accomplished since joining, the responses varied:

  • Rachael says, “It’s knowing I have a sounding board that gives me a check and balance. We all have those days or client moments. For those days, I know I can turn to the PR Dream Team for honest feedback.”
  • Aimee says, “Just the other day Gini helped me look at a program from a totally different angle for measuring perception.”
  • Tatiana says, “My experience has been focused on creating content on across the buyer’s journey. The PR Dream Team has helped me further understand a more integrated approach through the PESO model.”
  • Paula says, “I have learned important lessons about contracting with vendors, as an influencer.”

Though varied, one thing is clear: the PR Dream Team is made up of professionals who help one another.

Problems Solved with the PR Dream Team

The PR Dream Team is a great sounding board, therapist, and mentor rolled into one.

Tatiana says she can share any new idea and the team will respond with comments, questions, and opinions.

She says:

By having this community in which I can share any and all new ideas, it has helped me to really think through my ideas (and their potential ROI) before presenting them to executives.

Rachael talks about how she is more than business owner—she is secretary, accountant, IT, and handy woman.

She relays a story of how she had to build desks for their new office.

The PR Dream Team jumped in, with many offering similar stories.

She says:

It seems small but it was a good reminder to keep pushing forward. That one day I’ll look back on the days I was building desks and it will all be worth it.

And Paula and Aimee have been able to solve more specific problems.

Paula says:

The PR Dream Team has been helpful with some of the finer points of blogging and SEO. It has helped me refine my blog posts more effectively.

And Aimee says:

The PR Dream Team has been great about giving me advice on software options for an internal social site. What I appreciate is they give you the ‘real deal’ info.

Most Value from the PR Dream Team

I remember the first time I went to Counselors Academy.

It was incredible to see the kind of information that was shared with other PR firm owners.

Those who could be considered competitors to others were opening up their books and answering really tough questions.

There weren’t competitors in that room…just friends.

The PR Dream Team is the exact, same thing.

There are no competitors. It’s just a group of seasoned and experienced professionals helping one another out.

  • Paula says, “It’s easy to feel like a very very very small cog in the industry’s “wheel.” But when someone answers your questions respectfully and thoroughly, you realize you might have a bigger role to play than you thought (and can pay it forward in the future when someone else has questions).”
  • Aimee says, “I’ve realized I don’t always have to have the answer. The PR Dream Team is a wealth of knowledge and we all share equally with each other.”
  • Elise says, “As a solopreneur, I consider the PR Dream Team my colleagues. I can ask real-time questions and get knowledgable feedback and insights almost immediately. That’s crucial when you work on your own or have a very small team. This is the kind of collaborative online community the PR world needs.”
  • Rachael says, “There is enough out there for all of us. Even working within a large agency, the competition within your own team was always something I didn’t like about the big agency life. By helping each other get ahead and be better, we actually pave the way for more people to trust our profession and therefore, we all get more business.”
  • Tatiana says, “I’ve learned a ton about setting expectations for clients, including best practices when it comes to contracts/paperwork. Thanks to many stories shared by this community, I know what mistakes to avoid and what processes work well. I have found this information to be invaluable, because you normally learn these lessons the hard way: by making the mistakes yourself. This will certainly save me some anguish in my career!”

Why Should I Invest in the PR Dream Team?

Though the investment is small ($59/month), the PR Dream Team is virtually an unknown.

Rather than us tell you why you should join, we asked our members one last question:

What would you tell someone trying to decide if the PR Dream Team is a smart investment?

Paula says, “This is a way to get access to a host of PR professionals, accessible virtually 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own laptop! It’s a very valuable resource that you won’t regret.”




Aimee says, “The PR Dream Team is worth every penny. They are a smart, creative, and helpful group that will only help your career go higher.”




Rachael says, “Don’t miss out on an opportunity to surround yourself with people smarter than you. The only way you’re going to become an better professional and continue to remain a sharp asset is by learning from others. The PR Dream Team gives you a tight knit group of sharp professionals who all want to help each other as opposed to a LinkedIn group no one pays attention to, a networking event where you get lost in the sea of people or another type of organization where you find people are really just looking out for themselves.”

Tatiana says, “Relationships are the most valuable aspect of your business—and your individual career. If you don’t believe this to be true, the PR Dream Team is not for you. But if you’re looking to “meet” new people, have access to unlimited lessons that pertain directly to your success, and take control of your career and business development, it would be a disservice not to sign up! 

Where Can I Join the PR Dream Team?

All of the information you need to make an informed decision can be found by clicking here.

It includes what you can expect, what you get for your investment, and how the program works.

It also includes the payment portal so you can join today.

And, of course, if you have any questions we haven’t answered this week on the blog, ask away!

You can leave questions here in the comments, ask in our free Slack community, use any of the socials, or go old-school and email us.

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