There is an old saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. Well President Bush’s “best friend,” a Scottish terrier named Barney, obviously wasn’t named after the fun-loving, purple dinosaur. During Barney’s morning walk Thursday, Reuters reporter Jon Decker made an attempt to pet Barney, who was having none of it and bit Decker’s right index finger drawing blood and medical attention.

This incident, captured by other reporters live, was only minutes away from blowing up with endless amounts of spin — Bush’s dog is taking out his master’s frustration on reporters for all the harsh remarks; the dog is not friendly anymore because he is leaving the White House soon; or should they allow Obama to bring his golden doodle into the White House?

However, I don’t think these spin issues are even the biggest of them all. In national news, there lays a story about the President’s dog portrayed as newsworthy news. I mean it’s not that our country isn’t going through an economic crisis; Americans aren’t losing their jobs; the stock market didn’t just take its usual dive after a new presidential election, and we definitely didn’t just elect a new president who is a rather historical figure. Rather President Bush’s dog is now a YouTube sensation. MSNBC’s video on YouTube already reached more than 4,000 views. Barney, “the first Scottish terrier,” only added to his celebrity status due to an unworthy news placement.

Now if Barney would have taken a bite out of Obama to greet him into the White House – that’s
some news. Can you hear the stories? Bush trained Barney to attack Obama…stop the spin!