Know Your SEO: Quality Trumps QuantityBy Blake Boldt

In the early years of SEO, businesses could fill their content with a series of keywords to appease search engines.

The search engines were looking at meta descriptions and title tags, displaying websites in results based on how well they were optimized.

However, SEO isn’t simply a matter of stuffing pages full of keywords to boost visibility.

The process now requires a more intelligent approach based on fresh, relevant content offering value to visitors first and attracting the Google spiders second.

While high-quality content is largely in the eye of the beholder, Google holds an enhanced algorithm that filters out bad writing and focuses on the good.

The algorithms continue to gain in sophistication, so marketers and site owners have to step up their efforts. In the end, content must be relevant to its source and its audience. Search engines will observe whether or not there’s a consistent theme on your website.

If not, you could be penalized for adding content just for content’s sake.

Diversity is Key in Content Marketing

Writing is a vital aspect of online marketing and SEO. If you communicate clearly and effectively to your audience, you can drive their purchasing decisions. However, content is an all-encompassing term that applies to photos, videos, text, and more. Varying the type of content you present to the audience will keep the reader engaged in the material while also proving desirable for Google search rankings.

Visual content will likely impress your readers more than just text-only messages. Graphics can grab the attention of an audience and engage them in your content.

Blogging is Beautiful

Blogs satisfy Google and other search engines while also serving your audience with informative and entertaining content. In a world where organic search and dynamic content rules supreme, it’s one of the easiest ways to serve customers and search engines alike.

Social Media

In terms of your social media strategy, evaluate the landscape and adapt accordingly. Some tactics simply won’t lead to strong results. Be willing to make a change – your audience will appreciate it.

Social media usage has become such a staple in our lives that it can overwhelm our better judgment from time-to-time.

An inconsistent social media strategy can do more harm than good.

The collection of your social media profiles – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name the three major examples – will provide you the opportunity to offer a clarified message about your products and services in different ways, and establish yourself as an industry leader.

Create an Eye-Appealing Visual

Due to their visual nature, the infographic stands a far better chance of being distributed through the social web than a well-written blog post.

A well-designed infographic will often receive more shares, likes, and reposts on websites and social networks than other pieces of content. Many web visitors prefer the infographic because it makes complicated information easy to understand, in a visually appealing and stimulating format.

Organizing an SEO-focused content marketing strategy takes more than one day.

By surveying the web’s landscape, you can then turn your attention inward and do what’s best for your business — in search, in social, and in content.

Blake Boldt

Blake Jonathan Boldt is responsible for the creation of educational community pieces as well as social media and content strategy services for a diversity of domestic and international clients. His articles have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and digital media outlets such as Search Engine Journal, Social Media Today, Simply Hired and

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